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    SPIE International Day of Light Lessons and Worksheets

    Photonics Lesson

    Demonstrate the science of light with lessons included in our SPIE IDL Outreach Activities Collection. Download lessons and worksheets to hold your own optics educational outreach program as part of your IDL celebration.

    New: there is a Microscopy lesson (English only) and a Polarized Light Art lesson (watch the video instruction in English, French, and Spanish).

    With the help of our SPIE Student Chapters and other volunteers, lesson plans have been translated into other languages. You can download these new lessons with our original offerings in the following files:

            • English Lesson Plan Worksheets

            • French Lesson Plan Worksheets

            • Simplified Chinese Lesson Plan Worksheets

            • Spanish Lesson Plan Worksheets

            • Diffraction Glasses Lesson in Hindi

            • Magic Water Lesson in Armenian

            • Magic Water Lesson in Italian

            • Magic Water Lesson in Russian

       •  Explain the International Day of Light with the SPIE IDL PowerPoint presentation or Fact Sheet.