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Micro-Structured and Specialty Optical Fibres IV
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Volume Number: 9886
Date Published: 23 September 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9886
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characterization of holmium fibers with various concentrations for fiber laser applications around 2.1 um
Author(s): Jan Aubrecht; Pavel Peterka; Pavel Honzatko; Yauhen Baravets; Michal Jelinek; Vaclav Kubecek; Maria Pawliszewska; Jaroslaw Sotor; Grzegorz Sobon; Krzysztof M. Abramski; Ivan Kasik
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Modelling of thermal effects and gain competition in Yb-doped large mode area photonic crystal fibers
Author(s): Enrico Coscelli; Federica Poli; Lorenzo Rosa; Annamaria Cucinotta; Stefano Selleri
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A numerical study on the importance of non-uniform index modification during femtosecond grating inscription in microstructured optical fibers
Author(s): Tigran Baghdasaryan; Thomas Geernaert; Hugo Thienpont; Francis Berghmans
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Optimizing large-pitch fibers for higher average powers
Author(s): Fabian Stutzki; Cesar Jauregui; Jens Limpert; Andreas Tünnermann
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Self-steepening and intrapulse Raman scattering for supercontinuum generation in optimized photonic crystal fiber at 1.3 μm
Author(s): Mohamed Lamine Ferhat; Lynda Cherbi
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Propagation in few modes fiber with strongly coupled groups of modes
Author(s): Ameni Ben Khalifa; Rim Cherif; Amine Ben Salem; Mourad Zghal
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Supersensitive sensors based on multicore optical fibres
Author(s): Joel Villatoro; Enrique Antonio-Lopez; Amy Van Newkirk; Joseba Zubia; Axel Schülzgen; Rodrigo Amezcua-Correa
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Femtosecond laser waveguide and FBG inscription in four-core optical fibre
Author(s): Antreas Theodosiou; Andreas Ioannou; Michael Polis; Amédée Lacraz; Charalambos Koutsides; Kyriacos Kalli
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Power coupling in multicore optical fiber tapers utilizing out-cladding ferrofluids
Author(s): Eirini Tagoudi; Karolina Milenko; Stavros Pissadakis
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Fibre Bragg gratings fabrication in four core fibres
Author(s): Changle Wang; Zhijun Yan; Qizhen Sun; Zhongyuan Sun; Chengbo Mou; Junxi Zhang; Abdulyezir Badmos; Lin Zhang
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Light coupling and routing using a microsphere attached on the endface of a microstructured optical fiber
Author(s): Maria Georgia Konstantinou; Karolina Milenko; Kyriaki Kosma; Walter Margulis; Stavros Pissadakis
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Beam-shaping via femtosecond laser-modified optical fibre end faces
Author(s): A. Ioannou; M. Polis; A. Lacraz; A. Theodosiou; K. Kalli
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Theoretical investigation into the optimized design of a durable OFSPR hydrogen sensor based on a PdY alloy
Author(s): F. Downes; C. M. Taylor
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Embedding silica and polymer fibre Bragg gratings (FBG) in plastic 3D-printed sensing patches
Author(s): Michal G. Zubel; Kate Sugden; David J. Webb; David Sáez-Rodríguez; Kristian Nielsen; Ole Bang
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Comparative study of multimode CYTOP graded index and single-mode silica fibre Bragg grating array for the mode shape capturing of a free-free metal beam
Author(s): A. Theodosiou; M. Polis; A. Lacraz; K. Kalli; M. Komodromos; A. Stassis
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Stress tuneable phase shifts of femtosecond-laser microstructured FBG for indentation measurements of biological tissue: experimental and theoretical investigation
Author(s): Gabriele Marchi; Valentin Stephan; Franz J. Dutz; Heinz P. Huber; Johannes Roths
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Ultraviolet inscription of long period gratings on polymer functionalized optical microfibers
Author(s): Zhongyang Xu; Yuhang Li; Lijun Wang
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Microstructured polymer optical fibre sensors for opto-acoustic endoscopy
Author(s): Christian Broadway; Daniel Gallego; Andreas Pospori; Michal Zubel; David J. Webb; Kate Sugden; Guillermo Carpintero; Horacio Lamela
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Study of thermal annealing effect on Bragg gratings photo-inscribed in step-index polymer optical fibers
Author(s): X. Hu; D. Kinet; P. Mégret; C. Caucheteur
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Annealing effects on strain and stress sensitivity of polymer optical fibre based sensors
Author(s): A. Pospori; C. A. F. Marques; M. G. Zubel; D. Sáez-Rodríguez; K. Nielsen; O. Bang; D. J. Webb
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Fuel level sensor based on polymer optical fiber Bragg gratings for aircraft applications
Author(s): C. A. F. Marques; A. Pospori; D. Sáez-Rodríguez; K. Nielsen; O. Bang; D. J. Webb
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Detailed study of macrobending effects in a wide transmission bandwidth hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber
Author(s): Y. Chen; S. R. Sandoghchi; E. Numkam; T. D. Bradley; J. R. Hayes; N. V. Wheeler; G. Jasion; D. R. Gray; F. Poletti; M. N. Petrovich; D. J. Richardson
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Analysis of spectral light guidance in specialty fibers
Author(s): Arne Wilhelm Zimmer; Philipp Raithel; Mathias Belz; Karl-Friedrich Klein
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Atomic-scale imaging of dopant atoms and clusters in Yb-doped optical fibers
Author(s): H. Najafi; S. Pilz; A. El Sayed; J. Boas; D. Kummer; V. Romano
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Design and realisation of leakage channel fibres by the powder-in-tube method
Author(s): J. Scheuner; P. Raisin; S. Pilz; V. Romano
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Progress in the fabrication of optical fibers by the sol-gel-based granulated silica method
Author(s): S. Pilz; H. Najafi; A. El Sayed; J. Boas; D. Kummer; J. Scheuner; D. Etissa; M. Ryser; P. Raisin; S. Berger; V. Romano
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First realization of a birefringent flat-top single-mode fiber
Author(s): C. Valentin; P. Gouriou; F. Scol; B. Sevigny; Y. Quiquempois; L. Bigot; R. Habert; A. Cassez; O. Vanvincq; E. Hugonnot; G. Bouwmans
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Dual hollow-core anti-resonant fibres
Author(s): N. V. Wheeler; T. D. Bradley; J. R. Hayes; G. T. Jasion; Y. Chen; S. R. Sandoghchi; P. Horak; F. Poletti; M. N. Petrovich; D. J. Richardson
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Creation of a microstructured polymer optical fiber with UV Bragg grating inscription for the detection of extensions at temperatures up to 125°C
Author(s): Andrea Fasano; Getinet Woyessa; Pavol Stajanca; Christos Markos; Alessio Stefani; Kristian Nielsen; Henrik K. Rasmussen; Katerina Krebber; Ole Bang
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Self-similar mode of optical pulse propagation in a medium with non-instantaneous multi-photon absorption
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Aleksey A. Kalinovich; Irina G. Zakharova
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Spectral properties of optical pulse, containing a few cycles, reflected from or passed through disordered layered structure
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Eugeniy V. Pedan
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Suspended-core silica and lead-silicate fibers for nonlinear application and sensing purposes
Author(s): Matej Komanec; Tomas Nemecek; Redwan Ahmad; Tomas Martan; Dmytro Suslov; Stanislav Zvanovec
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Performance analysis of polymer optical fibre based Fabry-Perot sensor formed by two uniform Bragg gratings
Author(s): A. Pospori; D. J. Webb
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Measurement of refractive index profile of non-symmetric, complex silica preforms with high refractive index differences
Author(s): Jana Probostova; Jiri Slanicka; Jan Mrazek; Ondrej Podrazky; Adam Benda; Pavel Peterka
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A microsphere-taper cascading structured microfiber for temperature sensing
Author(s): Pei Xian; Guoying Feng; Shouhuan Zhou
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Active fiber polymer cladding temperature measurement under conditions of laser generation and amplification
Author(s): V. E. Sypin; K. Yu. Prusakov; O. A. Ryabushkin
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Determination of the radial profile of the photoelastic coefficient of polymer optical fibers
Author(s): Sophie Acheroy; Patrick Merken; Thomas Geernaert; Heidi Ottevaere; Hugo Thienpont; Francis Berghmans
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Numerical analysis of gain and noise figure in different configurations of single-pass and double-pass EDFA
Author(s): Ufuk Parali; Cahit Pınar
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Two-dimensional refractive index profiling of optical fibers by modified refractive near-field technique
Author(s): A. El Sayed; Soenke Pilz; Manuel Ryser; Valerio Romano
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Effects in ultrafast laser micromachining PMMA-based optical fibre grating
Author(s): Chen Liu; Xianfeng Chen; Marcos R. Cardoso; Wei Zhang; David J. Webb
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Long period grating response to gamma radiation
Author(s): Dan Sporea; Andrei Stӑncalie; Daniel Neguţ; Sylvie Delepine-Lesoille; Laurent Lablonde
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Online monitoring of gamma irradiated perfluorinated polymer optical fiber
Author(s): Dan Sporea; Laura Mihai; Daniel Neguţ; Pavol Stajanca; Katerina Krebber
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