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SPIE Officers and Directors

SPIE Officers and Directors

SPIE is an international organization incorporated as a not-for-profit United States corporation. The Membership operates the Society through an elected Board of Directors, who establish various standing and ad hoc committees to conduct activities of interest to the Membership.

The Board and its Executive Committee also establish policy and strategy, assure that the Society Bylaws are followed in the conduct of Society business, and approve the budgets for expenditure of Society resources.

The collective talents of our Members make the Society a powerful force in the scientific community. Shaping the direction of that force are the members of the SPIE Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Standing Committees.

SPIE Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs can be contacted by emailing governance@spie.org.

SPIE Officers 2021

David Andrews   David Andrews
Univ. of East Anglia, United Kingdom
John Greivenkamp   John Greivenkamp
Immediate Past President
Wyant College of Optical Sciences, United States
Anita Mahadevan-Jansen   Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
Vanderbilt Univ, United States
Bernard Kress   Bernard Kress
Vice President
Google, United States
Mr. Jason Mulliner   Jason Mulliner
Alluxa, United States
Dr. Kent Rochford   Kent Rochford
CEO, Board Advisor
SPIE, United States

SPIE Board of Directors 2021

Allison Barto   Allison Barto
Board Advisor; Chair, Symposia Committee
Ball Aerospace, United States
(Term 2021)
Leonard Chen   Leonard Chen
Board Advisor; Chair, Corporate and Exhibitors Committee
Raytheon Co., Unites States
(Term 2021)
Julia Craven   Julia Craven
CVI Laser Optics, United States
(Term 2019-2021)
Peter de Groot   Peter de Groot
Zygo Corp., United States
(Term 2019-2021)
Marta de la Fuente   Marta de la Fuente
ASE Optics Europe, Spain
(Term 2019-2021)
Judy Fennelly   Judy Fennelly
Retired, Air Force Research Lab, United States
(Term 2019-2021)
Ruth Houbertz   Ruth Houbertz
ThinkMade Engineering & Consulting, Germany
(Term 2021-2023)
Elizabeth Krupinski   Elizabeth Krupinski
Emory University, USA
(Term 2021-2023)
Byoungho Lee   Byoungho Lee
Seoul National Univ., South Korea
(Term 2020-2022)
Jim McNally   Jim McNally
Stratthnk Associates LLC, United States
(Term 2019-2021)
Kyle Myers   Kyle Myers
U.S. Food & Drug Administration, United States
(Term 2021-2023)
Craig Olson   Craig Olson
Board Advisor; Chair, Membership and Communities Committee
L3 Sonoma EO, United States
(Term 2021)
Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop   Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
Univ. of Queensland, Australia
(Term 2020-2022)
David Sampson   David Sampson
Board Advisor; Chair, Publications Committee
Univ. of Surrey, United Kingdom
(Term 2021)
Joesph Shaw   Joseph Shaw
Montana State Univ, United States
(Term 2021-2023)
Katie Schwertz   Katie Schwertz
Edmund Optics Inc., United States
(Term 2020-2022)
Cather Simpson   Cather Simpson
University of Aukland, New Zealand
(Term 2021-2023)
Cristina Solano   Cristina Solano
Centro de Investigaciones en Optica Ac, Mexico
(Term 2020-2022)
Scott Tyo   Scott Tyo
UNSW Canberra, Australia
(Term 2020-2022)