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SPIE Governance Committees

Get involved — serve on a committee

SPIE Committees

The collective talents of our Members make SPIE a powerful force in the scientific community. SPIE Committees develop strategic policy and help to foster interaction and cooperation and deepen the Board's understanding of the issues that have an impact on the Society.

Committee members must be current SPIE voting members, commit to serving a three-year term, able to devote the necessary time to the committee's work, and generally attend two committee meetings per year. Student Members are welcome to participate as non-voting members.

Governance committees

Are you interested in getting involved with SPIE on a Society level? There are many types of  committees with a range of focal areas, providing opportunities to contribute in your area of expertise and interest. 

Standing committees report and make recommendations to the Board.

SPIE advisory committees/presidential task forces may be appointed by the President for investigation, study, and recommendation within particular areas of concern; these committees/task forces end at the completion of their duties or at the expiration of the term of the president who appointed it, whichever comes first.

SPIE ad hoc committees may be established by the Board of Directors to carry out a specific task that the Board wishes to undertake; these committees exist for a period of time determined by the Board.

Interested in learning more about joining a SPIE Committee?

Contact us at governance@spie.org or complete the following questionnaire:

Committee Interest Form  ›
Audit Information Technology
Awards Membership and Community Development
Compensation Nominating
Corporate and Exhibitor Publications
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholarship
Education and Outreach Senior Member
Engineering, Science, and Technology Policy Strategic Planning
Fellows Symposia
Financial Advisory

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews financial transactions of the Society and reports results to the Board.

Audit Committee Charter (PDF)

Gary Spiegel   Gary Spiegel, Chair
Consultant at Strategic Consulting
United States
Teresa Handy DeVeau   Teresa Handy DeVeau
SPIE Staff Liaison

Allen Earman
Judy Fennelly
Joseph Howard
R. John Koshel
Makenzie Lystrup
Jessica DeGroote Nelson
Robert Sprague
David Wick

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee reviews the choices of the award subcommittees, selects the Gold Medal recipient and submits these recommendations for Society Awards to the Board.

Awards Committee Charter (PDF)

Kyle Myers   Kyle Myers, Chair
U.S. Food and Drug Administration (retired)
United States
Andrea Jacques   Andrea Jacques
SPIE Staff Liaison

Samuel Achilefu
Nicholas Antipa
Sterling John Backus
Caroline Boudoux
Donis Flagello
Viktor Gruev
Maryah Elisa Morastoni Haertel
Sanjay Krishna
Elizabeth Krupinski
Charles LaCasse
Carmiña Londoño
Fernando Mendoza-Santoyo
Michal Pawlowski
Brian Primeau
Martin Richardson
Amrita Sahu
Joanna Schmit
Maciej Trusiak

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to assist the Board in its responsibilities regarding compensation of the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Executives and "disqualified persons" (as defined in the Internal Revenue Code).

Compensation Committee Charter (PDF)

Jason Mulliner   Jason Mulliner, Chair
Alluxa, Inc.
United States
Sarah Wills   Sarah Wills
SPIE Staff Liaison

David Andrews
Jennifer Barton
John Greivenkamp
Bernard Kress
Anita Mahadevan-Jansen
Jim McNally

Corporate and Exhibitor Committee

The Corporate and Exhibitor Committee monitors and oversees Society activities that address the needs of SPIE Corporate Sustaining Members and Exhibitors.

Corporate and Exhibitor Committee Charter (PDF)

Scott Bass   Scott Bass, Chair
Edmund Optics Inc.
United States
Bonnie Joyce Peterson   Bonnie Peterson
SPIE Staff Liaison

Adrian Chance
Leonard Chen
Kimberly Clifton
Susan Cummings
Daniel Denison
Mandy Eckert
Marie-Christine Ferland
William Holtkamp
Alison Kohyama
Nishant Mohan
S. Craig Olson
Russell Spaulding
Thomas Tongue
Chris Toomey
Tori Uthe

Education and Outreach Committee

The Education and Outreach Committee maintains surveillance of the educational activities of the Society and monitors the quality of educational programs conducted in the name of the Society.

Education and Outreach Committee Charter (PDF)

Jessica DeGroote Nelson   Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Chair
Edmund Optics
United States
Tasha Chicovsky   Tasha Chicovsky
SPIE Staff Liaison

Rhys Adams
Justin Baba
Cory Boone
Yun-Chorng Chang
Katie Chong
Benjamin Cromey
Marla Dowell
Oliver Fähnle
Kate Medicus
Brian Monacelli
Cristina Elizabeth Solano
Alexis Vogt
Nicholas Heng Loong Wong
Linhui Yu

Engineering, Science, and Technology Policy

The Engineering, Science, and Technology Policy (ESTeP) Committee promotes understanding at all levels of policy decision-making, about those issues that affect the well-being of the optical science and engineering communities worldwide. This Committee also advises the Board and other Society groups on ways to expand the Society's role in science and engineering policy.

Engineering Science and Technology Policy Committee Charter (PDF)

Marc Himel   Marc Himel, Chair
MKS Instruments, Inc.
United States
Jennifer (Douris) O'bryan   Jennifer (Douris) O'Bryan
SPIE Staff Liaison

Lynn Allen
Naamah Argaman
Kamran Avanaki
Walter Burgess
Olivia Fehlberg
Bo Gu
Hemang Jani
Nicole Naselaris
Madison Rilling
George Simion
Kirk Warden
Michael Williams

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee works to develop a set of strategies that SPIE can adopt to improve and enhance diversity and inclusion in all aspects of SPIE. Diversity is defined as any group that is considered to be underrepresented in the fields of science and engineering. This includes race, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, economic and geographic.

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee Charter (PDF)

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop   Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Chair
The Univ. of Queensland
Allison Romanyshyn   Allison Romanyshyn
SPIE Staff Liaison

Andrea Armani
Agnes Huebscher
Srividya Jayaram
Sarah Kendrew
Iva Laginja
Martin Leahy
Ying Lia Li
Latifah Maasarani
Robert Sewell
Cather Simpson
Orlando Torres Perales
J. Scott Tyo
Frédérique Vanholsbeeck
Jessica Wade
Richard Youngworth

Fellows Committee

The Fellows Committee makes recommendations to the President and Board of Directors for Fellows, Life, and Honorary Membership candidates.

Fellows Committee Charter (PDF)

Michelle Lynn Stock   Michelle Lynn Stock, Chair
United States
Brent Johnson   Brent Johnson
SPIE Staff Liaison

Peter Andersen
Eugene Arthurs
Timothy Bunning
Nerine Cherepy
Elder De la Rosa
Aaron Fenster
Emily Gallagher
Rüdiger Grunwald
Mona Jarrahi
Edmund Lam
Gisele Maxwell
Hakaru Mizoguchi
Shouleh Nikzad
Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
Kara Peters
Jessica Ramella-Roman
Steffen Reichel
Eva Sevick
Perry Shum
Richard Silver
Georgia Tourassi
Norman Wereley
Rachel Won
George Zentai

Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee reviews and consults with the Treasurer regarding Society financial affairs and procedures.

Financial Advisory Committee Charter (PDF)

Jason Mulliner   Jason Mulliner, Chair
Alluxa, Inc.
United States
Teresa Handy DeVeau   Teresa Handy DeVeau
SPIE Staff Liaison

Dan Christensen
Peter de Groot
Allen Earman
Jim McNally
Samuel Sadoulet
Gary Spiegel

Information Technology Committee

The IT Committee provides oversight of the information technology capability and products of the Society and makes recommendations to staff and leadership.

Information Technology Committee Charter (PDF)

Apurva Jain   Apurva Jain, Chair
United States
Lara Miles   Lara Miles
SPIE Staff Liaison

Jeremy Bos
Alexander Doronin
Sona Hosseini
Yi Hua
Matthew Jungwirth
Jason McClure
J. Scott Tyo
Christopher Wilcox
Christina Willis

Membership and Community Development Committee

The Membership and Community Development Committee oversees and guides Society activities that promote the professional careers and address the needs and interests of SPIE individual Members and constituents.

Membership and Community Development Committee Charter (PDF)

Maryellen Giger   Maryellen Giger, Chair
The Univ. of Chicago
United States
Nelufar Mohajeri   Nelufar Mohajeri
SPIE Staff Liaison

Rebecca Berman
Rebecca Fahrig
Olivia Fehlberg
Goldie Goldstein
Nathan Hagen
Matthew Jungwirth
Saulius Juodkazis
Qian Kemao
Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan
Kyle Myers
Oliver Myers
Nicholas Petrick
Rosario Porras-Aguilar
Inga Saknīte
Michelle Lynn Stock
David Wick

Olivia Fehlberg   Olivia Fehlberg, Chair
Edmund Optics Inc.
United States
Bonner Caitlin   Bonner Caitlin
SPIE Staff Liaison

Shashwath Shankar Bharadwaj
Claudio Castellan
Tatevik Chalyan
Katie Chong
Maciej Kraszewski
Latifah Maasarani
Madhuri Mishra
Sarmishtha Satpathy
Jingyi Yang

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee nominates candidates for Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Director.

Nominating Committee Charter (PDF)

David Andrews   David Andrews, Chair
Univ. of East Anglia
United Kingdom
Allison Romanyshyn   Allison Romanyshyn
SPIE Staff Liaison

Małgorzata Kujawińska
Kyle Myers
Jacobus Oschmann
Lorenzo Pavesi
Katie Schwertz
Prabhat Verma

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee monitors the publications of the Society and ascertains that editorial content of digital and printed matter distributed in the name of the Society is appropriate to the technical and ethical standards of the discipline and the Society.

Publications Committee Charter (PDF)

David Sampson   David Sampson, Chair
Univ of Surrey
United Kingdom
Patrick Franzen   Patrick Franzen
SPIE Staff Liaison

Amol Choudhary
Andrea Curatolo
Qian Du
Megan Eckart
Qian Kemao
Beop-Min Kim
Elizabeth Krupinski
Lorenzo Pavesi
Ifor Samuel
Samuel Felipe Serna Otálvaro
Cather Simpson
Fatima Toor
Jian Wang
Zeev Zalevsky
Hans Zappe

David Sampson   David Sampson, Chair
Univ of Surrey
United Kingdom
Patrick Franzen   Patrick Franzen
SPIE Staff Liaison

Ali Adibi
Ni-Bin Chang
Mark Clampin
Anna Devor
Maryellen Giger
Harry Levinson
Brian Pogue
Sean Shaheen
Adam Wax
Xiao-Cong Yuan
Zeev Zalevsky
Hans Zappe
Anatoly Zayats

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on the scholarship and grant awards made in the name of the Society.

Scholarship Committee Charter (PDF)

Kate Medicus   Kate Medicus, Chair
Ruda-Cardinal, Inc.
United States
Tasha Chicovsky   Tasha Chicovsky
SPIE Staff Liaison

Kathy Beaudette
Liangcai Cao
Claudio Castellan
Tatevik Chalyan
James Corsetti
Ronald Driggers
Angela Dudley
Judy Fennelly
Sergi Gallego Rico
Nea Hamilton
R. Luke Harris
Tomonori Hu
Daewook Kim
Maciej Kraszewski
Kenneth Loh
Anastacia Manuel
Moritz Merklein
Sonika Obheroi
Fenglin Peng
Brian Primeau
Carmelo Rosales-Guzmán
Sarmishtha Satpathy
Jami Shepherd
Zhimin Shi
Alex Sincore
Ghanshyam Singh
Elaine Maria Stewart
Nathália Tomazio
David Wayne
Brian Wheelwright
Heather Whitney
Chao Zuo

Senior Member Committee

The Senior Member Committee makes recommendations to the President and Board of Directors for Senior Members.

Senior Member Committee Charter (PDF)

Oliver Myers   Oliver Myers, Chair
Clemson Univ
United States
Brent Johnson   Brent Johnson
SPIE Staff Liaison

Fow-Sen Choa
Jean Dolne
Marla Dowell
Kevin Eliceiri
Martin Forrer
Augustus Fountain
Frank Grochocki
Eunkyoung Kim
Cristina Kurachi
Marina Leite
Uttam Kumar Majumder
P. Susthitha Menon
Stefan Nolte
Elisabet Pérez Cabré
Christopher Stolz
Shu-I Wang

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee provides oversight of and leadership to the strategic planning process of the Society.

Strategic Planning Committee Charter (PDF)

Bernard Kress   Bernard Kress, Chair
United States
Kevin Probasco   Kevin Probasco
SPIE Staff Liaison

Jennifer Barton
Scott Bass
Julien Blin
Dan Curticapean
Peter de Groot
Maryellen Giger
Marc Himel
Apurva Jain
Anita Mahadevan-Jansen (non-voting member)
Jason Mulliner
Jessica DeGroote Nelson
Kent Rochford
Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop
David Sampson

Symposia Committee

The Symposia Committee has oversight responsibilities for the global aspects of the Society's symposia and technical activities including international, national, and regional educational programs and conferences.

Symposia Committee Charter (PDF)

Peter de Groot   Peter de Groot, Chair
Zygo Corporation
United States
Bob Hainsey   Bob Hainsey
SPIE Staff Liaison

Elizabeth Bernhardt
Mark Clampin
Emily Gallagher
Keisuke Goda
Agnes Huebscher
Jana Kainerstorfer
Kate Medicus
Karin Stein
Alexander van Eijk
Sharon Weiss
Christopher Wilcox