16 - 21 June 2024
Yokohama, Japan
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Paper 13093-131

The optical design for the Ultraviolet Explorer (UVEX) mission: a next generation wide-field UV telescope

On demand | Presented live 18 June 2024


The Ultraviolet Explore (UXEX) mission is a wide-field two band imager with a long multi-width slit spectrometer to study the dynamic ultraviolet universe. We present the telescope optical design that provides a continuous 5.0deg x 3.5deg FoV that achieves an rms spot radius of <10 microns. The optical design is a compact unobstructed freeform F/2.7 Three Mirror Anastigmat (TMA) with a 75cm virtual entrance aperture. The all-reflective design is driven to support imaging into the far UV down to 115 nm. The telescope provides light to three instrument channels: a NUV imager (200 - 260 nm), a FUV imager (130 - 190 nm), and a long-slit spectrometer operating over the entire wavelength range (115-265 nm). The spectrometer is an all-reflective re-imager based on an Offner-Chrisp design where the secondary convex mirror is the dispersing element. The spectrometer has a 2deg long slit length with three discrete slit widths of 2", 4", and 8" wide. With a 2" slit width, the spectrometer will have a spectral resolving power of 1400-3200 from 115-265 nm wavelength range.


Caltech (United States)
A Senior Instrument Engineer with Caltech Optical Observatories specializing in optical design and development. Have been involved with design and development for ground-based instrumentation for Palomar, Keck, and TMT Observatories for over 15 years. Although primarily working in ground-based instrumentation, recently have been involved with developing the space-based telescope and long-slit spectrometer optical design during the proposal and conceptual study phase for the UVEX project; a MIDEX mission.
Caltech (United States)