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Tri-Technology Device Refrigeration (TTDR)
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Volume Number: 9821
Date Published: 26 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9821
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measuring the anti-Stokes luminescence of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots for laser cooling applications
Author(s): Ross S. Fontenot; Veerendra K. Mathur; John H. Barkyoumb; Carl E. Mungan; Thanh N. Tran
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Cooling enhancement in optical refrigeration by non-resonant optical cavities
Author(s): B. G. Farfan; A. Gragossian; G. Symonds; M. R. Ghasemkhani; A. R. Albrecht; M. Sheik-Bahae; R. I. Epstein
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Investigation of anti-Stokes Raman processes at phonon-polariton resonances for phonon removal and laser cooling
Author(s): Yujie J. Ding
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Raytheon advanced pulse-tube cryocoolers
Author(s): Ted Conrad; Ryan Yates; Daniel Kuo; Brian Schaefer; Matt Arnoult
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Advantages of high-frequency Pulse-tube technology and its applications in infrared sensing
Author(s): R. Arts; D. Willems; J. Mullié; T. Benschop
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RICOR development of the next generation highly reliable rotary cryocooler
Author(s): Itai Regev; Ilan Nachman; Dorit Livni; Sergey Riabzev; Avishai Filis; Victor Segal
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The development of a cryogenic integrated system with the working temperature of 100K
Author(s): En'guang Liu; Yi'nong Wu; Yueming Wang; Jiajia Wen; Gang Lv; Chunlai Li; Jia Hou; Liyin Yuan
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Overview of Sumitomo coolers and Dewars for space use
Author(s): Kenichi Kanao; Katsuhiro Narasaki; Shoji Tsunematsu; Kiyomi Ootsuka; Akinobu Okabayashi; Kazuhisa Mitsuda; Hiroshi Murakami; Takao Nakagawa; Toshiyuki Nishibori; Ken'ichi Kikuchi; Ryota Sato; Hiroyuki Sugita; Yoichi Sato; Masahide Murakami
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The integrated cryogenic system for the atmospheric vertical interferometric detector on FY-4 satellite
Author(s): Yinong Wu; EnGuang Liu; Zhenhua Jiang; Baoyu Yang; Yongbin Mu
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Multimodal tuned dynamic absorber for split Stirling linear cryocooler
Author(s): Alexander Veprik; Avi Tuito
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Tuned dynamic absorber for split Stirling cryogenic cooler
Author(s): Alexander Veprik; Avi Tuito
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Introduction to cryogenic solid state cooling
Author(s): Joseph P. Heremans
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Effect of chemical pressure manipulation on the valence and thermoelectric properties of the intermediate valence compound YbCu2-xNixGe2
Author(s): Gloria J. Lehr; Spencer L. Waldrop; Winston D. Carr; Donald T. Morelli
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BiSb and spin-related thermoelectric phenomena
Author(s): Joseph P. Heremans; Hyungyu Jin; Yuanhua Zheng; Sarah J. Watzman; Arati Prakash
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Improved thermoelectric cooling based on the Thomson effect
Author(s): G. Jeffrey Snyder; Raghav Khanna; Eric S. Toberer; Nicholas A. Heinz; Wolfgang Seifert
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Cooling power of transverse thermoelectrics for cryogenic cooling
Author(s): Yang Tang; Ming Ma; M. Grayson
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Development and optimization progress with RICOR cryocoolers for HOT IR detectors
Author(s): Amiram Katz; Zvi Bar Haim; Sergey Riabzev; Victor Segal; Avishai Filis; Dan Gover
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A high pressure ratio DC compressor for tactical cryocoolers
Author(s): Weibo Chen; Benjamin H. Cameron; Mark V. Zagarola; Sri R. Narayanan
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Miniature Stirling cryocoolers at Thales Cryogenics: qualification results and integration solutions
Author(s): R. Arts; J.-Y. Martin; D. Willems; C. Seguineau; G. de Jonge; S. Van Acker; J. Mullié; J. Le Bordays; T. Benschop
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Overview of RICOR tactical cryogenic refrigerators for space missions
Author(s): Sergey Riabzev; Avishai Filis; Dorit Livni; Itai Regev; Victor Segal; Dan Gover
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Reliability improvements on Thales RM2 rotary Stirling coolers: analysis and methodology
Author(s): J. M. Cauquil; C. Seguineau; J.-Y. Martin; T. Benschop
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Validation of accelerated ageing of Thales rotary Stirling cryocoolers for the estimation of MTTF
Author(s): C, Seguineau; J.-M. Cauquil; J.-Y. Martin; T. Benschop
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Experimental investigations and applications of cryogenic heat pipes
Author(s): Enguang Liu; Fan Yang; YongBin Mu; Yinong Wu
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The development of radiant cooler and cryogenic heat pipes for 200K cryogenic optical system cooling
Author(s): Enguang Liu; Yinong Wu; Xiaofeng Yang; Yongbin Mu
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