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    Chairing a Session

    Before the conference:

    • View the technical program on or in the SPIE Conferences mobile app to review information about the session you are chairing
    • If the speakers provided a biography, they will be available both in the program and in the mobile app
    • Register for the meeting as Session Chair (not necessary for Conference Chairs). Note that in-person meetings may have an early-bird registration date; prices will increase after this date.

    Chairing the session:

    • Introduce the session topic
    • Introduce the speakers
    • Maintain the program schedule
    • Be prepared for the unexpected!
    • If you find a presenter has failed to attend:
      • Note the no show on the Session Report form in the SPIE Conferences mobile app (or PDF or printed form)
      • DO NOT move to the next paper; attendees plan for the talks they want to hear based on the published schedule; Choose one of these options:
        • Fill the presentation slot with a standby paper (if there are no official standby authors for your session, make arrangements in advance to have one or two presenters/presentations ready)
        • Open the floor to an extended Q&A session for speakers who have already presented
        • Have one or two hot topics ready for discussion
        • Open the floor for discussion on any topic of interest to the audience.
      • Start the next talk at its published, scheduled time.
    • When the session is complete, submit the Session Report Form to SPIE.

    How to submit the Session Report Form to SPIE:

    • The SPIE Conferences mobile app will help you report on your session; The app is available and FREE for both iOS and Android devices
    • YOU MUST BE LINKED as the official session chair of the session to be able to use the SPIE Conferences mobile app for session chairing
    • Please adhere to the scheduled times listed in the SPIE Conferences mobile app (or version of program)
    • Using the SPIE Conferences mobile app, find the session you are chairing and mark whether each paper was presented or not, make any journal recommendations, and enter comment if you have comments
    • At the end of your session, after marking and commenting on each presentation, scroll down to the bottom of the presentations in your session and click "Review & Send" to automatically send the session report through the app to SPIE staff. If you have technical difficulties and are unable to send the session report via the app, send a screenshot of your completed session report to
    • If you do not have access to the SPIE Conferences mobile app:

    If you have any questions or need more information, contact your Conference Program Coordinator. (See list of Program Coordinators)