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SPIE Maria Goeppert Mayer Award in Photonics

The SPIE Maria Goeppert Mayer Award in Photonics is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of photonics and the development of innovative, high impact technologies. Honorarium of $2,000.

Dr. Maria Goeppert Mayer was a pioneering woman scientist and mathematician who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1963 for proposing the nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleus. Her doctorate, written in 1930, was on the theory of possible two-photon absorption by atoms, and the invention of the laser 30 years later experimentally proved her theory. Two-photon absorption theory has been applied to imaging living cells, 3D optical data storage, 3D microfabrication and treating cancer with photodynamic therapy.


Current Winner

John H. Lehman   John H. Lehman, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, Colorado, United States, is the 2020 recipient in recognition of the development of innovative tools for laser power and energy measurements spanning ultraviolet to THz wavelengths and from sub-microWatt to multi-kiloWatt power levels.
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Previous Recipients of the SPIE Maria Goeppert-Mayer Award in Photonics

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