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    Final Technical Program

    Conference programs and events are promoted through the online program.

    When we announce the advance program online, we also post a PDF file of the Advance Technical Program. This PDF file is not updated with changes—it reflects a point in time to show attendees the events that are planned, but is subject to change.

    Please note that changes from the Advance program should be minimized as much as possible for the Final program, as authors and attendees make their plans based on the Advance program. Make sure to send any cancelations you receive to your Program Coordinator, who will in turn also notify you of any cancelations we receive.

    Since there are often changes and cancelations after the advance program has been published, we print a Final Technical Program for onsite distribution, reflecting the most up-to-date information at the time of printing.

    The online program will be updated daily.

    Please view your Conference Timeline for copy due dates.