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Quantum Information Science and Technology II
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Volume Number: 9996
Date Published: 22 November 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9996
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Secure quantum signatures: a practical quantum technology (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Erika Andersson
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Photonic quantum digital signatures operating over kilometer ranges in installed optical fiber
Author(s): Robert J. Collins; Mikio Fujiwara; Ryan Amiri; Toshimori Honjo; Kaoru Shimizu; Kiyoshi Tamaki; Masahiro Takeoka; Erika Andersson; Gerald S. Buller; Masahide Sasaki
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Proof-of-principle test of coherent-state continuous variable quantum key distribution through turbulent atmosphere (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Ivan D. Derkach; Christian Peuntinger; László Ruppert; Bettina Heim; Kevin Gunthner; Vladyslav C. Usenko; Dominique Elser; Christoph Marquardt; Radim Filip; Gerd Leuchs
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Increasing operational command and control security by the implementation of device independent quantum key distribution
Author(s): Fabio Antonio Bovino; Angelo Messina
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Secret key capacity of the thermal-loss channel: improving the lower bound
Author(s): Carlo Ottaviani; Riccardo Laurenza; Thomas P. W. Cope; Gaetana Spedalieri; Samuel L. Braunstein; Stefano Pirandola
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Enhancing QKD security with weak measurements
Author(s): Jacob M. Farinholt; James E. Troupe
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Enhancing the secure key rate in a quantum-key-distribution system using discrete-variable, high-dimensional, time-frequency states
Author(s): Nurul T. Islam; Clinton Cahall; Andrés Aragoneses; Charles Ci Wen Lim; Michael S. Allman; Varun Verma; Sae Woo Nam; Jungsang Kim; Daniel J. Gauthier
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Generation and analysis of correlated pairs of photons on board a nanosatellite
Author(s): R. Chandrasekara; Z. Tang; Y. C. Tan; C. Cheng; L. Sha; G. C. Hiang; D. Oi; A. Ling
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Polarization entangled cluster state generation in a lithium niobate chip
Author(s): Attila Szep; Richard Kim; Eunsung Shin; Michael L. Fanto; Joseph Osman; Paul M. Alsing
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Quantum operations on entangled photons using Lyot filters
Author(s): David H. Hughes; Reinhard K. Erdmann; Vladimir V. Nikulin
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Observation of strong continuous-variable Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement using shaped local oscillators
Author(s): Ami Shinjo; Naoyuki Hashiyama; Akane Koshio; Yujiro Eto; Takuya Hirano
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The analysis of photon pair source at telecom wavelength based on the BBO crystal (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Andrzej Gajewski; Piotr L. Kolenderski
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Ultraviolet integrated photonic circuits (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Michael L. Fanto; Jeffrey A. Steidle; Tsung-Ju Lu; Stefan F. Preble; Dirk R. Englund; Christopher C. Tison; Amos M. Smith IV; Gregory A. Howland; Kathy-Anne Soderberg; Paul M Alsing
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A quantum Fredkin gate (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Raj B. Patel; Joseph Ho; Franck Ferreyrol; Timothy C. Ralph; Geoff J. Pryde
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Quantum lattice gas algorithmic representation of gauge field theory
Author(s): Jeffrey Yepez
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Experimental optical phase measurement at the exact Heisenberg limit (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shakib Daryanoosh; Sergei Slussarenko; Howard M. Wiseman; Geoff J. Pryde
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A robust approach to the generation of high-quality random numbers
Author(s): Zahra Bisadi; Giorgio Fontana; Enrico Moser; Georg Pucker; Lorenzo Pavesi
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Generation of physical random numbers by using homodyne detection
Author(s): Kodai Hirakawa; Shota Oya; Yusuke Oguri; Tsubasa Ichikawa; Yujiro Eto; Takuya Hirano; Toyohiro Tsurumaru
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Continuous operation of four-state continuous-variable quantum key distribution system
Author(s): Takuto Matsubara; Motoharu Ono; Yusuke Oguri; Tsubasa Ichikawa; Takuya Hirano; Kenta Kasai; Ryutaroh Matsumoto; Toyohiro Tsurumaru
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The influences that spatial coherence of the pump beam imposes on the properties of entangled photon pairs
Author(s): Yaseera Ismail; Stuti Joshi; Francesco Petruccione
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Free-space optical communication alignment system
Author(s): M. Mariola; F. Petruccione
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Security against jamming in imaging with partially-distinguishable photons
Author(s): Wojciech Roga; John Jeffers
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