How to participate in the Digital Forum

Tips and tools for optimizing your experience at SPIE Laser Damage

Welcome to the Digital Forum

It all starts with registration. Learn about ways to make the most of the SPIE Laser Damage Digital Forum.

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Tools to enhance your event experience

The following platforms listed are part of this SPIE event experience. Browse the sections further below to learn more about these tools and how to use them. 

  • You're already here! During the conference, you can find links to everything you need within this website to navigate to conferences and presentations, live plenary sessions, Slack Channels, and more.

  • Slack: A channel-based messaging platform, used for commenting during the conference and posting questions for on-demand presentations. Note that in order to access the Slack workspace, registration for this SPIE event is required.

  • Zoom: A virtual video and audio conferencing tool. Live events will be hosted on Zoom.

  • SPIE Conference/Exhibition App: Access to detailed information (presentations, special events, courses, people, exhibitors, and more) for every SPIE conference. Updates to programming sync between online content and the SPIE App so you are always up-to-date.

  • My Schedule: My Schedule allows you to create a custom, personalized schedule to help keep you from missing the events you want to attend. Paper presentations, poster presentations, courses, and special events can be added to My Schedule.

Understanding the terminology for accessing online content

The icons shown here, and online, are NOT clickable and only indicate the manner in which content is viewed.

“Live event” means that you will be viewing the person presenting (plenary, keynote, technical talk, or poster presenter) as a live or real-time event within the Zoom platform. The talk is scheduled to happen at a set time of day and is typically followed by a question and answer session with the presenter. If you are not able to attend the live event at the scheduled time, a recording will be posted online within 3 days.

“On demand” means you will be able to view a pre-recorded video or a PDF at a time that is convenient to you. These recordings, or PDFs, are typically available at the start of the event.

Time zone converter: find this tool on each live event detail page.  

Follow these steps to maximize your online experience

1. Register for the conference

All authors, presenters, and attendees must register to participate. 
  • Course-only registration: only includes your selected course. 
  • All other registration types includ access to live and recorded content via the online program (sign-in required). 
For Speakers/Authors: all registration types except Non-author attendee and Course-only will enable the submission of a presentation video, manuscript, or poster through the upload system. Speaker/Authors who are full-time students may register at the student rate (proof required). 

It's quick and easy. Register today


2. Sign in to your SPIE account during the week of the conference

By registering and signing in, the content of the online event will be available to you. Conference papers, presentations, and all live presentations, as well as special events are included with your registration. By signing in during the week of the conference, you'll have access to all of the available content. Sign in now.


3. Explore the conference program

All conference papers, posters, and video presentations will be available on demand during the week of, and the week following, the meeting. Browse the program to search for conferences, plenaries, and presentations that interest you.


4. Download the free SPIE Conference and Exhibition App

Access detailed information (presentations, special events, courses, people, exhibitors, and more) for every SPIE conference.  Download the App and enjoy the event on your smartphone or tablet on the go. Updates to programming sync between online content,  the My Schedule Tool, and the SPIE App.


5. Use My Schedule to organize your time

My Schedule allows you to create a custom, personalized schedule to help keep you from missing the events you want to attend. Paper presentations, poster presentations, courses, and special events can be added to My Schedule. Use the My Schedule tool to build your schedule and get notifications of any presentation changes. Once you're done customizing your schedule it can be printed out or exported to your personal calendar.


6. Engage in live events using Zoom

Live events will be happening throughout the week. You will see this icon associated with any live content:  Live event icon

Live events will be hosted via Zoom.

Fifteen (15) minutes before an event is scheduled to go live, the following icon and link will appear on the event's webpage. Click on the link to enter the meeting waiting room. The host will start the event at the scheduled time.

Watch live via zoom graphic


A Zoom account is not required to view live events. If you do not already have Zoom installed on your device, you will be prompted to download and install it when you try to enter an event. Browser viewing is also available with slightly reduced functionality. To see whether your device is set up for Zoom, visit:

For keynote and technical events that have already occurred, presentation recordings will be made available, and a link will display. Click on the link to see the recording.


7. Engage with presenters and colleagues using Slack

What is Slack?
Slack is a channel-based messaging platform that is being used for commenting during the SPIE event. Anyone registered for any event and signed in to their SPIE account can comment on all papers, posters, and presentations during the week using their SPIE event Slack account.

Follow these steps to set up your Slack Account:
  • Register for the conference
  • Set up your Slack account for the SPIE Laser Damage workspace
  • Sign in with your SPIE web account
  • Input your primary email that is on your SPIE account
  • Go to your email account and locate the code that is on the email you received from Slack.
  • Input the code into the spaces provided on the SLACK set up page.
  • Input your full name and a unique password and click Create Account

This will open the Slack space for the SPIE Laser Damage Digital Forum. Once you have created an account for this Workspace, you can then access this event's Workspace (link coming soon). 


Here is another way to learn about setting up an account in Slack.  Watch a SPIE Slack Tutorial Video


More information about SPIE Slack Workspace and Channels:

  • Slack is organized into Workspaces, each made up of a series of Channels.
  • Each SPIE event has its own Workspace.
  • Each conference and event has its own Channel within this Workspace. Plus, attendees can set up custom Channels.
  • Channels for events are named by their conference number or title of event (example: #11460 or #plenary). 
  • Use the Channel Browser to find all active channels you want to join.


Here are a few Channels common to all users of the SPIE Event Workspaces:

  • #general - A Channel with information about the event, handy quick links, and other information.
  • #slack-how-to - Learn new tips for how to use Slack to its fullest with this conference.
  • #help - Information for attendees about getting help with Slack or any other matters.


The Slack logo and links appear with every part of the program that has commenting enabled: Slack Comments

Additional help - Slack Quick Start Guide