24 - 27 April 2023
Prague, Czech Republic

Visa information

Apply now for your visa

If you need a travel visa, begin the visa application process now! You need to allow a minimum of 6 weeks processing time for the entire visa application process (from application for the invitation letter to receiving the visa). Advance travel planning and early visa application are important, since visa applications are subject to a greater degree of scrutiny than in the past. See links below for more information about Visa and passport requirements for travel to the Czech Republic.

Nationals of all Western European countries can visit the Czech Republic without a visa; US, Canadian, and Australian passport holders can stay up to 90 days without a visa. For additional details and specific visa requirements, please contact the Czech Embassy in your country.

PLEASE NOTE: Submit an invitation letter request by 1 February 2023

Requests for invitation letters for program participants received beyond this date may not have sufficient time to apply and receive the visa from the Embassy.

SPIE recommends that you secure your travel visa before registering for the conference as cancellations after the preregistration cutoff date may result in a cancellation fee.

Czech Visa Information

To find out more about obtaining a Czech visa, please visit the webpages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Download application form for Czech visas

Letters of Invitation


Individuals requiring letters of invitation to obtain travel visas must be listed on a paper or in the program to receive an invitation letter. If you are listed in the program, and are in need of an Official Invitation Letter from SPIE for visa application purposes, please complete the interactive online Invitation Letter Request Form.

  • Please fill out a separate form for each person requesting a letter.
  • Your name must be listed exactly as it appears on your passport. Any differences between the name on your passport and the name on your invitation letter or other documentation could lead to a delay and/or denial of your visa.
  • All letters of invitation will be sent by airmail and by email (as a PDF attachment) unless a courier account number or credit card number with expiration date is provided with the original request.
  • Your request will be processed as soon as possible; however, please allow up to 15 business days to process your request.
  • SPIE is unable to contact Embassies in support of an individual attempting to gain entry to attend an SPIE meeting.

We recommend that you secure your travel visa before registering for the conference as cancellations after the preregistration cutoff may result in a cancellation fee.