Registration Fees, Sponsorships, and Student Travel Grants

Registration Fees

  • Conference Chairs
    Conference chairs receive a full fee waiver and complimentary access to the online proceedings volume for their conference on the SPIE Digital Library. Conference chairs do not need to complete a registration form unless they wish to purchase other items such as a banquet ticket or additional proceedings volumes.
  • Co-chairs, Program Committee Members, Session Chairs, Invited, Keynote, and Contributed Speakers
    These individuals pay the discounted author registration fee.
  • Students: A reduced rate is available for full-time student attendees, including student authors.
  • Non-Authors:Individuals who want to attend the technical conferences, but who are not authors, pay the full registration fee.

Author Support for Registration Fee

SPIE has a very limited registration fee support budget that is reserved for needy authors who have not received support from SPIE in the past. We ask that you do not offer financial assistance from SPIE to any authors without first obtaining approval. As our support budget is very limited, it must be allocated very carefully. Please send any requests for assistance to your Conference Program Coordinator via email at least 6 weeks prior to the meeting. Early requests are encouraged since once the budget is used we will not be granting additional support. Thank you for your help in this!


  • As a nonprofit society SPIE actively seeks sponsorship funds to help support expenses related to our events.
  • If you have special speakers who need more support than SPIE can provide, please contact potential eligible co-sponsors (see requirements below), or send the contact information directly to your Program Coordinator and SPIE will be happy to contact them on your behalf.
  • Funds received from these co-sponsors can be earmarked to directly benefit your conference.

Conference Co-sponsor Eligibility

Co-sponsors can be nonprofit or commercial organizations or companies, government entities, funding agencies, regional or community agencies, etc. However, to avoid conflict of interest, SPIE does not accept conference co-sponsorships from other professional societies, publishers, or event organizers. Please do not request sponsorships from these organizations.

Approaching a Potential Co-sponsor

It often works best if the conference chair, or whoever has the best contact with the potential co-sponsor, approaches them directly. However, SPIE is happy to approach a potential co-sponsor on your behalf if you provide us with the contact information. Please see the sample Co-sponsor Letter—if you decide to use this letter, please change the sponsor amount request to what you deem reasonable.

Confirming a Potential Co-sponsor

  • Once a co-sponsor commits, SPIE will send a thank you letter that includes information about how to remit sponsor funds. Since all support requests come to SPIE, it is best to have the funds collected here.
  • The conference chair can inform the Conference Program Coordinator how they would like to distribute the funds.
  • SPIE does not deduct administrative costs from the sponsor amount.
  • Funds can be used to pay for a portion or all of a registration fee, or reimburse some travel expenses for selected speakers.
  • Travel reimbursements are made after the meeting once receipts are submitted to SPIE.
  • If the co-sponsor ties any financial requirements to the sponsorship such as a free registration for one of their representatives, this will be deducted from the sponsorship amount.

Co-sponsor Recognition

Co-sponsors are listed in the printed and online versions of the technical program, and in the conference proceedings.

Student Travel Grant Program

SPIE understands that full-time students may need some financial assistance to present their papers at our technical conferences.

  • If you are aware of such a student please direct them to the SPIE Student Author Travel Grant page to determine if they are eligible for consideration.
  • Students must complete the application and submit supporting materials by the deadline.
  • Please note that only limited funds are available to help a limited number of students.