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Emerging Imaging and Sensing Technologies
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Volume Number: 9992
Date Published: 19 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9992
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
MWIR optical modulation using structured silicon membranes
Author(s): A. Zakar; S. J. Park; V. Zerova; A. Kaplan; Leigh T. Canham; K. L. Lewis; C. D. Burgess
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Design of a miniature SWIR hyperspectral snapshot imager utilizing multivariate optical elements
Author(s): Ryan Priore; John Dougherty; Omer Cohen; Leonid Bikov; Itay Hirsh
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Mid-infrared (MIR) photonics: MIR passive and active fiberoptics chemical and biomedical, sensing and imaging
Author(s): Angela B. Seddon
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Picosecond laser bonding of highly dissimilar materials
Author(s): Richard M. Carter; Michael Troughton; Jianyong Chen; Ian Elder; Robert R. Thomson; Robert A. Lamb; M. J. Daniel Esser; Duncan P. Hand
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Design of infrared imaging birefringent interferometers for small-UAVs and handheld scanning systems (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Armande Pola Fossi; Yann Ferrec; Nicolas Guerineau; Nicolas Roux; Emmanuel Kling; Hervé Sauer
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Ultrafast electron spectroscopy of UV materials using a sub-ns capable photo-excited electron gun (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Thomas C. Schratwieser; Gregory A. Garrett; Eric W. Forsythe
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The comparison of the influence of centrifugal forces and the Sagnac effect on a rotating whispering gallery modes resonators
Author(s): Yuri V. Filatov; Egor V. Shalymov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov; Anna D. Dmitrieva
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XCAN project : coherent beam combining of large number fibers in femtosecond regime (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Marie Antier; Jeremy Le Dortz; Jerome Bourderionnet; Christian Larat; Eric Lallier; Louis Daniault; Ihsan Fsaifes; Anke Heilmann; Severine Bellanger; Christophe Simon-Boisson; Jean-Christophe Chanteloup; Arnaud Brignon
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Advances in AlGaInN laser diode technology for defence, security and sensing applications
Author(s): S. P. Najda; P. Perlin; T. Suski; L. Marona; M. Boćkowski; M. Leszczyński; P. Wisnieski; R. Czernecki; G. Targowski
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Environmental stability of actively mode locked fibre lasers
Author(s): Calum H. Hill; Stephen T. Lee; Derryck T. Reid; Ghaya Baili; John Davies
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Pulsed x-ray imaging of high-density objects using a ten picosecond high-intensity laser driver
Author(s): D. R. Rusby; C. M. Brenner; C. Armstrong; L. A. Wilson; R. Clarke; A. Alejo; H. Ahmed; N. M. H. Butler; D. Haddock; A. Higginson; A. McClymont; S. R. Mirfayzi; C. Murphy; M. Notley; P. Oliver; R. Allott; C. Hernandez-Gomez; S. Kar; P. McKenna; D. Neely
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Compressive imaging using fast transform coding
Author(s): Andrew Thompson; Robert Calderbank
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Comparative noise performance of a coded aperture spectral imager
Author(s): Jonathan Piper; Peter Yuen; Peter Godfree; Mengjia Ding; Umair Soori; Senthurran Selvagumar; David James
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Recognition of complex human behaviours using 3D imaging for intelligent surveillance applications
Author(s): Bo Yao; Jason J. Lepley; Robert Peall; Michael Butler; Hani Hagras
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Coherent imaging by using defocus grating
Author(s): Haotong Ma; Zongliang Xie; Bo Qi; Guowen Zhang; Ge Ren; Sanhong Wang
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Accelerated technology transfer: the UK quantum initiative
Author(s): Simon D. Bennett
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Bayesian signal processing techniques for the detection of highly localised gravity anomalies using quantum interferometry technology
Author(s): Gareth Brown; Kevin Ridley; Anthony Rodgers; Geoffrey de Villiers
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Picosecond time-resolved imaging using SPAD cameras
Author(s): Genevieve Gariepy; Jonathan Leach; Ryan Warburton; Susan Chan; Robert Henderson; Daniele Faccio
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TACImager: a high frame rate 320 x 256 SPAD time to amplitude converter array with adjustable time zoom
Author(s): Neil Finlayson; Luca Parmesan; Neale A. W. Dutton; Neil J. Calder; Robert K. Henderson
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Towards real-time tracking of hidden objects in real-life scenarios (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Susan Chan; Ryan E. Warburton; Genevieve Gariepy; Yoann Altmann; Steve McLaughlin; Jonathan Leach; Daniele Faccio
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Depth imaging in highly scattering underwater environments using time-correlated single-photon counting
Author(s): Aurora Maccarone; Aongus McCarthy; Abderrahim Halimi; Rachael Tobin; Andy M. Wallace; Yvan Petillot; Steve McLaughlin; Gerald S. Buller
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The investigation of a shift of the whispering gallery modes caused by deformations and tensions
Author(s): Yuri V. Filatov; Alexander S. Kukaev; Egor V. Shalymov; Vladimir Yu. Venediktov
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