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SPIE Annual International Day of Light Photo Contest


Congratulations to the Winners of the 2019 Photo Contest

The annual SPIE International Day of Light Photo Contest is held to raise awareness about IDL and the vital role that light and light-based technologies play in daily life. This year, photographers from Russia, the United States, and Spain were named winners of the contest, from more than 1,000 entries depicting the world-of-light theme. The winners are:

First Prize (US $2,500): Alexey Trofimov from Siberia, Russia for his image 'Baikal Treasures.'

"Lake Baikal is a unique place. Its size and a strict temper impress a lot. Life on Lake Baikal is quite hard because this lake is very stern and dangerous. Locals have good reason to call it like “Father” or “The Great Sea”... There is no one whose heart isn’t won by space of steppes, sugar tops of mountains, brilliants of lakes and blue strings of rivers. A simple and severe way of life makes these places more attractive to me. What could be more beautiful than the meeting of the winter dawn on the ice of the North Baikal?"

Second Prize (US $1,000): Kyle Russell Allen Graves from Lubbock, Texas (USA) for his image 'Backlit Tornadic Supercell'

"This photo was the result of being very patient. After driving 200 miles into an area where the storms formed a line from Kansas all the way to the Texas panhandle/New Mexico, I knew if I didn't find more isolated storms my day was likely over... So after driving another 128 miles while trying to beat out this massive line of storms coming my way (about 70 miles from home where I initially started out) I was met with the most incredible display of power and light I have ever seen. It was simply magical. Supercell structure like this with a visible tornado present is once in a lifetime. Add in the way the sun was setting behind it and illuminated this beast and you have a breathtaking moment that I will hold dearly for life."

Third Prize (US $500): Julio Castro Pardo from La Coruña, Spain for his image 'A Dream Come True.'

"This photograph was taken on a distant mountain in the state of Utah in the United States began in 2017 when I visited this place for the first time. As it was such a remote place and we did not wear camping equipment, I promised to return to take a picture that reflected the beauty of the place in conditions. This May we had that opportunity to return to that place and take a photo that shows the best possible way the incredible skies that place has and the unique rock formations that can only be found in this place in the world."

Technology Prize* (US $750): Sergio Ruiz from Barcelona, Spain for his image 'ALBA Synchrotron.'

"In 2007 I became a freelance photographer and started working with clients shooting editorials, institutionals, and industry... I was working for a magazine and I had an assignment to take some photographs on a scientific subject, then I put in contact with Ana Belen from ALBA Synchrotron and I took this fantastic image. A few months later we started a professional relationship that continues today. I consider myself a frustrated scientist with the luck of dedicating myself to photograph these wonderful machines and these incredible scientists.

The Technology and Sciences Prize was sponsored by lightsources.org


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