Statement of purpose

Tech Days annually summarizes the USA Government's investment strategies and activities in developing technology for any application (such as telescopes, imaging systems, seeker/trackers, high-energy laser systems, solar energy, etc.) which requires optical components. Tech Days covers technology investment efforts in: optical materials, substrate design & manufacture, optical fabrication and metrology technology, optical coatings, wavefront sensing and control via adaptive optics, nano-technology imaging technologies, etc.

The purpose of Tech Days is to:

  • Review the technical accomplishments of last year and plans for the future of mirror technology development being funded via the Government (e.g., SBIRs, DIIs, NASA ROSES, direct contracts, etc.)
  • Celebrate success stories of funded mirror technology development efforts which have either been integrated into a Government program or reached the commercial marketplace.
  • Offer Prime Contractors and/or Systems Integrators the opportunity to identify specific technologies which they would like to see developed.