SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing technical conferences

Cutting-edge topics in sensors, infrared, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, lidar, and autonomous systems

Featuring mission-critical conference topics

  • Infrared imaging systems
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for security and defense applications
  • Autonomous sensing systems and vehicles
  • Multi-domain operations
  • Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
  • Target detection and pattern recognition

Review conferences by track, each highlighting a core technology area

Materials and devices

Papers that showcase IR materials, image sensors, photon counting, energy harvesting, and quantum technologies. The applications include wearables, cybersecurity, information processing, energy storage, and drones.

Imaging and analytics

Papers on spectral imaging, computational image processing, metrology, and 3D imaging. Papers include applications in security and defense, climate monitoring, big data, deep learning, machine vision, target detection, and tracking.

Advanced sensing and imaging

Research on IR and thermal imaging, fiber optic sensors, lidar, radar, laser radar, x-ray detection and imaging, advanced optics for imaging, and image processing using AI/ML. Applications include novel defense and security systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, infrastructure monitoring, energy, autonomous vehicles, and remote sensing.

Next-generation sensor systems and applications

Papers that highlight cutting-edge research focused on emerging technologies for specific applications such as autonomous systems, CBRNE, agriculture and food safety, CPS/IoT, and more.

Proceedings volumes for Defense + Commercial Sensing

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Defense + Commercial Sensing 2023 Symposium Chairs

Tien Pham

AI Assurance Solutions Lead, The MITRE Corporation (USA)

Doug Droege

Sr. Director Technology Integrated Mission Systems, L3Harris (USA)

Defense + Commercial Sensing 2023 Symposium Co-Chairs

Augustus Fountain III

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The University of South Carolina (USA)

Teresa Pace

Fellow, Integrated Mission Systems, L3Harris (USA)

Defense + Commercial Sensing Track Chairs

Materials and Devices
Mark Itzler, Argo AI, LLC (USA)

Imaging and Analytics
David W. Messinger, Rochester Institute of Technology (USA)

Advanced Sensing and Imaging
Ann Marie Raynal, Sandia National Labs. (USA)

Next Generation Sensor Systems and Applications
Latasha Solomon, DEVCOM Army Research Lab. (USA)