We look forward to gathering again in February of 2024. Make plans to share your work in San Diego.

Join other leading researchers in the advancement of medical imaging technologies that include image processing, physics, computer-aided diagnosis, biomedical applications, informatics, digital pathology, and more.
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Medical Imaging 2023 highlights

Daily image galleries and social media activity from throughout the week of events in San Diego.

2023 Medical Imaging Plenary

Zachary Chase Lipton

Carnegie Mellon University (United States)
Reliable Deep Learning in Dynamic Environments

2023 Keynote presenters

Kyle J. Myers

Puente Solutions, LLC
(United States)

Prashant Shah

Intel Health and Life Sciences
(United States)

Paul M. Thompson

The University of Southern California
(United States)

Mark Steyvers

Univ. of California, Irvine
(United States)

Dale Webster

Google Health
(United States)

Dan Ma

Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine
(United States)

Elizabeth A. Krupinski

Emory Univ. School of Medicine
(United States)

Allison Okamura

Allison Okamura Stanford Univ.
(United States)

Mengxing Tang

Mengxing Tang Imperial College London
(United Kingdom)

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