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Wavelets and Sparsity XVI
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Volume Number: 9597
Date Published: 2 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9597
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Learning sparsifying filter banks
Author(s): Luke Pfister; Yoram Bresler
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Advanced image reconstruction strategies for 4D prostate DCE-MRI: steps toward clinical practicality
Author(s): Eric G. Stinson; Eric A. Borisch; Adam T. Froemming M.D.; Akira Kawashima M.D.; Phillip M. Young M.D.; Brent A. Warndahl; Roger C. Grimm; Armando Manduca; Stephen J. Riederer; Joshua D. Trzasko
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Imaging industry expectations for compressed sensing in MRI
Author(s): Kevin F. King; Adriana Kanwischer; Rob Peters
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A PDE-free variational model for multiphase image segmentation
Author(s): Julia Dobrosotskaya; Weihong Guo
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Dictionary learning for compressive parameter mapping in magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Benjamin Paul Berman; Mahesh Bharath Keerthivasan; Zhitao Li; Diego R. Martin; Maria I. Altbach; Ali Bilgin
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Semi-supervised high-dimensional clustering by tight wavelet frames
Author(s): Bin Dong; Ning Hao
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Smooth affine shear tight frames: digitization and applications
Author(s): Xiaosheng Zhuang
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A fast algorithm for reconstruction of spectrally sparse signals in super-resolution
Author(s): Jian-Feng Cai; Suhui Liu; Weiyu Xu
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Algebraic and geometric spread in finite frames
Author(s): Emily J. King
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Learning Boolean functions with concentrated spectra
Author(s): Dustin G. Mixon; Jesse Peterson
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Gabor fusion frames generated by difference sets
Author(s): Irena Bojarovska; Victoria Paternostro
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Tightness of stability bounds by null space property
Author(s): Xuemei Chen; Rongrong Wang
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Quasi-symmetric designs and equiangular tight frames
Author(s): Matthew Fickus; John Jasper; Dustin Mixon; Jesse Peterson
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Image registration using the shearlet transform
Author(s): Glenn R. Easley; Monica Barbu-McInnis; Demetrio Labate
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Shearlet-domain task-driven post-processing and filtering of CT noise
Author(s): Bart Goossens; Jan Aelterman; Hiêp Luong; Aleksandra Pižurica; Wilfried Philips
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Geometry and dimensionality reduction of feature spaces in primary visual cortex
Author(s): Davide Barbieri
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Shearlet-based regularized ROI reconstruction in fan beam computed tomography
Author(s): T. A. Bubba; D. Labate; G. Zanghirati; S. Bonettini; B. Goossens
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Directional ratio based on parabolic molecules and its application to the analysis of tubular structures
Author(s): Demetrio Labate; Pooran Negi; Burcin Ozcan; Manos Papadakis
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Investigating the impact of blood pressure increase to the brain using high resolution serial histology and image processing
Author(s): F. Lesage; A. Castonguay; P. L. Tardif; J. Lefebvre; B. Li
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Estimating brain's functional graph from the structural graph's Laplacian
Author(s): F. Abdelnour; M. Dayan; O. Devinsky; T. Thesen; A. Raj
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Phase retrieval
Author(s): Jameson Cahill; Peter G. Casazza; John Jasper; Lindsey M. Woodland
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Deterministic compressed sensing and quantization
Author(s): Arman Ahmadieh; Özgur Yilmaz
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Scalable filter banks
Author(s): Youngmi Hur; Kasso A. Okoudjou
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Perturbations of fusion frames and the effect on their canonical dual
Author(s): Gitta Kutyniok; Victoria Paternostro; Friedrich Philipp
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Fast live cell imaging at nanometer scale using annihilating filter-based low-rank Hankel matrix approach
Author(s): Junhong Min; Lina Carlini; Michael Unser; Suliana Manley; Jong Chul Ye
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Image denoising by adaptive Compressed Sensing reconstructions and fusions
Author(s): William Meiniel; Elsa Angelini; Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
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Low-rank modeling of local k-space neighborhoods: from phase and support constraints to structured sparsity
Author(s): Justin P. Haldar
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Sparse methods for Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping
Author(s): Berkin Bilgic; Itthi Chatnuntawech; Christian Langkammer; Kawin Setsompop
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Data-driven adaptation of a union of sparsifying transforms for blind compressed sensing MRI reconstruction
Author(s): Saiprasad Ravishankar; Yoram Bresler
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The unconditional constants of frame expansions and cross-frame expansions
Author(s): Travis Bemrose; Peter G. Casazza; Richard G. Lynch
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A Bayesian approach to estimation of a statistical change-point in the mean parameter for high dimensional non-linear time series
Author(s): Darrin Speegle; Robert Steward
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Fast angular synchronization for phase retrieval via incomplete information
Author(s): Aditya Viswanathan; Mark Iwen
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Detailing the equivalence between real equiangular tight frames and certain strongly regular graphs
Author(s): Matthew Fickus; Cody E. Watson
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Connectivity of spaces of finite unit-norm tight frames
Author(s): Jameson Cahill; Dustin Mixon; Nate Strawn
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Geometric multi-resolution analysis for dictionary learning
Author(s): Mauro Maggioni; Stanislav Minsker; Nate Strawn
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Geometric multi-resolution analysis and data-driven convolutions
Author(s): Nate Strawn
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Higher-order graph wavelets and sparsity on circulant graphs
Author(s): Madeleine S. Kotzagiannidis; Pier Luigi Dragotti
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Applied and computational harmonic analysis on graphs and networks
Author(s): Jeff Irion; Naoki Saito
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Innovation-based sparse estimation of functional connectivity from multivariate autoregressive models
Author(s): François Deloche; Fabrizio De Vico Fallani; Stéphanie Alassoniѐre
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Statistical methods for comparing brain connectomes at different scales
Author(s): Djalel-E. Meskaldji; Stephan Morgenthaler; Dimitri Van De Ville
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