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    Women in Optics Presentation and Reception
    Date: Monday 2 August
    Time: 5:00PM - 6:30PM

    More Than Pretty Pictures

    Speaker: Felice Frankel

    Science photographer Felice Frankel holds concurrent positions at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School's Systems Biology, the Wyss Institute and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Working in collaboration with scientists and engineers, Frankel's images have been published in over 300 journal articles and/or covers and various other publications for general audiences.

    Her most recent book, co-authored with chemist George M. Whitesides, No Small Matter, Science on the Nanoscale was published by Harvard University Press in 2009. Frankel's previous books are Envisioning Science, The Design and Craft of the Science Image. (The MIT Press), On the Surface of Things, Images of the Extraordinary in Science (Harvard University) co-authored with George Whitesides and Modern Landscape Architecuture, Redefining the Garden, with Jory Johnson (Abbeville Press). She is founder of the Image and Meaning conferences whose purpose is to develop new approaches to promote the public understanding of science through visual expression www.imageandmeaning.org. She is also leading a National Science Foundation funded program, Picturing to Learn, an effort to study how making representations by students, aids in teaching and learning, www.picturingtolearn.org.

    Frankel was awarded the Photographic Society of America's 2009 Progress Medal "for the innovative creation of images through synthesizing photographic artistry and computer technology to visually clarify scientific phenomena".

    Join us for an evening of inspiration. Connect with others in our industry while enjoying refreshments.

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    Women in Optics - 2010

    Women in Optics Presentation and Lunch
    Date: Wednesday 14 April
    Time: 13:00 - 14:00
    Brussels, Belgium
    Location: 204

    Women and Science: Success, Priorities and Possibilities

    Speaker: Dr. Eleni Alexandratou

    Eleni Alexandratou has a B.Sc in Physics from University of Athens, Greece and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Currently, she is a Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Biomedical Optics and Applied Biophysics, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.

    Among her research interests are Optical Imaging, Real Time Fluorescence Imaging of Cellular Function and Structure at the single cell level, Photodynamic Therapy, Machine Vision Techniques in Cancer Diagnosis and Grading.

    European Union, together with leading technology companies, is trying to get more young women interested in ICT careers in a drive to avoid a predicted shortage of qualified engineers. Why is this so difficult? Why is the ICT sector so unattractive to women? Why is there reluctance to hire women within the ICT sector?

    Starting from the experience gained from the BRIGHTER.EU initiative, opportunities and challenges facing women in academic and business sectors will be addressed. Employing women is no longer a politically correct action - it is good business strategy. A different way of looking at success, priorities and possibilities will be discussed.

    SPIE Women in Optics Presentation and Reception
    Tuesday 6 April,


    Speaker: Angelique Irvin, President and CEO, Clear Align

    Angelique has 23 years of professional experience, focused on technology driven businesses. Her experience includes successful corporate and entrepreneurial business launches at companies including Clear Align, Coviant, NEC, AT&T Microelectronics, and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

    Angelique leads Clear Align, a company that designs, prototypes, and manufactures custom imaging, sensing, and fiber-optic systems for defense and aerospace customers. Clear Align's imaging expertise spans the UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR portions of the spectrum, delivering both narrow- and wide wide-field-of-view systems. The company's fiber-optic and sensing expertise includes optical integration for communications, remote sensing and targeting, as well as for medical applications. Under Irvin's leadership, Clear Align has earned a multitude of growth and technology awards including the Inc. 500™, the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, and the SBA minority entrepreneur of the year award.

    Prior to Clear Align, Angelique founded and built Coviant, a world-class electro-optics manufacturing company serving tier-one customers such as Intel, Unilever, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. She developed the intellectual property strategies that aligned the company with fortune 500 technology partners such as Agilent and Rohm and Haas. Angelique was responsible for a new product launch at AT&T Bell Laboratories where she led a team that built out optical assembly facilities and developed new markets for a $500 million product line. Angelique graduated with honors from Alfred University, with a Bachelor's degree in Ceramic Engineering and earned an MBA from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania. Angelique is currently a regular speaker and an Entrepreneur in Residence at The Wharton School and teaches others how to build technology companies.

    Advanced LithographySPIE Women in Optics Lunch
    Tuesday 23 February, Noon to 1:00
    San Jose, California, USA
    Open to all conference attendees.

    Join us for an opportunity to network with other professionals at this lunch hosted by SPIE. Register at the SPIE Cashier on-site by 3 pm Monday; location information provided upon sign-up.

    Guest Speaker: Anna Sidana, Founder and CEO, One Million Lights

    One Million Lights Anna SidanaSmall Things Matter
    Light is as fundamental as food, water and shelter. The discussion will cover a journey of discovery in understanding how a small thing such as a light can change a life forever.

    One Million Lights is a part of the World of Color public charity, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Palo Alto, CA. One Million Lights' mission is to improve the daily lives of children and adults by providing clean and healthy lighting. www.onemillionlights.org

    Women and Optics Presentation and Reception
    Monday 25 January, 4:30 to 6:00
    Hilton Hotel, Golden Gate Room 8
    Open to all conference attendees.

    Join us for an evening of networking and inspiration. Connect with others in our industry while enjoying wine and cheese refreshments.

    Educating Girls and Physics Teachers in Developing Countries - A Key to Sustainability
    Priscilla Laws will discuss why support for girls education in countries like Mozambique and the introduction of low cost active learning strategies for physics teachers in the developing world are extremely effective strategies for sustainable development.

    Priscilla Laws, Dickinson College
    Dr. Laws received her bachelor's degree from Reed College and her doctorate from Bryn Mawr College where she studied nuclear physics. She joined the faculty at Dickinson in 1965 and began focusing her efforts on the health effects of radiation. This led to the publication of two consumer books on medical X-rays. She is a research professor for Dickinson College and is promoting ways to use physics research and education to enhance sustainable development in Africa, Asia and Latin America.