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International Year of Light SPIE Student Chapter Activity Grants

International Year of Light

SPIE is provided International Year of Light (IYL) Activity Grants to support SPIE Student Chapters that developed local community events and activities that highlighted the critical role that light plays in our daily lives. The International Year of Light was a unique opportunity to showcase photonics and its impact on our daily lives to world, and SPIE Student Chapters were encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

SPIE International Year of Light Activity Grant Winners

Cameroon Chapter (Cameroon) - for International Year of Light outreach events for the general public

CCNY City Lights Chapter (United States) – to expand existing Project Light Switch (PLS) program; funds will be used for an outdoor, large scale, public projection mapping project created by CultureHub in collaboration with the Seoul Institute of the Arts in the Republic of Korea.

Delaware State University Chapter (United States) – outreach materials for teachers and students during DSU’s science fair event

Friedrich-Alexander Univ Erlangan-Nürnberg(Germany) - to organize the "EntLIGHTenment" activity to introduce the impact of light to young students

INAOE Chapter (Spain) - for a series of hands on experiments presented at INAOE's International Year of Light activities

INRS Student Chapter (Canada) - partially support activities promoting optics and photonics research to educators and policy makers

McGill University Chapter (Canada) – partially support an interactive event which will include surrounding star trails, time lapse photography and lasers at night

Montana State Univ Chapter (United States) - partially support Astronomy Days at the Museum of the Rockies

National Chiao Tung University Chapter (Taiwan) – to partially support IYL outreach activities including outreach program in local high school

National Institute of Technology, Goa (India) - to support International Year of Light activities

Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland) - to organize Laser Game Khet 2.0 and the Festival of Art and Science

Stanford University Chapter (United States) - projects in collaboration with elementary school to include a laser harp, a portable laser maze, and foldable microscopes for use at Science Night

Texas A&M University - partially support the Physics Festival event

The University of Texas at Austin Chapter (United States) - partially support a "laser room" to be presented at the “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” event

Three Rivers Community College (United States) - for Optics Fair outreach event, teaching light to the general public

Tunisia Chapter (Tunisia) - to organize an introductory workshop for participants on novel, low-cost experiments based on lasers, LEDs, optical fibers, photodetectors, to build their own setup

Univ. Autonoma de Nuevo León Chapter (Mexico) – partially support Optics Week

University College Dublin Chapter (Ireland) – for the development of a traveling mobile darkroom to conduct optical experiments at science festivals

Univ. Jaume I, GOC Chapter (Spain) - to create a documentary on the history of optics in Spain

University of Arizona Chapter (United States) – to partially fund and support the 2015 Laser Fun Day focusing on the International Year of Light

University of Michigan (United States) - for a series of International Year of Light activities

University of Southampton Chapter (United Kingdom) – to expand on existing outreach program, Lightwave Roadshow

University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom) - to partially fund a portable educational photonics outreach tent

University of Sydney (Australia) - for the development of a laser harp for the public

Vilnius University Student Chapter (Lithuania) - to organize an event, Day of Optics to Physics Day, to high schools

Washington State University (United States) - for a community event which will have a laser maze.

Key Criteria

Funding decisions were made based on the following criteria:

  • potential to raise awareness of photonics and its impact in daily life
  • potential to reach a large audience
  • clarity and structure of the project
  • clear timeline and budget.