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Bioinspiration, Biomimetics, and Bioreplication 2016
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Volume Number: 9797
Date Published: 15 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9797
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Challenges for biomimetic night time sky polarization navigation
Author(s): Michael A. Lucas; Javaan S. Chahl
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Superior visual performance in nocturnal insects: neural principles and bio-inspired technologies
Author(s): Eric J. Warrant
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The influence of active vision on the exoskeleton of intelligent agents
Author(s): Patrice Smith; Theodore B. Terry
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The butterfly proboscis as a fiber-based, self-cleaning, micro-fluidic system
Author(s): Kostantin G. Kornev; Daria Monaenkova; Peter H. Adler; Charles E. Beard; Wah-Keat Lee
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Localization of chemical sources using e. coli chemotaxis
Author(s): Timothy Davison; Hoa Nguyen; Kevin Nickels; Duncan Frasch; Hakan Basagaoglu
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3-D printed composites with ultrasonically arranged complex microstructure
Author(s): Thomas M. Llewellyn-Jones; Bruce W. Drinkwater; Richard S. Trask
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Non-destructive phase contrast hard x-ray imaging to reveal the three-dimensional microstructure of soft and hard tissues
Author(s): Anna Khimchenko; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Simone E. Hieber; Samiul Hasan; Christos Bikis; Joachim Schulz; Loïc Costeur; Bert Müller
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Bioinspired twisted composites based on Bouligand structures
Author(s): F. Pinto; O. Iervolino; G. Scarselli; D. Ginzburg; M. Meo
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Pitch, roll, and yaw moment generator for insect-like tailless flapping-wing MAV
Author(s): Hoang Vu Phan; Hoon Cheol Park
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Rejoice in unexpected gifts from parrots and butterflies
Author(s): Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Biomimetic artificial sphincter muscles: status and challenges
Author(s): Vanessa Leung; Elisa Fattorini; Maria Karapetkova; Bekim Osmani; Tino Töpper; Florian Weiss; Bert Müller
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Biomimetic photo-actuation: progress and challenges
Author(s): Michael P. M. Dicker; Paul M. Weaver; Jonathan M. Rossiter; Ian P. Bond; Charl F. J. Faul
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Parametric analysis of a shape memory alloy actuated arm
Author(s): Cody Wright; Onur Bilgen
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Communication analysis for feedback control of civil infrastructure using cochlea-inspired sensing nodes
Author(s): Courtney A. Peckens; Ireana Cook; Jerome P. Lynch
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The impact of uropygial gland secretions on mechanically induced wearing of barn owl and pigeon body feathers
Author(s): Benjamin Ott; Annika Müsse; Hermann Wagner
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Characterization of mechano-sensitive nano-containers for targeted vasodilation
Author(s): Marzia Buscema; Hans Deyhle; Thomas Pfohl; Simone E. Hieber; Andreas Zumbuehl; Bert Müller
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A predictive model for biomimetic plate type broadband frequency sensor
Author(s): Riaz U. Ahmed; Sourav Banerjee
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Stingray-inspired robot with simply actuated intermediate motion
Author(s): Lincoln Neely; Jack Gaiennie; Nick Noble; Jonathan C. Erickson
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Robotic hand with locking mechanism using TCP muscles for applications in prosthetic hand and humanoids
Author(s): Lokesh Saharan; Yonas Tadesse
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Static friction of biomimetic surface microstructure of PDMS under wet and dry conditions
Author(s): Haiwu Yu; Hongduo Jia; Ling Gong; Rong Li; Caiping Wang; Xiaojie Wang
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Demonstrations of bio-inspired perching landing gear for UAVs
Author(s): Mindy Tieu; Duncan M. Michael; Jeffery B. Pflueger; Manik S. Sethi; Kelli N. Shimazu; Tatiana M. Anthony; Christopher L. Lee
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A soft biomimetic tongue: model reconstruction and motion tracking
Author(s): Xuanming Lu; Weiliang Xu; Xiaoning Li
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4-DOF biodynamic lumped-parameter models for a seated occupant
Author(s): Wei Cheng; Shi-Xu Xu; Li-Jun Qian; Xian-Xu Bai
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Effects of fluid-structure interaction on the aerodynamics of an insect wing
Author(s): Anh Tuan Nguyen; Jae-Hung Han
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The Texas horned lizard as model for robust capillary structures for passive directional transport of cooling lubricants
Author(s): Philipp Comanns; Kai Winands; Mario Pothen; Raya A. Bott; Hermann Wagner; Werner Baumgartner
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Feasibility study and preliminary design of load-assisting clothes for lumbar protection inspired by human musculoskeletal systems
Author(s): Riho Hashimoto; Arata Masuda; Hao Chen; Sou Kobayashi
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Design and fabrication of thin microvascularised polymer matrices inspired from secondary lamellae of fish gills
Author(s): Prasoon Kumar; Prasanna S. Gandhi; Mainak Majumder
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