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Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics
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Volume Number: 9835
Date Published: 29 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9835
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
First-principles simulation for strong and ultra-short laser pulse propagation in dielectrics
Author(s): K. Yabana
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Nondegenerate two- and three-photon nonlinearities in semiconductors
Author(s): Matthew Reichert; Peng Zhao; Himansu S. Pattanaik; David J. Hagan; Eric W. Van Stryland
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Numerical approaches for predicting two-photon absorption induced single-event effects in semiconductors
Author(s): Joel M. Hales; Ani Khachatrian; Nicolas J.-H. Roche; Stephen Buchner; Jeffrey Warner; Dale McMorrow
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Anomalous velocity enhancing of soliton, propagating in nonlinear PhC, due to its reflection from nonlinear ambient medium
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; T. M. Lysak
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Spectroscopic diagnostics of defect and interface effects on carrier dynamics in semiconductor optoelectronics
Author(s): A. C. Scofield; A. I. Hudson; B. L. Liang; N. P. Wells; D. L. Huffaker; W. T. Lotshaw
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The bulk photovoltaic effect as a novel mechanism for sensing devices and applications
Author(s): Steve Young
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Advances in ultrafast optics and imaging applications
Author(s): Guy Satat; Barmak Heshmat; Nikhil Naik; Albert Redo-Sanchez; Ramesh Raskar
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Coherent x-rays driven by ultrashort-pulse lasers: generation, application, and prospects
Author(s): Henry C. Kapteyn
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Perturbative wave-mixing and amplification in the extreme ultraviolet region
Author(s): Lap Van Dao; Peter Hannaford
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Supercontinuum fiber lasers: new developments and applications
Author(s): Adam Devine; Lucy Hooper; John Clowes
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Mid-IR Kerr-lens mode-locked polycrystalline Cr2+:ZnS lasers
Author(s): Sergey Vasilyev; Igor Moskalev; Mike Mirov; Sergey Mirov; Valentin Gapontsev
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Trends in high-power ultrafast lasers
Author(s): Clara Saraceno; Florian Emaury; Andreas Diebold; Ivan Graumann; Matthias Golling; Ursula Keller
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Advanced concepts for high-power short-pulse CO2 laser development
Author(s): Daniel F. Gordon; Victor Hasson; Hubertus von Bergmann; Yu-hsin Chen; A. Schmitt-Sody; Joseph R. Penano
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Modeling of ultrafast laser pulse propagation
Author(s): Miroslav Kolesik; Jeffrey Brown; Anand Bahl
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Effect of high-optical excitation on the ultrafast electron dynamics in stacked-monolayer graphene samples
Author(s): Juan A. Castañeda; Henrique Guimarães Rosa; José C. V. Gomes; Eunezio A. Thoroh de Souza; Carlos H. de Brito-Cruz; Hugo L. Fragnito; Lázaro A. Padilha
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Optical Stark effect in 2D semiconductors
Author(s): Edbert J. Sie; James W. McIver; Yi-Hsien Lee; Liang Fu; Jing Kong; Nuh Gedik
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Ultra-fast bandgap photonics in mid-IR wavelengths
Author(s): Enam Chowdhury; Kyle R. P. Kafka; Drake R. Austin; Kevin Werner; Noah Talisa; Boquin Ma; Cosmin I. Blaga; Louis F. DiMauro; Hui Li; Allen Yi
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Formation and all-optical control of optical patterns in semiconductor microcavities
Author(s): R. Binder; C. Y. Tsang; Y. C. Tse; M. H. Luk; N. H. Kwong; Chris K. P. Chan; P. T. Leung; P. Lewandowski; Stefan Schumacher; O. Lafont; E. Baudin; J. Tignon
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Theoretical description of pump/probe experiments in nesting induced charge density wave insulators
Author(s): J. K. Freericks; O. P. Matveev; A. M. Shvaika; T. P. Devereaux
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Higgs mode excitation in superconductors by intense terahertz pulse
Author(s): Ryusuke Matsunaga; Ryo Shimano
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Femtosecond terahertz dynamics of cooperative transitions: from charge density waves to polariton condensates
Author(s): M. Porer; J.-M. Ménard; C. Poellmann; H. Dachraoui; L. Mouchliadis; I. E. Perakis; U. Heinzmann; J. Demsar; K. Rossnagel; E. Galopin; A. Lemaître; A. Amo; J. Bloch; R. Huber
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Phase coherence and pairing amplitude in photo-excited superconductors
Author(s): Luca Perfetti; Christian Piovera; Zailan Zhang
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Electronic and structural response of materials to fast intense laser pulses, including light-induced superconductivity
Author(s): Roland E. Allen
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Excitation of coherent oscillations in underdoped cuprate superconductors by intense THz pulses
Author(s): Matthias C. Hoffmann; Wei-Sheng Lee; Georgi L. Dakovski; Joshua J. Turner; Simon M. Gerber; Doug Bonn; Walter Hardy; Ruixing Liang; Marco Salluzzo
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Controlling magnetism by ultrashort laser pulses: from fundamentals to nanoscale engineering
Author(s): D. Bossini; Th. Rasing
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Contributions from coherent and incoherent lattice excitations to ultrafast optical control of magnetic anisotropy of metallic films
Author(s): Vladimir N. Kats; Tatiana L. Linnik; Alexey S. Salasyuk; Andrew W. Rushforth; Mu Wang; Peter Wadely; Andrey V. Akimov; Stuart A. Cavill; Václav Holý; Alexandra M. Kalashnikova; Alexey V. Scherbakov
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Ultrafast bandgap photonics: meta-stability of transient states
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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