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Target and Background Signatures
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Volume Number: 9653
Date Published: 13 November 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9653
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A systems approach to stealth on the ground revisited
Author(s): Kent E. Andersson; Hans Kariis; Gunnar Hult
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Evaluation criteria for spectral design of camouflage
Author(s): Christina Åkerlind; Jan Fagerström; Tomas Hallberg; Hans Kariis
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Camouflage effectiveness of static nets in SAR images
Author(s): Johan Jersblad; Christer Larsson
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Discriminating between camouflaged targets by their time of detection by a human-based observer assessment method
Author(s): G. K. Selj; M. Søderblom
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Adaptive camouflage in the VIS and IR spectral range: main principles and mechanisms
Author(s): Alexander Schwarz
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New impressive capabilities of SE-workbench for EO/IR real-time rendering of animated scenarios including flares
Author(s): Alain Le Goff; Thierry Cathala; Jean Latger
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Multisensors signature prediction workbench
Author(s): Jean Latger; Thierry Cathala
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Image simulation for HardWare In the Loop simulation in EO domain
Author(s): Thierry Cathala; Jean Latger
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Simulation of atmospheric and terrestrial background signatures for detection and tracking scenarios
Author(s): Caroline Schweitzer; Karin Stein
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Modelling the infrared and radar signature of the wake of a vessel
Author(s): Miranda van Iersel; Bernadetta Devecchi
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Spectral analysis of the vegetative background in the NIR and SWIR spectral range
Author(s): Max Winkelmann
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The Havemann-Taylor Fast Radiative Transfer Code (HT-FRTC) and its application within Tactical Decision Aids (TDAs)
Author(s): Jean-Claude Thelen; Stephan Havemann; Gerald Wong
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FTOM-2D: a two-dimensional approach to model the detailed thermal behavior of nonplanar surfaces
Author(s): B. Bartos; K. Stein
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Comparison of the relative merits of the midwave and longwave infrared bands for various target types using detected thermal contrast
Author(s): Seán M. Stewart
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An approach to optimal hyperspectral and multispectral signature and image fusion for detecting hidden targets on shorelines
Author(s): Charles R. Bostater
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Assessment of target detection limits in hyperspectral data
Author(s): W. Gross; J. Boehler; H. Schilling; W. Middelmann; J. Weyermann; P. Wellig; R. Oechslin; M. Kneubuehler
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Utilization of hyperspectral camera for determination of camouflage surfaces spectral characteristics homogeneity
Author(s): František Racek; Adam Jobánek; Teodor Baláž
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Analysis of exploitable spectral features of target and background materials
Author(s): Max Winkelmann
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Precision targeting in guided munition using IR sensor and MmW radar
Author(s): S. Sreeja; H. B. Hablani; H. Arya
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Real-time object detection and tracking in omni-directional surveillance using GPU
Author(s): Florian Depraz; Vladan Popovic; Beat Ott; Peter Wellig; Yusuf Leblebici
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RecceMan: an interactive recognition assistance for image-based reconnaissance: synergistic effects of human perception and computational methods for object recognition, identification, and infrastructure analysis
Author(s): Nadia El Bekri; Susanne Angele; Martin Ruckhäberle; Elisabeth Peinsipp-Byma; Bruno Haelke
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Experimental application of simulation tools for evaluating UAV video change detection
Author(s): Günter Saur; Jan Bartelsen
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Human factors of target detection tasks within heavily cluttered video scenes
Author(s): Samuel Huber; Peter Wellig
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Disruptive camouflage tricks the human eye: a study of detection times of two near-similar targets in natural backgrounds
Author(s): Gorm K. Selj
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Evaluation of statistical methods for the evaluation of observer trials for the assessment of the effectiveness of signature measures
Author(s): Patrick Dunau; Daniel Fitz; Karin U. Stein
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Performance of target distinctness metrics evaluated against colour and monochromatic photosimulation results
Author(s): Vivienne C. Wheaton; Joanne B. Culpepper
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A comparison between maritime field observations and photosimulation for developing and validating visible signature evaluation tools
Author(s): Joanne B. Culpepper; Vivienne C. Wheaton; Q. T. Shao; Alistair Furnell
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