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Novel Biophotonics Techniques and Applications III
Editor(s): Arjen Amelink; I. Alex Vitkin
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Volume Number: 9540
Date Published: 22 July 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9540
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Array sensor: plasmonic improved optical resonance methods and instrument for biomedical diagnostics
Author(s): Vladimir A. Saetchnikov; Elina A. Tcherniavskaia; Anton V. Saetchnikov; Gustav Schweiger; Andreas Ostendorf
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Non-mydriatic video ophthalmoscope to measure fast temporal changes of the human retina
Author(s): Ralf P. Tornow; Radim Kolář; Jan Odstrčilík
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Laser speckle contrast analysis for pulse waveform extraction
Author(s): Pedro Vaz; Pedro Santos; Edite Figueiras; Carlos Correia; Anne Humeau-Heurtier; João Cardoso
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Laser speckle analysis synchronised with cardiac cycle
Author(s): Pavel Zakharov; Frank Scheffold; Bruno Weber
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Spatially offset Raman spectroscopy for photon migration investigations in long bone
Author(s): Kay Sowoidnich; John H. Churchwell; Kevin Buckley; Jemma G. Kerns; Allen E. Goodship; Anthony W. Parker; Pavel Matousek
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Optical clearing of articular cartilage: a comparison of clearing agents
Author(s): Alexander Bykov; Tapio Hautala; Matti Kinnunen; Alexey Popov; Sakari Karhula; Simo Saarakkala; Miika T. Nieminen; Valery Tuchin
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Enhancement of upconversion deep-tissue imaging using optical clearing
Author(s): A. P. Popov; E. V. Khaydukov; A. V. Bykov; V. A. Semchishen; V. V. Tuchin
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Experimental analysis of bruises in human volunteers using radiometric depth profiling and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): Luka Vidovič; Matija Milanič; Boris Majaron
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Optical measurement of temperature in biological cells under infrared laser light exposure (λ=800 nm)
Author(s): David Moreau; Claire Lefort; Philippe Leveque; Rod P. O'Connor
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Erythrocyte-derived optical nano-vesicles as theranostic agents
Author(s): Jenny T. Mac; Vicente Nunez; Baharak Bahmani; Yadir Guerrero; Jack Tang; Valentine I. Vullev; Bahman Anvari
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Digital holography for recovering 3D shape of red blood cells
Author(s): P. Memmolo; L. Miccio; F. Merola; O. Gennari; P. Netti; Pietro Ferraro
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Full 3D morphology of diatoms flowing in a microfluidic channel by digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Roberto Savoia; Pasquale Memmolo; Francesco Merola; Lisa Miccio; Giuliana D'Ippolito; Angelo Fontana; Pietro Ferraro
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Wavefront shaping based on three-dimensional optoacoustic feedback
Author(s): X. Luís Deán-Ben; Héctor Estrada; Ali Ozbek; Daniel Razansky
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Intraoperative model based identification of tissue properties using a multimodal and multiscale elastographic measurement approach
Author(s): D. Claus; P. M. Schumacher; T. Labitzke; M. Mlikota; U. Weber; S. Schmauder; N. Schierbaum; T. E. Schäffer; P. Wittmüβ; T. Teutsch; C. Tarin; S. Hoffmann; F. A. Taran; S. Brucker; J. Mischinger; A. Stenzel; W. Osten
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Identification and collection of particles with optical fibers
Author(s): Sebastián Etcheverry; Aziza Sudirman; Walter Margulis; Fredrik Laurell
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Interventional nerve visualization via the intrinsic anisotropic optical properties of the nerves
Author(s): Kenneth W.T.K. Chin; Andries Meijerink; Patrick T. K. Chin
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Possibilities of holographic techniques in laser scanning microscopy
Author(s): Yu. Zakharov; M. Muravyeva; V. Dudenkova; I. Mukhina; I. Meglinski
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Optical properties of the chemotherapy drugs used in the central nervous system lymphoma therapy: monitoring drug delivery
Author(s): T. Myllylä; A. Popov; L. Surazyński; J. Oinas; O. Bibikova; A. Bykov; M. S. Wróbel; M. Gnyba; M. Jedrzejewska-Szczerska; I. Meglinski; O. Kuittinen M.D.
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Tip enhanced Raman scattering of bacillus subtilis spores
Author(s): G. Rusciano; G. Zito; G. Pesce; A. Sasso; R. Isticato; E. Ricca
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Visible optical radiation generates bactericidal effect applicable for inactivation of health care associated germs demonstrated by inactivation of E. coli and B. subtilis using 405-nm and 460-nm light emitting diodes
Author(s): Katharina Hönes; Felix Stangl; Michael Sift; Martin Hessling
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Epithelial cancers and photon migration: Monte Carlo simulations and diffuse reflectance measurements
Author(s): Jerome Tubiana; Alex J. Kass; Maya Y. Newman; David Levitz
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Diagnosis of uterine cervix cancer using Müller polarimetry: a comparison with histopathology
Author(s): Jean Rehbinder; Stanislas Deby; Huda Haddad; Benjamin Teig; André Nazac; Angelo Pierangelo; François Moreau
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Anticancer photodynamic therapy based on the use of a microsystem
Author(s): E. Jastrzebska; N. Bulka; K. Zukowski; M. Chudy; Z. Brzozka; A. Dybko
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Second harmonic generation (SHG) and two-photon fluorescence (TPF) contrast imaging in biomaterial analysis
Author(s): Xuye Lang; Julia Lyubovitsky
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