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Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 2015
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Volume Number: 9632
Date Published: 31 March 2016

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Front Matter: Volume 9632
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Comparative study of the laser damage threshold and optical characteristics of Ta2O5-SiO2 multilayers deposited using various methods
Author(s): Roelene Botha; Silvia Schwyn Thöny; Martin Grössl; Safer Mourad; Clau Maissen; Jacobus I. Venter; Thomas Südmeyer; Martin Hoffmann; Pavel V. Bulkin; Sabine Linz-Dittrich; David Bischof; Markus Michler; Stefan J. Rinner; Andreas Ettemeyer
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Investigating the relationship between material properties and laser-induced damage threshold of dielectric optical coatings at 1064 nm
Author(s): Riccardo Bassiri; Caspar Clark; Iain W. Martin; Ashot Markosyan; Peter G. Murray; Joseph Tessmer; Sheila Rowan; Martin M. Fejer
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Characterization of laser-induced damage by picosecond pulses on multi-layer dielectric coatings for petawatt-class lasers
Author(s): Raluca A. Negres; Christopher W. Carr; Isaac L. Bass; David A. Alessi; Ted A. Laurence; Ken Stanion; Gabe Guss; David A. Cross; Paul J. Wegner; Christopher J. Stolz
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Impact of particle shape on the laser-contaminant interaction induced damage on the protective capping layer of 1high reflector mirror coatings
Author(s): S. R. Qiu; M. A. Norton; J. Honig; A. M. Rubenchik; C. D. Boley; A. Rigatti; C. J. Stolz; M. J. Matthews
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The role of film interfaces in near-ultraviolet absorption and pulsed-laser damage in ion-beam-sputtered coatings based on HfO2/SiO2 thin-film pairs
Author(s): S. Papernov; A. A. Kozlov; J. B. Oliver; C. Smith; L. Jensen; D. Ristau; S. Günster; H. Mädebach
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150-ps broadband low dispersion mirror thin film damage competition
Author(s): Christopher J. Stolz; Raluca A. Negres; Kyle Kafka; Enam Chowdhury; Matt Kirchner; Kevin Shea; Meaghan Daly
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Dedicated contamination experiments in the Orion laser target chamber
Author(s): J. Andrew; J.-M. Chevalier; D. Egan; A. Geille; J.-P. Jadaud; J.-H. Quessada; D. Raffestin; M. Rubery; P. Treadwell; L. Videau
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Study of laser-induced damage at 1064nm in fused silica samples in vacuum environment
Author(s): R. Diaz; M. Chambonneau; P. Grua; J.-L. Rullier; J.-Y. Natoli; L. Lamaignère
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Laser-induced damage of fused silica on high-power laser: beam intensity modulation, optics defect, contamination
Author(s): Dongfeng Zhao; Mingyin Sun; Rong Wu; Xinqiang Lu; Zunqi Lin; Jianqiang Zhu
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Light scattering from laser-induced shallow pits on silica exit surfaces
Author(s): E. Feigenbaum; R. N. Raman; N. Nielsen; M. J. Matthews
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Optical coatings excited by femtosecond lasers near the damage threshold: challenges and opportunities
Author(s): Luke A. Emmert; Cristina Rodriguez; Zhanliang Sun; Farzin Beygi Azar Aghbolagh; Stefan Günster; Detlev Ristau; Dinesh Patel; Carmen S. Menoni; Wolfgang Rudolph
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Analysis of energy deposition and damage mechanisms in single layers of HfO2 and Nb2O5 submitted to 500fs pulses
Author(s): Dam-Bé L. Douti; Mahmad Chrayteh; Serge Monneret; Mireille Commandré; Laurent Gallais
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Laser damage resistance of optical components in sub-picosecond regime in the infrared
Author(s): Martin Sozet; Jérôme Néauport; Eric Lavastre; Nadja Roquin; Laurent Gallais; Laurent Lamaignère
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What time-resolved measurements tell us about femtosecond laser damage?
Author(s): Andrius Melninkaitis; Nerijus Šiaulys; Linas Smalakys; Balys Momgaudis; Julius Vaicenavičius; Simona Barkauskaitė; Valdas Sirutkaitis; Laurent Gallais; Stephane Guizard
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Laser damage threshold: useful idea or dangerous misconception?
Author(s): Jonathan W. Arenberg
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Single-shot femtosecond laser ablation of copper: experiment vs. simulation
Author(s): Enam Chowdhury; Kyle Kafka; Robert Mitchell; Alex M. Russell; Kevin Werner; Noah Talisa; Hui Li; Allen Yi; Douglass Schumacher
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Morphology of ejected debris from laser super-heated fused silica following exit surface laser-induced damage
Author(s): Stavros G. Demos; Raluca A. Negres; Rajesh N. Raman; Michael D. Feit; Kenneth R. Manes; Alexander M. Rubenchik
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Multipulse degradation of fused silica surfaces at 351 nm
Author(s): Sonny Ly; Ted A. Laurence; Nan Shen; Bill Hollingsworth; Mary Norton; Jeff D. Bude
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Energetic laser cleaning of metallic particles and surface damage on silica optics: investigation of the underlying mechanisms
Author(s): Nan Shen; Stavros G. Demos; Raluca A. Negres; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Candace D. Harris; Manyalibo J. Matthews
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Delay dependency of two-pulse femtosecond laser damage
Author(s): Mark Gyamfi; Peter Jürgens; Lars Jensen; Detlev Ristau
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Self-consistent modeling of photoionization and the Kerr effect in bulk solids
Author(s): Jeremy R. Gulley; Thomas E Lanier
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First principles simulation of laser-induced periodic surface structure using the particle-in-cell method
Author(s): Robert A. Mitchell III; Douglass W. Schumacher; Enam A. Chowdhury
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Calculation of nonlinear optical damage from space-time-tailored pulses in dielectrics
Author(s): Thomas E. Lanier; Jeremy R. Gulley
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Laser damage of calcium fluoride by ArF excimer laser irradiation
Author(s): M. Azumi; E. Nakahata
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High-speed quantitative phase imaging of dynamic thermal deformation in laser irradiated films
Author(s): Lucas N. Taylor; Andrew K. Brown; Kyle D. Olson; Joseph J. Talghader
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Comparative STEREO-LID (Spatio-TEmporally REsolved Optical Laser-Induced Damage) studies of critical defect distributions in IBS, ALD, and electron-beam coated dielectric films
Author(s): Yejia Xu; Amir Khabbazi; Travis Day; Andrew Brown; Luke A. Emmert; Joseph J. Talghader; Ella Field; Damon Kletecka; John Bellum; Dinesh Patel; Carmen S. Menoni; Wolfgang Rudolph
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Heat treatment of fused silica optics repaired by CO2 laser
Author(s): Thomas Doualle; Laurent Gallais; Philippe Cormont; Jean-Luc Rullier
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Analysis of optics damage growth at the National Ignition Facility
Author(s): Z. M. Liao; M. Nostrand; P. Whitman; J. Bude
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Tunable laser source based on storage device using Bragg grating
Author(s): Chinmayee V. Prabhu Dessai; I. V. Anudeep Kumar Reddy; Saidi Reddy Parne; G. R. C. Reddy
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How reduced vacuum pumping capability in a coating chamber affects the laser damage resistance of HfO[sub]2[/sub]/SiO[sub]2[/sub] antireflection and high-reflection coatings
Author(s): Ella S. Field; John C. Bellum; Damon E. Kletecka
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Ultrafast beam dump materials and mirror coatings tested with the ELI beamlines LIDT test station
Author(s): Michal Ďurák; Daniel Kramer; Praveen K. Velpula; Josef Cupal; Tomáš Medřík; Jan Hřebíček; Jiří Golasowski; Davorin Peceli; Ladislav Fekete; Václav Štepán; Michaela Kozlová; Bedřich Rus
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Test station development for laser-induced optical damage performance of broadband multilayer dielectric coatings
Author(s): K. R. P. Kafka; E. A. Chowdhury; R. A. Negres; C. J. Stolz; J. D. Bude; A. J. Bayramian; C. D. Marshall; T. M. Spinka; C. L. Haefner
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Measurement and compensation of wavefront deformations and focal shifts in high-power laser optics
Author(s): K. Mann; B. Schäfer; M. Stubenvoll; K. Hentschel; M. Zenz
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Design and laser damage properties of a dichroic beam combiner coating for 22.5 degree incidence and S polarization with high-transmission at 527nm and high-reflection at 1054nm
Author(s): John C. Bellum; Ella S. Field; Damon E. Kletecka; Patrick K. Rambo; Ian C. Smith
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Improved parametric spectroscopic performance of an optical fiber doped with erbium
Author(s): M. Ghoumazi; N. Demagh; A. Adouane; B. Boubir; A. K. Daoui
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Analysis of cumulative versus ISO-recommended calculation of damage probability using a database of real S-on-1 tests
Author(s): Alexandru Zorila; Aurel Stratan; Ioana Dumitrache; Laurentiu Rusen; George Nemes
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Lowering evaluation uncertainties in laser-induced damage testing
Author(s): Lars O. Jensen; Marius Mrohs; Mark Gyamfi; Heinrich Mädebach; Detlev Ristau
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Direct comparison of statistical damage frequency method and raster scan procedure
Author(s): G. Batavičiūtė; M. Ščiuka; V. Plerpaitė; A. Melninkaitis
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Characterization of damage precursor density from laser damage probability measurements with non-Gaussian beams
Author(s): F. R. Wagner; A. Melninkaitis; G. Batavičiutė; C. Gouldieff; L. Smalakys; A. Beaudier; J.-Y. Natoli
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Transmittance measurements of laser components using a combination of cavity ring-down and photometry
Author(s): H. Cui; Y. Han; C. Gao; Y. Wang; B. Li
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Direct absorption measurements in thin rods and optical fibers
Author(s): Christian Mühlig; Simon Bublitz; Martin Lorenz
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Bulk damage and absorption in fused silica due to high-power laser applications
Author(s): F. Nürnberg; B. Kühn; A. Langner; M. Altwein; G. Schötz; R. Takke; S. Thomas; J. Vydra
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Refined metrology of spatio-temporal dynamics of nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): R. Diaz; R. Courchinoux; J. Luce; C. Rouyer; J.-L. Rullier; J.-Y. Natoli; L. Lamaignère
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Improved laser damage threshold performance of calcium fluoride optical surfaces via Accelerated Neutral Atom Beam (ANAB) processing
Author(s): S. Kirkpatrick; M. Walsh Jr.; R. Svrluga; M. Thomas
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Scaling of laser-induced contamination growth at 266nm and 355nm
Author(s): M. Ließmann; L. Jensen; I. Balasa; M. Hunnekuhl; A. Büttner; P. Weßels; J. Neumann; D. Ristau
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