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    2007 SPIE Women in Optics Planner

    To quote Zorah Ben Lakhdar, Professor at the University of Tunisia, "Optics is light, and light is life." Think of optics as the science of light - what light is made of and how it behaves. Light allows us to see, but it can also be harnessed to transmit sounds, cut things, and control electrical circuits. CDs, DVDs, remote controls, cameras, laser survery, telescopes, x-ray machines, barcode scanners, and countless other devices all make use of light.

    Careers in otics are varied as they are exciting. The women featured in this planner are traveling the world, making a difference, and seeing their imaginations and creations come to life. SPIE thanks them for their contributions to the field and for sharing their stories with us.

    Maria J. Yzuel, 2007 SPIE Vice-President

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