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Medical Imaging 2016: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
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Volume Number: 9787
Date Published: 17 June 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9787
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Quantra reproduces BI-RADS assessment on a two-point scale
Author(s): Ernest U. Ekpo; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Mary Rickard; Patrick C. Brennan; Mark F. McEntee
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Validated novel software to measure the conspicuity index of lesions in DICOM images
Author(s): K. R. Szczepura; D. J. Manning
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Impact of two types of image processing on cancer detection in mammography
Author(s): Lucy M. Warren; Mark D. Halling-Brown; Padraig T. Looney; David R. Dance; Louise Wilkinson; Matthew G. Wallis; Rosalind M. Given-Wilson; Julie Cooke; Rita McAvinchey; Kenneth C. Young
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Potential workflow advantages with single 8MP versus dual 5MP displays
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski
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Discriminatory power of common genetic variants in personalized breast cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Yirong Wu; Craig K. Abbey; Jie Liu; Irene Ong; Peggy Peissig; Adedayo A. Onitilo; Jun Fan; Ming Yuan; Elizabeth S. Burnside
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Can model observers be developed to reproduce radiologists' diagnostic performances? Our study says not so fast!
Author(s): Juhun Lee; Robert M. Nishikawa; Ingrid Reiser; John M. Boone
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Applying the J-optimal channelized quadratic observer to SPECT myocardial perfusion defect detection
Author(s): Meredith K. Kupinski; Eric Clarkson; Michael Ghaly; Eric C. Frey
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Identification of error making patterns in lesion detection on digital breast tomosynthesis using computer-extracted image features
Author(s): Mengyu Wang; Jing Zhang; Lars J. Grimm; Sujata V. Ghate; Ruth Walsh; Karen S. Johnson; Joseph Y. Lo; Maciej A. Mazurowski
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Location- and lesion-dependent estimation of background tissue complexity for anthropomorphic model observer
Author(s): Ali R. N. Avanaki; Kathryn Espig; Eddie Knippel; Tom R. L. Kimpe; Albert Xthona; Andrew D. A. Maidment
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Task-based optimization of flip angle for texture analysis in MRI
Author(s): Jonathan F. Brand; Lars R. Furenlid; Maria I. Altbach; Jean-Phillippe Galons; Achyut Bhattacharyya; Puneet Sharma; Tulshi Bhattacharyya; Ali Bilgin; Diego R. Martin
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Task-based detectability comparison of exponential transformation of free-response operating characteristic (EFROC) curve and channelized Hotelling observer (CHO)
Author(s): P. Khobragade; Jiahua Fan; Franco Rupcich; Dominic J. Crotty; Taly Gilat Schmidt
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Semi-parametric estimation of the area under the precision-recall curve
Author(s): Berkman Sahiner; Weijie Chen; Aria Pezeshk; Nicholas Petrick
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Proper bibeta ROC model: algorithm, software, and performance evaluation
Author(s): Weijie Chen; Nan Hu
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MRMC analysis of agreement studies
Author(s): Brandon D. Gallas; Amrita Anam; Weijie Chen; Adam Wunderlich; Zhiwei Zhang
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Quality metrics can help the expert during neurological clinical trials
Author(s): L. Mahé; F. Autrusseau; H. Desal; J. Guédon; H. Der Sarkissian; Y. Le Teurnier; S. Davila
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Performance comparison of quantitative semantic features and lung-RADS in the National Lung Screening Trial
Author(s): Qian Li; Yoganand Balagurunathan; Ying Liu; Matthew Schabath; Robert J. Gillies
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The classification of normal screening mammograms
Author(s): Zoey Z. Y. Ang; Mohammad A. Rawashdeh; Robert Heard; Patrick C. Brennan; Warwick Lee; Sarah J. Lewis
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The potential of pigeons as surrogate observers in medical image perception studies
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Richard M. Levenson; Victor Navarro; Edward A. Wasserman
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The impact of radiology expertise upon the localization of subtle pulmonary lesions
Author(s): John W. Robinson; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Sarah J. Lewis
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Quantitative imaging features to predict cancer status in lung nodules
Author(s): Ying Liu; Yoganand Balagurunathan; Thomas Atwater; Sanja Antic; Qian Li; Ronald Walker; Gary T. Smith; Pierre P. Massion; Matthew B. Schabath; Robert J. Gillies
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Shapelet analysis of pupil dilation for modeling visuo-cognitive behavior in screening mammography
Author(s): Folami Alamudun; Hong-Jun Yoon; Tracy Hammond; Kathy Hudson; Garnetta Morin-Ducote; Georgia Tourassi
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Image similarity ranking of focal computed tomography liver lesions using a 2AFC technique
Author(s): Jessica Faruque; Sameer Antani; Rodney Long; Lauren Kim; George Thoma
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Detection of pulmonary nodule growth with dose reduced chest tomosynthesis: a human observer study using simulated nodules
Author(s): Christina Söderman; Åse Johnsson; Jenny Vikgren; Rauni Rossi Norrlund; David Molnar; Maral Mirzai; Angelica Svalkvist; Lars Gunnar Månsson; Magnus Båth
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Assessing nodule detection on lung cancer screening CT: the effects of tube current modulation and model observer selection on detectability maps
Author(s): J. M. Hoffman; F. Noo; K. McMillan; S. Young; M. McNitt-Gray; Eloisa Rodriguez-Mena
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Ranking inconsistencies in the assessment of digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) reconstruction algorithms using a location-known task and a search task
Author(s): Xin He; Rongping Zeng; Frank Samuelson; Berkman Sahiner
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Model observer design for detecting multiple abnormalities in anatomical background images
Author(s): Gezheng Wen; Mia K. Markey; Subok Park
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Visual-search observers for SPECT simulations with clinical backgrounds
Author(s): Howard C. Gifford
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Three scenarios of ranking inconsistencies involving search tasks
Author(s): Xin He; Frank W. Samuelson; Rongping Zeng; Berkman Sahiner
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Investigation on location-dependent detectability of a small mass for digital breast tomosynthesis evaluation
Author(s): Changwoo Lee; Jongduk Baek; Subok Park
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Machine-learning model observer for detection and localization tasks in clinical SPECT-MPI
Author(s): Felipe M. Parages; J. Michael O'Connor; P. Hendrik Pretorius; Jovan G. Brankov
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Varying performance in mammographic interpretation across two countries: Do results indicate reader or population variances?
Author(s): BaoLin P. Soh; Warwick B. Lee; Jill Wong; Llewellyn Sim; Stephen L. Hillis; Kriscia A. Tapia; Patrick C. Brennan
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Luminance level of a monitor: influence on detectability and detection rate of breast cancer in 2D mammography
Author(s): Frédéric Bemelmans; Alaleh Rashidnasab; Frédérique Chesterman; Tom Kimpe; Hilde Bosmans
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The effectiveness of the cranio-caudal mammogram projection among radiologists
Author(s): Phuong Dung (Yun) Trieu; Warwick Lee; Kriscia Tapia; Patrick Brennan
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Investigating the link between the radiological experience and the allocation of an 'equivocal finding'
Author(s): Mohammad A. Rawashdeh; Camila Vidotti; Warwick Lee; Sarah J. Lewis; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Warren M. Reed; Kriscia Tapia; Patrick C. Brennan
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The interplay of attention economics and computer-aided detection marks in screening mammography
Author(s): Tayler M. Schwartz; Radhika Sridharan; Wei Wei; Olga Lukyanchenko; William Geiser; Gary J. Whitman; Tamara Miner Haygood
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Importance of the grayscale in early assessment of image quality gains with iterative CT reconstruction
Author(s): F. Noo; K. Hahn; Z. Guo
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Validation of no-reference image quality index for the assessment of digital mammographic images
Author(s): Helder C. R. de Oliveira; Bruno Barufaldi; Lucas R. Borges; Salvador Gabarda; Predrag R. Bakic; Andrew D. A. Maidment; Homero Schiabel; Marcelo A. C. Vieira
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Impact of large x-ray beam collimation on image quality
Author(s): Damien Racine; Alexandre Ba; Julien G. Ott; François O. Bochud; Francis R. Verdun
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Predicting radiologists' true and false positive decisions in reading mammograms by using gaze parameters and image-based features
Author(s): Ziba Gandomkar; Kevin Tay; Will Ryder; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Quantitative image quality evaluation for cardiac CT reconstructions
Author(s): Hsin-Wu Tseng; Jiahua Fan; Matthew A. Kupinski; William Balhorn; Darin R. Okerlund
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Effect of anatomical backgrounds on detectability in volumetric cone beam CT images
Author(s): Minah Han; Subok Park; Jongduk Baek
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Breast ultrasound lesions classification: a performance evaluation between manual delineation and computer segmentation
Author(s): Moi Hoon Yap; Chuin Hong Yap
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Impact of patient photos on visual search during radiograph interpretation
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Kimberly Applegate; Ariadne DeSimone; Alex Chung; Srini Tridandanpani
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Changes in frequency of recall recommendations of examinations depicting cancer with the availability of either priors or digital breast tomosynthesis
Author(s): Christiane M. Hakim; Andriy I. Bandos; Marie A. Ganott; Victor J. Catullo; Denise M. Chough; Amy E. Kelly; Dilip D. Shinde; Jules H. Sumkin; Luisa P. Wallace; Robert M. Nishikawa; David Gur
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The study of surgical image quality evaluation system by subjective quality factor method
Author(s): Jian J. Zhang; Jason R. Xuan; Xirong Yang; Honggang Yu; Edouard Koullick
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Inter-observer variability within BI-RADS and RANZCR mammographic density assessment schemes
Author(s): Christine N. Damases; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Mark F. McEntee
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Observer study to evaluate the simulation of mammographic calcification clusters
Author(s): Maria A. Z. Sousa; Karem D. Marcomini; Predrag R. Bakic; Andrew D.A. Maidment; Homero Schiabel
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A four-alternative forced choice (4AFC) software for observer performance evaluation in radiology
Author(s): Guozhi Zhang; Lesley Cockmartin; Hilde Bosmans
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The study on the color reproduction by illumination source for disposable endoscope
Author(s): Sang Kyeong Park; Hyeon Jin Bang; Young Jae Won
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Cellular automata segmentation of the boundary between the compacta of vertebral bodies and surrounding structures
Author(s): Jan Egger; Christopher Nimsky
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New conversion factors between human and automatic readouts of the CDMAM phantom for CR systems
Author(s): Johann Hummel; Peter Homolka; Angelika Osanna-Elliot; Marcus Kaar; Friedrich Semtrus; Michael Figl
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Variability amongst radiographers in the categorization of clinical acceptability for digital trauma radiography
Author(s): Robin Decoster; Rachel Toomey; Dirk Smits; Harrie Mol; Filip Verhelle; Marie-Louise Butler
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A utility/cost analysis of breast cancer risk prediction algorithms
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Yirong Wu; Elizabeth S. Burnside; Adam Wunderlich; Frank W. Samuelson; John M. Boone
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Development and application of a channelized Hotelling observer for DBT optimization on structured background test images with mass simulating targets
Author(s): Dimitar Petrov; Koen Michielsen; Lesley Cockmartin; Gouzhi Zhang; Kenneth Young; Nicholas Marshall; Hilde Bosmans
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Evaluation of image quality of MRI data for brain tumor surgery
Author(s): Frank Heckel; Felix Arlt; Benjamin Geisler; Stephan Zidowitz; Thomas Neumuth
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Evaluation of the possibility to use thick slabs of reconstructed outer breast tomosynthesis slice images
Author(s): Hannie Petersson; Magnus Dustler; Anders Tingberg; Pontus Timberg
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