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Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Presentation Center
Redondo Beach, California, United States
5 - 7 November 2019
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Visiting Northrop Grumman | Authorization, Presentation Approval, and More

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Visit Authorization

ITAR Session Attendance

Electronics in the Meeting Room



Open Presentation Public Release Approval

Visit Authorization – International Persons (both Attendees and Exhibitors) 

NOTE: An International Person can be a US Citizen or Green Card holder IF they are representing an International Organization, i.e., company.

Because the Northrop Grumman APC is a secure facility, NGC Security will need to authorize each attendee to be in the APC. To obtain authorization, email to Martin Hagenbuechle (martin.hagenbuechle@ngc.com) by COB Thursday October 3:

1. Title
2. First Name
3. Last Name
4. Company
5. Country
6. Postal code
7. Type of Person: foreign national or dual citizen or US Permanent Resident
8. If US Permanent Resident, need Card Number
9. Citizenship
10. Country of Residence
11. Gender: male/female
12. Date of Birth
13. Place of Birth
14. Passport Number
15. Passport Expiration Date
16. Issuing Country International Persons will need to show your Passport when you arrive.

Visit Authorization - US Persons (both Attendees and Exhibitors)
Because the Northrop Grumman APC is a secure facility, NGC Security will need to authorize each attendee to be in the APC. To obtain authorization, emailed to Martin Hagenbuechle (martin.hagenbuechle@ngc.com) by COB Thursday October 24:
1. Last Name
2. First Name
3. Company
4. Title
5. Citizenship
6. Date of Birth

Anyone (such as myself) who does not wish to send their Personal Identifiable Information to Martin via email, you can call him directly at: (310) 813-6007. ALL US Citizens must show photo ID. Permanent Residences must show their Green Card.

Attending ITAR Session
The Tech Day ITAR Sessions are open to all USA Citizens and Green Card holders. Northrop-Grumman Security will determine eligibility for attending the ITAR Sessions based on the submitted Visit Authorization information. For those registering on-site, acceptable proof of US Citizenship includes: US Passport, US Civil Servant Badge, Copy of Birth Certificate, or Visit Authorization letter from your Security Officer.

Electronics in the Meeting Room
Reminder, Northrop does not allow electronics in the Conference Center.

We are planning a Welcome Reception for Tuesday Nov 5. More information to come.

Northrop Grumman has kindly agreed to provide tours on which participants will have an opportunity to view the fully integrated JWST observatory. We expect to have a good viewing because NASA is going a VIP showing to the Space Studies Board on Fri Nov 8.
Tour Size: 20 persons max
Tour Times: Monday 4 November at 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm and 4 pm
Tuesday 5 November at 10 am
Wednesday 6 November at 9:30 am
Thursday 7 November at 10 am

Those of you on a Monday Tour should be in the Lobby of Building E2 approximately 30 minutes before your tour to get badged. And, to be badged, you MUST have submit a visit authorization. For those taking a Tour on Tues, Wed or Thursday, you only need your Tech Day Badge.

Tours are first come first serve. Foreign Nationals can take tours but (a) need to notify the tour guide that they are foreign national and (b) may need to move between specific tour times depending upon what work is being performed at the time of a tour.

To sign-up for a tour, email Martin Hagenbuechle at martin.hagenbuechle@ngc.com

OPEN Presentation Public Release Approval

IMPORTANT: ALL OPEN Presentations require approval for public release. AND, it is never too early to get public release approval. Some years approval has taken 8 weeks. The #1 reason that someone needs to cancel their presentation is because they have not obtained public release approval from their contract monitor.

For any presentation that will be given in an OPEN Session, PLEASE SEND a copy of your public release approval to ron.eng@nasa.gov or h.philip.stahl@nasa.gov

IF you are NOT a NASA SBIR Contractor, I will accept an email from your COTR.

IF You ARE a NASA SBIR Contractor, ALL you need to do is invoke your NPR 2200 Chapter 4 Section 4.5.10 Data Rights. All NASA SBIR contractors own their own IP and thus have the sole authority to determine whether or not to release publically.

NPR 2200, Chapter 4

4.5.10 "SBIR Data" Definition. "SBIR Data" is defined as data first produced by an SBIR contractor which are not generally known, have not, without obligation as to its confidentiality, been made available to others by the contractor, or are not already available to the Government. Data developed under an SBIR contract, if marked with the "SBIR Rights Notice" specified in the contract, must be withheld from public release in accordance with the SBIR contract, usually for 4 years. If such data are not marked with the "SBIR Rights Notice," the Government has no obligation to withhold the data from public release. Any questions regarding what constitutes "SBIR Rights Data," or regarding its marking, use, or dissemination, should be referred to the NASA Headquarters or Center Patent or Intellectual Property Counsel. To provide a commercialization incentive to SBIR contractors, it is NASA policy to restrict all SBIR program reports from public disclosure for the period specified in the contract for "SBIR Data" unless the contractor has granted permission to publicly release the report sooner. If a letter of permission from the contractor is on file, SBIR program reports may be made publicly available immediately. Notice of Availability Limitation. Restricted SBIR program documents must bear the "SBIR Rights Notice" shown in Exhibit 4-4 and one of the document distribution limitations listed in section 4.5.15, along with the appropriate expiration date. Copying and disseminating of such documents must be done in conformance with this notice. Any questions regarding appropriate markings or legends and applicable document distribution limitations should be referred to NASA Headquarters or the Center's Patent or Intellectual Property Counsel.

Important Dates

Early Registration
2 October 2019

Hotel Reservations
2 October 2019

Visit Authorizations Due
3 October - International
24 October - US Persons