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Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XX
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Volume Number: 9640
Date Published: 27 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9640
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Aerosol properties from combined oxygen A band radiances and lidar
Author(s): David M. Winker; Peng-Wang Zhai; Yongxiang Hu
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The ESA-JAXA EarthCARE clouds, aerosol and radiation explorer mission: overview and development status
Author(s): Dulce Lajas; M. Eisinger; T. Wehr; Robert Koopman; A. Lefebvre
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94 GHz doppler wind radar satellite mission concept
Author(s): Chung-Chi Lin; Björn Rommen; Christopher Buck; Dirk Schüttemeyer
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Deriving aerosol properties from measurements of the Atmosphere-Surface Radiation Automatic Instrument (ASRAI)
Author(s): Hua Xu; Donghui Li; Zhengqiang Li; Xiaobing Zheng; Xin Li; Yisong Xie; Enchao Liu
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Comparison of unfiltered CERES radiances measured from the S-NPP and Aqua satellites over matched sites
Author(s): Z. Peter Szewczyk; G. Louis Smith; Kory J. Priestley
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Design and performances of microcameras and photometers instruments on TARANIS satellite for an advanced characterization of Transient Luminous Event in the upper atmosphere
Author(s): Fanny Le Mer-Dachard ; Elodie Cansot; Philippe Hébert; Thomas Farges; Karen Ravel; Stéphanie Gaillac
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Performance test of the synergetic use of simulated lidar and microwave radiometer observations for mixing-layer height detection
Author(s): Umar Saeed; Francesc Rocadenbosch; Susanne Crewell
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Doppler capable FMCW cloud detection radar
Author(s): Salih Coşkun; Mert Çelik; Ali Özgur Yilmaz; Sencer Koç
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Preventing the saturation phenomenon of detectors used in environmental remote sensing
Author(s): Abdelkrim Kedadra; Mohammed Traïche
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Comparing different methods to retrieve cloud top height from Meteosat satellite data
Author(s): I. Tabone; S. Briz; A. Anzalone; A. J. De Castro; F. Lopez; S. Ferrarese; F. Isgrò; C. Cassardo; R. Cremonini; M. Bertaina
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On the reliability of geostationary satellite observations for diagnosing indirect aerosol effects
Author(s): Daniel Merk; Hartwig Deneke; Bernhard Pospichal; Patric Seifert
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Numerical modeling of polarization properties of the return signals in ground-based LIDAR cloud sensing
Author(s): E. G. Kablukova; B. A. Kargin; A. A. Lisenko
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Analysis of heavy precipitation caused by the vortices in the lee of the Tibetan Plateau from TRMM (the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission) observations
Author(s): Lujun Jiang; Guoping Li
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Estimation of aerosol direct radiative forcing in Lecce during the 2013 ADRIMED campaign
Author(s): Ruben Barragan; Salvatore Romano; Michaël Sicard; Pasquale Burlizzi; Maria-Rita Perrone; Adolfo Comeron
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How well can we estimate areal-averaged spectral surface albedo from ground-based transmission in the Atlantic coastal area?
Author(s): Evgueni Kassianov; James Barnard; Connor Flynn; Laura Riihimaki; Cristina Marinovici
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Cloud radiative characteristic parameter calculation for space-based remote sensing sensors
Author(s): Hongxia Wang; Xiaojian Xu
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The thermal infrared radiance properties of dust aerosol over ocean
Author(s): Zengzhou Hao; Delu Pan; Qianguang Tu; Fang Gong; Jianyu Chen
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Modeling the adjacency effects in Earth observation data with different viewing geometry over mountainous area
Author(s): Cheng Jiang; Hongyan He; Yunfei Bao
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Mixing layer height measurements determines influence of meteorology on air pollutant concentrations in urban area
Author(s): Klaus Schäfer; Thomas Blumenstock; Boris Bonn; Holger Gerwig; Frank Hase; Christoph Münkel; Rainer Nothard; Erika von Schneidemesser
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Open-path quantum cascade laser-based system for simultaneous remote sensing of methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor using chirped-pulse differential optical absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Paulo Castillo; Adrian Diaz ; Benjamin Thomas; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary
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Impacts of surface albedo models on high-resolution AOD retrieval
Author(s): Nabin Malakar; Barry Gross; Nazmi Chowdhury; Fred Moshary
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Inclusion of high resolution MODIS maps on a 3D tropospheric water vapor GPS tomography model
Author(s): Pedro Benevides; Joao Catalao; Giovanni Nico; Pedro M. A. Miranda
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Intercomparison between MODIS 3km aerosol optical depth product and ground PM10 measurements over Athens, Greece
Author(s): Adrianos Retalis; Dimitris Paronis; Dimitris Katsanos
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Remote sensing for studying atmospheric aerosols in Malaysia
Author(s): Kasturi Devi Kanniah; Nurul Amalin Fatihah Kamarul Zaman
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Satellite and ground-based seasonal variability of NO2 and SO2 over New Delhi, India
Author(s): Alok Kumar Pandey; Ram Pravesh Kumar; Krishan Kumar
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Determination of nocturnal aerosol properties from a combination of lunar photometer and lidar observations
Author(s): Donghui Li; Zhengqiang Li; Yang Lv; Ying Zhang; Kaitao Li; Hua Xu
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Geoinformation system for prediction of forest fire danger caused by solar radiation using remote sensing data
Author(s): Nikolay V. Baranovskiy; Elena P. Yankovich
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Radiation environment study of near space in China area
Author(s): Dongdong Fan; Xingfeng Chen; Zhengqiang Li; Xiaodong Mei
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Detection of severe air pollution from multidirectional perspectives
Author(s): Sonoyo Mukai; Itaru Sano; Makiko Nakata; Masayoshi Yasumoto
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Estimation of solar radiation by using modified Heliosat-II method and COMS-MI imagery
Author(s): Wonseok Choi; Ahram Song; Yongil Kim
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Exploiting the structure of MWR-derived temperature profile for stable boundary-layer height estimation
Author(s): Umar Saeed; Francesc Rocadenbosch
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Time-series MODIS satellite and in-situ data for spatio-temporal distribution of aerosol pollution assessment over Bucharest metropolitan area
Author(s): Maria A. Zoran; Roxana S. Savastru; Dan M. Savastru
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Development of new shipborne aureolemeter to measure the intensities of direct and scattered solar radiation on rolling and pitching vessel
Author(s): Hiroshi Kobayashi; Masataka Shiobara
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