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Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications XIII
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Volume Number: 9987
Date Published: 16 December 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9987
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
On the real performance of SWIR range-gated active imaging in scattering media
Author(s): Frank Christnacher; Stéphane Schertzer; Nicolas Metzger; Emmanuel Bacher; Jean-Michel Poyet
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Laser illumination and EO systems for covert surveillance from NIR to SWIR and beyond
Author(s): Edgaras Dvinelis; Tomas Žukauskas; Mindaugas Kaušylas; Augustinas Vizbaras; Kristijonas Vizbaras; Dominykas Vizbaras
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RGB-NIR active gated imaging
Author(s): Nick Spooren; Bert Geelen; Klaas Tack; Andy Lambrechts; Murali Jayapala; Ran Ginat; Yaara David; Eyal Levi; Yoav Grauer
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Non-destructive testing of composite materials used in military applications by eddy current thermography method
Author(s): Waldemar Swiderski
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Non-destructive testing of mid-IR optical fiber using infrared imaging
Author(s): Marc-André Gagnon; Vincent Fortin; Réal Vallée; Vincent Farley; Philippe Lagueux; Éric Guyot; Frédérick Marcotte
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Active vision systems based on powerful laser diode matrixes: design peculiarities and vision range
Author(s): Denis V. Shabrov; Vladimir V. Kabanov; Yahor V. Lebiadok
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SSUSI-lite: next generation far-ultraviolet sensor for characterizing geospace
Author(s): Larry J. Paxton; John E. Hicks; Matthew P. Grey; Charles W. Parker; Ramsay S. Hourani; Kathryn M. Marcotte; Uno P. Carlsson; Samuel Kerem; Steven N. Osterman; Bryan J. Maas; Bernard S. Ogorzalek
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Concept for an airborne real-time ISR system with multi-sensor 3D data acquisition
Author(s): Laura Haraké; Hendrik Schilling; Christian Blohm; Markus Hillemann; Andreas Lenz; Merlin Becker; Göksu Keskin; Wolfgang Middelmann
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Electro-optical muzzle flash detection
Author(s): Jürgen Krieg; Christian Eisele; Dirk Seiffer
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Middle infrared hyperspectral imaging of adhesives, varnishes and inks on Al plate and papers by using a bolometer camera and an imaging type interferometer
Author(s): Shigeru Sugawara; Mitsuhiro Yoshida; Tsubasa Saito; Yoshihiko Nakayama; Yasuyuki Tsutsui; Hideya Taniguchi; Ichiro Ishimaru
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Challenges and solutions for high performance SWIR lens design
Author(s): M. C. Gardner; P. J. Rogers; M. F. Wilde; T. Cook; A. Shipton
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Laser-induced damage threshold of camera sensors and micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems
Author(s): Bastian Schwarz; Gunnar Ritt; Michael Körber; Bernd Eberle
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Turbulence mitigation methods for sea scenarios
Author(s): Judith Dijk; Klamer Schutte; Robert P. J. Nieuwenhuizen
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Improvements in ship tracking in electro-optical and infrared data using appearance
Author(s): Sebastiaan P. van den Broek; Robert P. J. Nieuwenhuizen; Noëlle M. Fischer; Frank B. ter Haar; Jan Baan; Nanda van der Stap; Judith Dijk; Klamer Schutte
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Multi-temporal anomaly detection technique
Author(s): I. Dayan; S. Maman; D. G. Blumberg; S. Rotman
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Classifying objects in LWIR imagery via CNNs
Author(s): Iain Rodger; Barry Connor; Neil M. Robertson
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Real-time person detection in low-resolution thermal infrared imagery with MSER and CNNs
Author(s): Christian Herrmann; Thomas Müller; Dieter Willersinn; Jürgen Beyerer
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Improved colour matching technique for fused nighttime imagery with daytime colours
Author(s): Maarten A. Hogervorst; Alexander Toet
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How to pass a sensor acceptance test: using the gap between acceptance criteria and operational performance
Author(s): Piet Bijl
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SWIR, VIS and LWIR observer performance against handheld objects: a comparison
Author(s): Uwe Adomeit
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Feature long axis size and local luminance contrast determine ship target acquisition performance: strong evidence for the TOD case
Author(s): Piet Bijl; Alexander Toet; Frank L. Kooi
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Visual acuity performance of several observers using the triangle orientation discrimination methodology
Author(s): Julia Mündel; Bärbel Geisel; Katrin Braesicke; Helge Bürsing
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The prediction of the optical contrast of air-borne targets against the night-sky background for Photopic and NVG sensors
Author(s): Stephan Havemann; Gerald Wong
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A first order analytical TOD sensor performance model
Author(s): Piet Bijl; Maarten A. Hogervorst
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Analysis on the detection capability of the space-based camera for the space debris
Author(s): Chao Wang; Fugang Wang; Zhao Ye; Xianying Ge; Huan Yin; Qipeng Cao; Jun Zhu
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Ray tracing simulation of aero-optical effect using multiple gradient index layer
Author(s): Seul Ki Yang; Sehyun Seong; Dongok Ryu; Sug-Whan Kim; Hyeuknam Kwon; Sang-Hun Jin; Ho Jeong; Hyun Bae Kong; Jae Wan Lim; Jong Hwa Choi
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True differential pyroelectric infrared detector with improved D* test results with analysis
Author(s): Alan Doctor
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A new monolithic approach for mid-IR focal plane arrays
Author(s): Chengzhi Xie; Vincenzo Pusino; Ata Khalid; Mohsin Aziz; Matthew J. Steer; David R. S. Cumming
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Advances in the characterization of InAs/GaSb superlattice infrared photodetectors
Author(s): A. Wörl; V. Daumer; T. Hugger; N. Kohn; W. Luppold; R. Müller; J. Niemasz; R. Rehm; F. Rutz; J. Schmidt; J. Schmitz; T. Stadelmann; M. Wauro
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A practical implementation of high resolution relative spectral response measurement of CMOS IRFPAs using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR)
Author(s): Catherine Barrat; Thierry Lepot; Michael Ramamonjisoa; Sébastien Fradcourt
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Ultracompact plasmonic sensor with graphene-based silicon reflector
Author(s): Jicheng Wang; Xiaosai Wang; Ci Song; Xiushan Xia
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Space based optical staring sensor LOS determination and calibration using GCPs observation
Author(s): Jun Chen; Wei An; Xinpu Deng; Jungang Yang; Zhichao Sha
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Active manipulating propagation in the graphene hybrid plasmonic waveguides in mid-infrared region
Author(s): Xiaosai Wang; Jicheng Wang; Dongdong Liu; Xiushan Xia
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Analysis of the variation of range parameters of thermal cameras
Author(s): Jarosław Bareła; Mariusz Kastek; Krzysztof Firmanty; Michał Krupiński
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Test stand for determining parameters of microbolometer camera
Author(s): Michał Krupiński; Jarosław Bareła; Mariusz Kastek; Krzysztof Chmielewski
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A new systematic calibration method of ring laser gyroscope inertial navigation system
Author(s): Guo Wei; Chunfeng Gao; Qi Wang; Qun Wang; Zhenyu Xiong; Xingwu Long
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A three axis turntable's online initial state measurement method based on the high-accuracy laser gyro SINS
Author(s): Chunfeng Gao; Guo Wei; Qi Wang; Zhenyu Xiong; Qun Wang; Xingwu Long
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Coherent synthetic imaging using multi-aperture scanning Fourier ptychography
Author(s): Zongliang Xie; Haotong Ma; Bo Qi; Ge Ren
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