SPIE Chandra S. Vikram Award in Optical Metrology

The SPIE Chandra S. Vikram Award in Optical Metrology is presented for exceptional contribution to the field of optical metrology. The award may be presented for a specific achievement, development, or invention of significant importance to optical metrology, or may be given for lifetime achievement. Honorarium $2,000.

Chandra S. Vikram (October 31, 1950 - August 17, 2007) was an expert in the fields of holography and speckle metrology, authoring over 140 papers and a book Particle Field Holography published by Cambridge University Press. He was a Fellow of Optical Society of America and SPIE, and received the Dennis Gabor Award from SPIE. He discovered critical limiting needs of two-color holography for heat and mass transfer studies, pioneered the use of Spacelab-III reconstructed wavefronts, and established a new method of residual stress measurement by laser heating and speckle correlation interferometry. He received a certificate of recognition from NASA for his work done under its Advanced Technology Program.