Course SC1288

Problems in Autonomous Vehicle Imaging Systems

Monday, 4 April 2022 • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM EDT
Level: Intermediate
Member: $425.00
Non-member: $500.00
Student member: $230.00
Put your knowledge of radiometry to work solving problems in autonomous systems, both UAVs and autonomous ground vehicles. This half-day short course delves into practical problems whose solutions are enabled primarily by passive sensing, emphasizing visible, near infrared and thermal infrared spectral regions. It also covers microwave sensing due to the importance of applications benefiting from radiometry in this region, and includes strategies for radiometric calibration in applications requiring quantitative data.

Learning Outcomes

  • identify approaches to problem solving based on spectral regions and source-sensor geometry
  • calculate illumination on a ground target for different source-target conditions
  • explore radiometric calibration strategies and their applicability to autonomous systems
  • describe how microwave radiometers can be used to map soil moisture content
  • summarize how LiDAR enables autonomous navigation


Engineers and scientists working in autonomous systems and related areas, who are familiar with the basic concepts of radiometry, and wish to gain practical experience putting the concepts into practice within this area. Prerequisite: attendees should have a working knowledge of optical radiometry's terms, units, and propagation laws.


Barbara G. Grant - Grant Drone Solutions, LLC (United States)
Barbara G. Grant , President of Grant Drone Solutions, LLC, is the author of "Getting Started with UAV Imaging Systems: A ·Radiometric Guide," SPIE Press, 2016, the first book on the market to address radiometric problems within a UAV context. Her previous books are "Field Guide to Radiometry" and "The Art of Radiometry with Jim Palmer. She is a Distinguished Instructor in the UC-Irvine certificate program in Optical Engineering and Optical Instrument Design, and has taught classes to professionals for over 10 years. Her UAV themed articles have appeared in Commercial UAV News and the DSIAC Journal, and she has been a source for articles in UAV-related publications such as Inside Unmanned Systems magazine.


COURSE PRICE INCLUDES the eBook Getting Started with UAV Imaging Systems: A Radiometric Guide, (SPIE Press, 2016) by Barbara G. Grant.