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As a leader in your community, make sure your company gains recognition for your support of the industry and drive traffic to your booth. Talk to the SPIE sales team to determine which opportunities best meet your promotional goals.

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Sponsors at SPIE Advanced Lithography + Patterning

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2023 Sponsorship Contract

This is the leading event for emerging technology in the semiconductor industry. Make sure your company gains the highest visibility possible. Reserve your sponsorship placements by signing into your exhibitor account and making your selection.

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Download the PDF of all sponsorship placement options. Availability is not guaranteed; please be sure to confirm the placement you want is still available by speaking with one of our sales consultants,

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Explore visuals of the facility and sponsorship placements. View production specifications and art upload information.

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Ensure big visibility onsite

Keep your business top of mind with prominent placement

Share your message in the biggest ways possible–meter boards, special events room or charging station signage, column wrap billboards, larger-than-life banners of varying sizes, floor graphics, stairway strips, and more options available throughout the event setting. This is a great opportunity to drive attendees to your booth. Ask about upgrade options to have your business announced from the podium.

Sponsor banners: Keep your business top of mind with prominent placement at the event
Options for visibility in a big way
Onsite banner signage, multiple sizes and placements $3,375 - $12,900
Meter board $2,650 - $5,300
Charging station $4,250 - $8,550
WI-FI $4,225 - $8,450
Column wrap $4,100 - $8,200
Stairway strips $2,100 - $4,200
Floor graphics $2,150 - $4,300

Contact us to learn about all available options | | Tel: +1 360 676 3290

Leverage website banners and advertisements

Gain high visibility online

Each year, the website engages nearly two million unique visitors, with nearly 40K unique visitors visting this event's website. Take advantage of the high traffic visiting the website for this SPIE event. Pricing is based on placement size, traffic demand for specific pages, and exclusivity.

Person looking at website banners and advertisements on Advanced Lithography + Patterning website
Options for online visibility
Website banners $750 - $5,000
Logo placement, specific pages $2,000 - $5,000
Conference page logo placements $3,300 - $8,550
SPIE conference app $2,000 - $4,000

Let one of our knowledgeable representatives walk you through all options,

Show your support of special events

Be seen where people gather

Sponsor a meal-time event, networking reception, or technical event so that your brand is seen when and where conference attendees strike up conversations. People will talk … and that’s a good thing when it’s about your company!

Company representatives engaging with attendees of SPIE Advanced Lithography
Options for special events
Breakfast $6,750 - $12,600
Attendee lunch $3,375 - $6,300
Coffee break $4,475 - $8,950
Welcome Reception, co-sponsor $6,450 - $12,900
Welcome Reception, exclusive $12,500 - $25,000
Bar at poster session, co-sponsor $4,850 - $9,700
Bar at poster session, exclusive $8,500 - $17,000

Contact us to learn about all available options | | Tel: +1 360 676 3290

Leave a lasting impression with swanky swag

Seen everywhere, long after the event

Want to make a lasting impression? Choose to sponsor the conference bag, exhibitions bag, pens, or lanyards, and watch your logo be carried throughout the event. Gain exclusive association with the event, even after your customers have traveled home.

Leave a lasting impression with swanky swag
Options for branding swag
Lanyards $2,650 - $$6,700
Conference pen $1,350 - $2,700
Conference giveaway $1,350 - $2,700
Conference bag $2,725 - $5,450
Exhibition bag $1,998 - $3,990

Let one of our knowledgeable representatives walk you through all options,

Align with niche audiences through conferences

Focused and niche audiences

Sponsor a conference, poster session, or technical event to connect more deeply with your technical community. With limited availability, shine a light on your company’s specific support of the research and emerging technology within your area of application and expertise. Ask about welcome table upgrades or podium announcements. Student-specific opportunities also exist.

Align with niche audiences by sponsoring conferences
Options for supporting conferences
General sponsor $895 - $1,790
Conference $3,300 - $8,550
Plenary session $4,000 - $11,190
Technical or poster session, co-sponsor $4,850 - $9,700
Technical or poster session, exclusive $8,500 - $17,000

Contact us to learn about all available options | | Tel: +1 360 676 3290

Add-ons to boost your promotional efforts

More visibility to your target audience with creative solutions

Talk with our sales staff to explore ideas you have in mind or would like to see, including add-on opportunities to your contract. Place advertising within society and specialized publications so that your brand is recalled during times of information gathering. Host a webinar to explain your products more in-depth. Or consider all the benefits of corporate membership.

Align your brand with content marketing and SPIE publications and printed materials
Options for add-on marketing
Advertising in publications Download the 2023 Media Kit
Webinar leads Contact a SPIE sales rep
Prism awards for product launches Contact a SPIE sales rep
Show Daily publication Contact a SPIE sales rep
Corporate membership Learn more

Schedule time to talk with one of our knowledgeable consultants to learn about all available options | | Tel: +1 360 676 3290

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