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9 February 2021
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After discussions with stakeholders the Organizers have decided to cancel the Tech Day 2020 in-person meeting. Instead, Tech Days 2020 will be held virtually via Zoom on 9 February 2021. There will be no registration process. A link for the Zoom meeting will be distributed to the Tech Day distribution list. We will be holding a virtual meeting with presentations on current SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 contracts. We may also have presentations from relevant NASA funded technology development studies. Presentations will be by invitation only. The only presentations will be from current SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 contractors and select NASA funded projects. We will contact those whom we wish to present with directions as to how to prepare and submit presentation in a future email. Also, via a future email, we will notify everyone about how to view presentations. As an on-line meeting, there will be no cost for attending Tech Days 2020.

The primary purpose of Tech Days 2020 'virtual' meeting will be to review SBIR Phase 1 accomplishments in advance of Phase 2 proposal reviews. The secondary purpose is to review on-going SBIR Phase 2 and other technology development studies, e.g. ROSES SAT, SMTP, etc. Based on feedback from the multiple virtual and on-line meetings which we have all attended, we are going to try to keep Tech Days to a single day – starting at 10 am (CT) on Tuesday February 9 and ending at 4 pm (CT).

To accomplish the single-day goal, we are going to use a hybrid format consisting of:

  • Long (15 to 20 minute) recorded presentations posted to a Drop Box in January 2021 for pre-viewing. A link and password for the Drop Box will be distributed to the Tech Day distribution list by the end of January so that interested persons can download and view the presentations at their convenience.
  • Per the below schedule, on Tuesday 9 February each presenter will be given 5 minutes to summarize their SBIR contract followed by 3 minutes of Q&A to be conducted on 10 minute intervals. We are also budgeting hourly breaks and a short lunch break.

This format should allow enable a nominal schedule of:

2020 Mirror Technology Days Tuesday February 9th, 2021 - DRAFT Agenda
NASA SBIR Phase 1 Presentations
1000 CT NASA Welcome
1010 CT Boulder Nonlinear Systems Programmable Phasing Interferometer
1020 CT HighRI Optics Beyond Resolution Reconstruction of Surface Metrology Data
1030 CT Obsidian Sensors Active Matrix Programmable Mirror
1040 CT ZeCoat Corporation Specular Black Coating for Flexible Starshade Optical Shield
1100 CT Mantis Thermally Stable Carbon Fiber 3D Printed Composite Tube Connectors for Low CTE Satellite Structures
1110 CT Relative Dynamics Large Space Optics Using System Identification
1120 CT Nanovox Infrared Freeform Gradient Index Optics
1130 CT Optimax Systems Force Responsive Manufacturing for Light-Weighted Optics
1140 CT Polaronyx Precision Femtosecond Laser Additive Manufacturing and Athermal Welding
1150 CT OptiPro Systems Laser Machining
NASA SBIR Phase 2 Presentations
1300 CT OptiPro Systems Advanced Nanometer Coordinate Measuring Machine
1310 CT OptiPro Systems Chromatic Interferometric Probe
1320 CT Boston Micromachines Corp Eliminating High-Spatial-Frequency Topography due to Print-Through in MEMS Deformable Mirrors
1330 CT Boston Micromachines Corp Segmented Micro-Mirrors for Picometer-Scale Wavefront Compensation in Space-Based Observatories
1330 CT Boston Micromachines Corp Technology Development for High-Actuator-Count MEMS DM Systems
1340 CT Sunlite Science & Technology Linear Regulators for Efficiently Driving a Deformable Mirror
1400 CT BEAM Broadband Vector Vortices for High Contrast Coronagraphy
1410 CT Faraday Technology Robust FARADAYIC CNT-based Coating for Scattered Light Suppression
1420 CT Quartus Engineering SBIR NASA CUBESAT Phase 2 Technical Proposal
1430 CT Voxtel Freeform Optics for Optical Payloads with Reduced Size and Weight
1450 CT Thermal Expansion Solutions Ultra-Stable ALLVAR Alloy Strut Development for Space Telescopes
1500 CT Dallas Optical Systems Additive Manufactured Very Lightweight Diamond-Turned Aspheric Mirror
1510 CT Goodman Technologies 3D-Printed Silicon Carbide Scalable to Meter-Class Segments for Far-Infrared Surveyor

All further information will be distributed via the Tech Day email newsletter. We hope to meet in-person later in 2021 - maybe in Rochester NY or Huntsville AL.

Thank you for your support of Tech Days.
H. Philip Stahl, PhD

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