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Design and Quality for Biomedical Technologies IX
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Volume Number: 9700
Date Published: 8 July 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9700
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
National Institute of Standards and Technology measurement service of the optical properties of biomedical phantoms: current status
Author(s): Paul Lemaillet; Catherine C. Cooksey; Zachary H. Levine; Adam L. Pintar; Jeeseong Hwang; David W. Allen
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Development of breast cancer tissue phantoms for terahertz imaging
Author(s): Alec Walter; Tyler Bowman; Magda El-Shenawee
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Characterization of homogeneous tissue phantoms for performance tests in diffuse optics
Author(s): Heidrun Wabnitz; Dieter Richard Taubert; Tsukasa Funane; Masashi Kiguchi; Hideo Eda; Antonio Pifferi; Alessandro Torricelli; Rainer Macdonald
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Low-cost tissue simulating phantoms with tunable, wavelength-dependent scattering properties (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Rolf B. Saager; Alan Quach; Rebecca A. Rowland; Melissa L. Baldado; Adrien Ponticorvo; Anthony J. Durkin
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Performance evaluation of CCD- and mobile-phone-based near-infrared fluorescence imaging systems with molded and 3D-printed phantoms
Author(s): Bohan Wang; Pejhman Ghassemi; Jianting Wang; Quanzeng Wang; Yu Chen; Joshua Pfefer
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3D-printed phantom for the characterization of non-uniform rotational distortion (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Geoffrey Hohert; Hamid Pahlevaninezhad; Anthony Lee M.D.; Pierre M. Lane
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Customized three-dimensional printed optical phantoms with user defined absorption and scattering
Author(s): Sanjana Pannem; Jordan Sweer; Phuong Diep; Justine Lo; Michael Snyder; Gabriella Stueber; Yanyu Zhao; Syeda Tabassum; Raeef Istfan; Junjie Wu; Shyamsunder Erramilli; Darren M. Roblyer
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Freeform fabrication of tissue-simulating phantoms by combining three-dimensional printing and casting
Author(s): Shuwei Shen; Zuhua Zhao; Haili Wang; Yilin Han; Erbao Dong; Bin Liu; Wendong Liu; Barrett Cromeens; Brent Adler; Gail Besner; William Ray; Brad Hoehne; Ronald Xu
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Optical characterization of tissue mimicking phantoms by a vertical double integrating sphere system
Author(s): Yilin Han; Qiumin Jia; Shuwei Shen; Guangli Liu; Yuwei Guo; Ximing Zhou; Jiaru Chu; Gang Zhao; Erbao Dong; David W. Allen; Paul Lemaillet; Ronald Xu
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Eye safety analysis for non-uniform retinal scanning laser trajectories
Author(s): Uwe Schelinski; Hans-Georg Dallmann; Heinrich Grüger; Jens Knobbe; Tino Pügner; Peter Reinig; Franziska Woittennek
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New solutions for standardization, monitoring and quality management of fluorescence-based imaging systems (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Arnaud Royon; Gautier Papon
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Quantitative assessment of hyperspectral imaging in detection of plasmonic nanoparticles: a modified contrast-detail analysis approach
Author(s): Jianting Wang; Yu Chen; T. Joshua Pfefer
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The component validation of direct diode 488nm lasers in BD Accuri C6 flow cytometers
Author(s): Wei P. Chen; Ningyi D. Luo
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Dynamic thermal effects of epidermal melanin and plasmonic nanoparticles during photoacoustic breast imaging
Author(s): Pejhman Ghassemi; Quanzeng Wang; T. Joshua Pfefer
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From theory to practice: the broadening role of polydimethylsiloxane phantoms as an intermediary between model validation and instrument performance testing (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Rolf B. Saager; Alan Quach; Gordon T. Kennedy; Bruce J. Tromberg; Anthony J. Durkin
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Novel organosilicon phantoms as testing material for photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Cinzia Avigo; Paolo Armanetti; Cecilia Masciullo; Nicole Di Lascio; Lucia Cavigli; Fulvio Ratto; Roberto Pini; Marco Cecchini; Claudia Kusmic; Francesco Faita; Luca Menichetti
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Margin assessment of three-dimensional breast cancer phantoms using terahertz imaging
Author(s): Tyler Bowman; Alec Walter; Magda El-Shenawee
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Biological lasers for BIOS (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Seok-Hyun Yun; Rongguang Liang
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Label-free hyperspectral microscopy for scatter imaging of biological processes in cells (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jeeseong C. Hwang; Aniruddha Ray; Philip P. Cheney; Bonghwan Chon; Ji Youn Lee; Kimberly A. Briggman
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Spatially resolved diffuse reflectance spectroscopy of two-layer turbid media by densely packed multi-pixel photodiode reflectance probe
Author(s): Ozlem Senlik; Gage Greening; Timothy J. Muldoon; Nan M. Jokerst
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Reflective Fourier ptychography (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Shaun Pacheco; Basel Salahieh; Guoan Zheng; Thomas D. Milster; Jeffrey Rodriguez; Rongguang Liang
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Fiber optic microprobes with rare-earth-based phosphor tips for proton beam characterization
Author(s): Arash Darafsheh; Alireza Kassaee; Reza Taleei; Derek Dolney; Jarod C. Finlay
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A wearable infrared video pupillography with multi-stimulation of consistent illumination for binocular pupil response
Author(s): Ou-Yang Mang; Mei Lan Ko; Yi-Chun Tsai; Jin-Chern Chiou; Ting-Wei Huang
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Illumination-parameter adjustable and illumination-distribution visible LED helmet for low-level light therapy on brain injury
Author(s): Pengbo Wang; Yuan Gao; Xiao Chen; Ting Li
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Modelling and design of modified Wollaston prisms and the application in differential interference contrast microscopy
Author(s): Site Zhang; Huiying Zhong; Frank Wyrowski
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High resolution multiplexed functional imaging in live embyros (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Dongli Xu; Leilei Peng
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LED induced autofluorescence (LIAF) imager with eight multi-filters for oral cancer diagnosis
Author(s): Ting-Wei Huang; Nai-Lun Cheng; Ming-Hsui Tsai; Jin-Chern Chiou; Ou-Yang Mang
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Excitation-resolved wide-field fluorescence imaging of indocyanine green visualizes the microenvironment properties in vivo via solvatochromic shift (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Jaedu Cho; Chang-Seok Kim; Gultekin Gulsen
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Spectral domain optical coherence tomography with dual-balanced detection
Author(s): En Bo; Xinyu Liu; Si Chen; Yuemei Luo; Nanshuo Wang; Xianghong Wang; Linbo Liu
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Fast full 4x4 Mueller polarimeter for endoscopic applications
Author(s): Sylvain Rivet; Adrian Bradu; Adrian Podoleanu
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The role of cerebral spinal fluid in light propagation through the mouse head: improving fluorescence tomography with Monte Carlo modeling
Author(s): Daniele Ancora; Athanasios Zacharopoulos; Jorge Ripoll; Giannis Zacharakis
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Towards improved image reconstruction in breast diffuse optical tomography using compressed sensing: a comparative study among Lp (0≤p≤2)sparsity regularizations
Author(s): Bingyuan Wang; Yihan Wang; Yanqi Zhang; Huijuan Zhao; Feng Gao
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Validation of MTF measurement for CBCT system using Monte Carlo simulations
Author(s): Ting Hao; Feng Gao; Huijuan Zhao; Zhongxing Zhou
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Non-contact ECG monitoring
Author(s): Alexey S. Smirnov; Vadim V. Erlikh; Vladimir L. Kodkin; Andrei V. Keller; Vitaly V. Epishev
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Multi-wavelength fluorescence tomography
Author(s): Tiffany C. Kwong; Pei-An Lo; Jaedu Cho; Farouk Nouizi; Huihua K. Chiang; Chang-Seok Kim; Gultekin Gulsen
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A modified laminar optical tomography system with small dip-angle and the initial validation
Author(s): Huijuan Zhao; Shuang Wang; Mengyu Jia; Xueying Chen; Jin Qi; Jing Tian; Wenjuan Ma; Jiao Li; Feng Gao
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Single-channel stereoscopic ophthalmology microscope based on TRD
Author(s): Edalat Radfar; Jihoon Park; Sangyeob Lee; Myungjin Ha; Sungkon Yu; Seulki Jang; Byungjo Jung
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