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Micro-Optics 2016
Editor(s): Hugo Thienpont; Jürgen Mohr; Hans Zappe; Hirochika Nakajima
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Volume Number: 9888
Date Published: 26 September 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9888
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Cost-effective and large-area process for the functionalization and surface microstructuring using photo-patternable TiO2 sol-gel process and colloidal photolithography
Author(s): L. Berthod; O. Shavdina; F. Vocanson; M. Langlet; O. Dellea; C. Veillas; S. Reynaud; I. Verrier; Y. Jourlin
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System analysis of wavelength beam combining of high-power diode lasers for photoacoustic endoscopy
Author(s): Luca Leggio; Daniel C. Gallego; Sandeep Babu Gawali; Miguel Sánchez; Sergio Rodriguez; Marek Osiński; Joachim Sacher; Guillermo Carpintero; Horacio Lamela
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Direct sub-micron microstructuring on cylinder using TiO2 sol-gel process and radial phase mask based lithography
Author(s): L. Berthod; F. Vocanson; M. Langlet; C. Veillas; S. Reynaud; I. Verrier; J. Laukkanen; O. Parriaux; Y. Jourlin
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Comparison of fabrication methods for microstructured deep UV multimode waveguides based on fused silica
Author(s): Philipp Elmlinger; Martin Schreivogel; Marc Schmid; Myriam Kaiser; Roman Priester; Patrick Sonström; Michael Kneissl
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Dual fiber optical trapping in a polymer-based microfluidic chip
Author(s): Heidi Ottevaere; Diane de Coster; Michael Vervaeke; Jürgen Van Erps; Manly Callewaert; Pieter Wuytens; Wim De Malsche; Hugo Thienpont
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Fabrication process of Si microlenses for OCT systems
Author(s): A. Jovic; G. Pandraud; K. Zinoviev; J. L. Rubio; E. Margallo; P. M. Sarro
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A highly miniaturized NDIR methane sensor
Author(s): N. Pelin Ayerden; Ger de Graaf; Peter Enoksson; Reinoud F. Wolffenbuttel
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Proof-of-concept demonstration of free-form optics enhanced confocal Raman spectroscopy in combination with optofluidic lab-on-chip
Author(s): Qing Liu; Diane De Coster; Damien Loterie; Jürgen Van Erps; Michael Vervaeke; Jeroen Missinne; Hugo Thienpont; Heidi Ottevaere
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Temperature characterization of integrated optical all-polymer Mach-Zehnder interferometers
Author(s): Yanfen Xiao; Meike Hofmann; Ziyu Wang; Alexa Langenecker; Stanislav Shermann; Uwe Gleissner; Hans Zappe
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Ink-jet printing of host-guest systems based on acrylates with fluorescent dopants
Author(s): Patrick Bollgruen; Uwe Gleissner; Christof Megnin; Dario Mager; Jan Korvink; Thomas Hanemann
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Large area patterning using interference and nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): B. Bläsi; N. Tucher; O. Höhn; V. Kübler; T. Kroyer; Ch. Wellens; H. Hauser
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Optical temperature sensing on flexible polymer foils
Author(s): Stanislav Sherman; Yanfen Xiao; Meike Hofmann; Thomas Schmidt; Uwe Gleissner; Hans Zappe
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Plasma treatment of fiber facets for increased (de)mating endurance in physical contact fiber connectors
Author(s): Jürgen Van Erps; Kevin Voss; Martijn De Witte; Radu Radulescu; Stefano Beri; Jan Watté; Hugo Thienpont
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Replication of self-centering optical fiber alignment structures using hot embossing
Author(s): Evert Ebraert; Markus Wissmann; Nicole Barié; Markus Guttmann; Marc Schneider; Alexander Kolew; Matthias Worgull; Stefano Beri; Jan Watté; Hugo Thienpont; Jürgen Van Erps
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Asymmetric 2D spatial beam filtering by photonic crystals
Author(s): D. Gailevicius; V. Purlys; L. Maigyte; E. Gaizauskas; M. Peckus; R. Gadonas; K. Staliunas
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Fabrication and evaluation of reflective wave plate with subwavelength grating structure
Author(s): Itsunari Yamada
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Development and characterization of high refractive index and high scattering acrylate polymer layers
Author(s): Thomas Eiselt; Guillaume Gomard; Jan Preinfalk; Uwe Gleissner; Uli Lemmer; Thomas Hanemann
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Design and fabrication of ripple-free CMOS-compatible stacked membranes for airgap optical filters for UV-visible spectrum
Author(s): Mohammadamir Ghaderi; Ger de Graaf; Reinoud F. Wolffenbuttel
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Assembly of optical transceivers for board-level optical interconnects
Author(s): Krzysztof Nieweglowski; Karlheinz Bock
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Wafer-level fabrication of arrays of glass lens doublets
Author(s): Nicolas Passilly; Stéphane Perrin; Jorge Albero; Johann Krauter; Olivier Gaiffe; Ludovic Gauthier-Manuel; Luc Froehly; Justine Lullin; Sylwester Bargiel; Wolfgang Osten; Christophe Gorecki
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Precision glass molding of high-resolution diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Karin Prater; Julia Dukwen; Toralf Scharf; Hans Peter Herzig; Sven Plöger; Andreas Hermerschmidt
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