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Pacific Rim Laser Damage 2015: Optical Materials for High-Power Lasers
Editor(s): Jianda Shao; Takahisa Jitsuno; Wolfgang Rudolph; Meiping Zhu
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Volume Number: 9532
Date Published: 6 August 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9532
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Time-resolved shadowgraphy of optical breakdown in fused silica
Author(s): K. A. Tran; Y. V. Grigorov; V. H. Nguyen; Z. U. Rehman; N. T. Le; K. A. Janulewicz
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Numerical simulation on 1 on 1 surface damage threshold test of fused SiO2 with Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Rongsheng Ba; Xinda Zhou; Yinbo Zheng; Jing Yuan; Lei Ding; Wenhong Li; Deqiang Yu; Bo Chen
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Femtosecond laser-induced pre-damage dynamics in Al2O3/SiO2 mirror
Author(s): Juan Du; Zehan Li; Bing Xue; Takayoshi Kobayashi; Dongjia Han; Yuanan Zhao; Yuxin Leng
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Damage-controlled high power lasers and plasma mirror application
Author(s): Hiromitsu Kiriyama; Yoshihiro Ochi; Masaharu Nishikino; Keisuke Nagashima; Tetsuya Kawachi; Ryoji Itakura; Akira Sugiyama; Masaki Kando; A. S. Pirozhkov; Mamiko Nishiuchi; Sergei V. Bulanov; Kimonori Kondo; Yoshiaki Kato
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Investigations of laser induced damage in KTiOPO4 and Rb:KTiOPO4 at 1 μm and 2 μm
Author(s): Riaan S. Coetzee; Nicky Thilmann; Andrius Zukauskas; Carlota Canalias; Valdas Pasiskevicius
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Laser induced damage of SiO2 and CaF2 under 263 nm
Author(s): Xiuqing Jiang; Dong Liu; Lailin Ji; Shunxing Tang; Yajing Guo; Baoqiang Zhu; Yanqi Gao; Zunqi Lin
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Effects of groove structure on grating properties
Author(s): Haopeng Huang; Fanyu Kong; Hu Wang; Yunxia Jin; Hong Zhang; Yun Cui; Kui Yi; Jianda Shao
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The effect of laser pulse width on laser-induced damage at K9 and UBK7 components surface
Author(s): Xinda Zhou; Rongsheng Ba; Yinbo Zheng; Jing Yuan; Wenhong Li; Bo Chen
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Producing fused silica optics with high UV-damage resistance to nanosecond pulsed lasers
Author(s): Jian Wang; Yaguo Li; Zhigang Yuan; Hui Ye; Ruiqing Xie; Xianhua Chen; Qiao Xu
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How laser damage resistance of HfO2/SiO2 optical coatings is affected by embedded contamination caused by pausing the deposition process
Author(s): Ella Field; John Bellum; Damon Kletecka
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Three-dimensional femtosecond laser micromachining of dielectric crystals for photonic waveguiding applications
Author(s): Feng Chen; Javier R. Vázquez de Aldana
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Propagation of focused ultrashort pulse laser during micromachining of sapphire
Author(s): Chengwei Wang; Quanzhong Zhao; Jing Qian; Yangbo Li; Guande Wang; Yang Zhang; Huaihai Pan; Zongjie Bao; Feng Bai; Wenzhong Fan
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Wavelength dependence of refractive index in scintillation (Lu0.9Y0.1)2SiO5 single crystal
Author(s): Huiling Hu; Chongjun He
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Organic noncentrosymmetric complexes of 4-nitrophenol for second harmonic generation
Author(s): Ilia M. Pavlovetc; Sergiu Draguta; Maria I. Fokina; Tatiana V. Timofeeva; Igor Yu. Denisyuk
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Absorption dynamics and structural changes due to laser-induced breakdown in transparent dielectrics
Author(s): Karol A. Janulewicz; Yavor V. Grigorov; Na T. Le; Vinh H. Nguyen; Khoa A. Tran; Zia U. Rehman
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(6+1) ×1 Fiber Combiner based on Thermally Expanded Core Technique for High Power Amplifiers
Author(s): Ke Zhao; Zilun Chen; Xuanfeng Zhou; Zefeng Wang; Houman Jiang
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The stochastic nature of growth of laser-induced damage
Author(s): C. Wren Carr; David A. Cross; Zhi M. Liao; Mary A. Norton; Raluca A. Negres
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Ultrashort-pulse laser excitation and damage of dielectric materials: experiments and modeling
Author(s): Lasse Haahr-Lillevang; Peter Balling
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Mechanism of internal modification in bulk borosilicate glass with picosecond laser pulses at high repetition rates
Author(s): Mingying Sun; Urs Eppelt; Wolfgang Schulz; Jianqiang Zhu
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Laser-induced structural modification in bulk of single-crystal sapphire
Author(s): Z. U. Rehman; K. Kyeong; W. G. Jung; N. T. Le; K. A. Tran; V. H. Nguyen; B. J. Kim; K. A. Janulewicz
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Mechanism study of initial filamentary damage in optical components owing to surface contamination particles
Author(s): Xiaoyan Sun; Zemin Lei; Xingqiang Lu; Dianyuan Fan
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High power femtosecond laser for generation of coherent extreme ultraviolet radiation
Author(s): L. V. Dao; K. B. Dinh; P. Hannaford
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Laser damage measurement techniques for the femtosecond regime
Author(s): D.-B. L. Douti; M. Chrayteh; A. Melninkaitis; S. Monneret; M. Commandré; L. Gallais
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Laser-induced fluorescence of fused silica irradiated by KrF laser
Author(s): Zhixing Gao; Hui Wang; Lixuan Han; Xiuzhang Tang; Zaikui Xiang
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Effects of annealing on properties of Al2O3 monolayer films at 355 nm
Author(s): Feifei Tu; Hu Wang; Huanbin Xing; Ruxi Zheng; Weili Zhang; Kui Yi
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Comparison of the damage features of the silica films prepared by the sol-gel and e-beam deposition methods
Author(s): Yanyan Cui; Hongji Qi; Hu Wang; Haiyuan Li; Bin Wang; Kui Yi
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Analysis of laser damage tests on a coating for broad bandwidth high reflection of femtosecond pulses
Author(s): John Bellum; Trevor Winstone; Laurent Lamaignere; Martin Sozet; Mark Kimmel; Patrick Rambo; Ella Field; Damon Kletecka
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A novel micro-processing of waveguide coupler in birefringent crystal by twin tracks of single-scan femtosecond laser writing
Author(s): Chen Cheng; J. R. Vázquez de Aldana; Feng Chen
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Relationship between large-aperture optical components of striated surface shape and focal spot characteristics in the far-field
Author(s): Zemin Lei; Xiaoyan Sun; Xianhua Yin; Fengnian Lv; Zhen Zhang; Xingqiang Lu; Dianyuan Fan
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Study on a splitting-light optical system for spectrometer
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Zhen Huang; Zhihua Xiong
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Experiments of glucose solution measurement based on the tunable pulsed laser induced photoacoustic spectroscopy method
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Zhihua Xiong; Zhen Huang
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Near-field optical properties of multilayer ridge metal/multilayer-dielectric gratings for pulse compressor
Author(s): Heyuan Guana; Chenze Huang; Zhe Chen; Yunxia Jin; Kui Yi; Jianda Shao
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Study on the laser damage character of fused silica by different fusing atmosphere and heat treatment process
Author(s): Hui Wang; Zaikui Xiang; Zhixing Gao; Yufen Wang; Lanjian Nie; Zhufeng Shao; Chuandong Rao; Xiuzhang Tang
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The particle behavior analysis and design in the improvement of KDP finishing
Author(s): C. Wang; X. Y. Li ; F. Ji; Q. L. Wei; Y. F. Zhang; W. Gao; W. Huang; G. P. Tang
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Improving UV laser damage threshold of fused silica optics by wet chemical etching technique
Author(s): Hui Ye; Yaguo Li; Zhigang Yuan; Jian Wang; Qiao Xu; Wei Yang
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Numerical investigation of temperature field Induced by dual wavelength lasers in sub-microsecond laser annealing technology for insulated gate bipolar transistor
Author(s): GuoDong Cui; Mingying Ma; Fan Wang; Gang Sun; Yanping Lan; Wen Xu
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Influence of thickness and annealing temperature on the structure properties of random mask deposited by magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Jiaoling Zhao; Hu Wang; Hongji Qi; Weili Zhang; Yingjie Chai; Jialu Guo; Hongbo He
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Study of hafina-silica mixed coatings with different compositions prepared by E-beam co-evaporation
Author(s): Huanbin Xing; Meiping Zhu; Yingjie Chai; Feifei Tu; Hu Wang; Kui Yi; Jianda Shao
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Research and validation of key measurement technologies of large aperture optical elements
Author(s): Renhui Guo; Lei Chen; Chao Jiang; Hui Cao; Huiqin Zhang; Binbin Zhou; Le Song
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Investigation on optical surface defect extraction algorithm based on background correction and image segmentation method
Author(s): Bo Zhang; Fanyu Kong; Zhouling Wu; Shijie Liu
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Dynamic thermal model of photovoltaic cell illuminated by laser beam
Author(s): Xiaoguang Liu; Wenshen Hua; Tong Guo
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Lamping process and application of ultra small U-shaped, whispery gallery mode (WGM) based optic fiber sensors
Author(s): Yuan Cheng Chang; Chia Chin Chiang
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Diauxic growth and microstructure of grain interfaces in thermal bonding Yb:LuAG/LuAG ceramic
Author(s): Chunlin Zhou; Benxue Jiang; Jintai Fan; Xiaojian Mao; Long Zhang; Yongzheng Fang
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