27 - 29 January 2025
San Francisco, California, US
Plenary Event
Invited Talks 2: Display Building Blocks
31 January 2023 • 1:40 PM - 5:00 PM PST | AR | VR | MR Main Stage (Level 3 West) 

Times are all Pacific Standard Time (UTC - 8:00)

This Session includes a Coffee Break, 3:20-3:40 PM

1:40 PM

Kai Ströder” height=
Kai Ströder
Managing Director and CEO
tooz (Germany)

tooz provides the missing link between various advanced AR technologies and an individual vision correction
Optical AR engines today are designed for people who do not need vision correction. However, the vast majority of users is myopic, hyperopic or presbyopic. Their need for Rx integration shifts AR devices into a medical-grade business environment, protected in many regions by existing stakeholders. For all-day use, consumers expect affordable AR solutions and a secure end-to-end vision correction process with a convenient buying experience. Regardless of the augmentation technology, tooz is enabling medical-grade Rx solutions for various curved and planar combiners.

2:00 PM

Robert Schultz” height=
Robert Schultz
Vice President, Advanced Optics
Vuzix Corp (United States)

Designing and producing waveguided optical systems
Vuzix has been a pioneer in the AR/VR industry with over 25 years of experience delivering solutions to the industrial, consumer, and military markets. Our broad experience includes the first commercially available surface relief grating based waveguide systems. From specification to design, to mold production, to replication, to test and system integration, we do it all in-house, in Rochester New York. Vuzix’ experience means that we can customize a ground up system based on specifications, offer a reference design, or provide design parameters so we can build to print based on a customer’s own waveguide layout. Our expanded manufacturing capabilities coupled with our experience allows Vuzix to deliver accurately produced parts in volume at price points that make market acceptance possible; all with designs that are fashion forward and able to address the needs of the broader markets.

2:20 PM

Ismo Vartiainen
Ismo Vartiainen
Dispelix (Finland)

The unseen simplicity – Dispelix’s design vision for XR waveguide combiners
In his presentation, Dispelix's CTO, Dr. Ismo Vartiainen, discusses Dispelix's design vision for the development of state-of-the-art waveguide combiners for eyeglass-form XR glasses. The presentation covers the key features of Dispelix's self-developed, powerful, proprietary XR waveguide design software. In addition, the presentation includes examples of the optimization of various optical and visual properties of XR waveguides using different development approaches from novel grating structures to advanced optical materials. Finally, the manufacturing technology choices, their advantages, and relationship to building stable, scalable mass manufacturing capability and high-quality waveguide products are discussed.

2:40 PM

Satoshi Shiraga
Founder and CEO
Cellid Inc.(Japan)

Advanced technologies for large FOV waveguide
We have successfully developed the best-in-class DOE waveguide type full-color display for AR glasses. It achieves 400+ nits/lumen of efficiency and the 60 degree FOV simultaneously with 2 layers. DOE is formed by high refractive index glass with resin. Our in-house built simulation tool can manage optimization of various DOE and layouts including resin and coating that is beyond capability market-available calculators..

3:00 PM

Wayne McMillan” height=
Wayne McMillan
General Manager
Applied Materials (United States)

From semiconductor industry leader to optical engineering pioneer
Over the last 55 years, Applied Materials innovations have fundamentally changed how the world works and the way people interact with each other through technology. Today, we help make products such as computers, mobile devices and flat panel displays not only possible, but also affordable for millions of people around the world. Our Engineered Optics team is leveraging Applied’s decades of expertise in manipulating materials at an atomic level on an industrial scale to create new optical components such as diffractive waveguides and metaoptics. We anticipate these optical devices will have a huge impact on many industries, including AR/MR. During this presentation, Wayne McMillan, General Manager, will show how Engineered Optics can help to make every day AR headsets and glasses possible.

3:20 PM
Coffee Break

3:40 PM

Jeonghun Ha
Jeonghun Ha
Letin AR (South Korea)

Recent progress of injection-molded plastic PinTILT™ AR waveguides
Mr. Jeonghun Ha, CTO of LetinAR, the inventor of PinMR™ (“Pin Mirror™”) and PinTILT™ technology, will present current technical challenges regarding the mass production of injection-molded plastic AR waveguides and recent breakthroughs in recent years. Based on the simple PinTILT™ structure, the production cost of plastic AR optics has been reduced significantly. Combined with its lightweight form factor, high power efficiency, and color uniformity, the launch of truly affordable AR smartglasses for the public is right around the corner.

4:00 PM

Aviv Frommer” height=
Aviv Frommer
Lumus Ltd (Israel)

2D reflective waveguide-based near to eye displays for consumer AR glasses
Waveguide displays provide a transparent optical solution to deliver an augmented digital layer to the physical world. We will present reflective waveguide technology and specifically our progress with a novel 2D pupil expansion waveguide architecture. This 2nd generation 2D reflective waveguide architecture provides further improvements in image quality together with a very small waveguide entrance pupil. This small waveguide entrance pupil allows for very compact projector modules that can be easily integrated into the consumer glasses frame. It also enables for direct bonding of optical elements on the waveguide’s surface providing seamless integration of an encapsulation layer or Rx solution directly on the waveguide. The projector together with the waveguide assembly provide a crisp, high-resolution image and significant advantages in power efficiency, color uniformity, light leakage, and glare free view of the physical world.

4:20 PM

Eleonora Storace” height=
Eleonora Storace
R&D Program Manager
imec (Belgium)

AR|VR|MR for all senses: technologies for a fully immersive experience
Predictions for the explosive growth in adopting mixed reality are driven by the promise of new technologies to enable truly different types of experiences. The goal is to create a seamless blend of the real and the virtual that is not possible with any existing device. To build a true mixed reality device, it is necessary to both accurately monitor the outside world and feed it back to the user augmented with digital content. Imec is uniquely positioned in its ability to provide a plethora of technologies to realize those functions. Our NIL capabilities provide processing for surface relief gratings and meta-structures on large-area high-refractive index glass and standard substrates, to produce both large field-of-view waveguide combiners and flat optical components for sensing and illumination systems. Other modules can benefit from advances in LiDAR sensing and wafer level optics, while miniaturized ultrasound transducers will enable mid-air gesture recognition.

4:40 PM

Stéphanie Le Calvez” height=
Stéphanie Le Calvez
Head of Photonic System LAB
CEA-Leti (France)

From research to industry, CEA-Leti offers innovative solutions for AR/VR/MR applications
Founded 55 years ago, CEA-Leti is a Research Center based in Grenoble - France dedicated to innovative Microelectronic and Photonic components developments for breakthrough applications. Relying on high-level clean rooms facility, CEA-Leti offers to industrial partners the ability to transform an idea (TRL1) into a pre-industrial product (TRL5). Active in display domain for more than 20 years, CEA-Leti aims at being a key-player in AR/VR/MR developments. This presentation will propose a panel of our activities in the playground with microLEDs displays, but also innovative retinal projection concept and beyond optical considerations the development of new functionalities taking into account human cognition through eXtended Reality.