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Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology V
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Volume Number: 9527
Date Published: 10 July 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9527
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-selectivity cleaning of historical paper samples with sizing through femtosecond laser ablation
Author(s): Tansu Ersoy; Çetin Yaman; Mehmet Uguryol; Gurcan Mavili; Selcuk Akturk
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High resolution Fourier domain Optical Coherence Tomography at 2 microns for painted objects
Author(s): H. Liang; C. S. Cheung; J. M. O. Daniel; M. Tokurakawa; W. A. Clarkson; M. Spring
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Surface reconstruction from photometric normals with reference height measurements
Author(s): Lindsay W. MacDonald
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Optical coherence tomography complemented by hyperspectral imaging for the study of protective wood coatings
Author(s): L. M. Dingemans; V. M. Papadakis; P. Liu; A. J. L. Adam; R. M. Groves
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Ultrafast pump-probe dynamics of iron oxide based earth pigments for applications to ancient pottery manufacture
Author(s): Tana Elizabeth Villafana; William Brown; Warren S. Warren; Martin Fischer
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Resolution limits in holographic display with LED illumination
Author(s): Maksymilian Chlipała; Tomasz Kozacki
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Light calibration and quality assessment methods for Reflectance Transformation Imaging applied to artworks' analysis
Author(s): A. Giachetti; C. Daffara; C. Reghelin; E. Gobbetti; R. Pintus
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Test monitoring of the Centennial Hall’s dome, Wroclaw (Poland)
Author(s): Łukasz J. Bednarz; Jerzy Jasieńko; Tomasz P. Nowak
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Role of the masonry in paintings during a seismic event analyzed by infrared vision
Author(s): F. López; S. Sfarra; C. Ibarra-Castanedo; D. Ambrosini; X. P. V. Maldague
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Semi-automatic system for UV images analysis of historical musical instruments
Author(s): Piercarlo Dondi; Claudia Invernizzi; Maurizio Licchelli; Luca Lombardi; Marco Malagodi; Tommaso Rovetta
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Mid-infrared thermal imaging for an effective mapping of surface materials and sub-surface detachments in mural paintings: integration of thermography and thermal quasi-reflectography
Author(s): C. Daffara; S. Parisotto; P. I. Mariotti
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Optical characteristics and visual appearance for artwork materials
Author(s): M. Radis; P. Iacomussi; C. Aghemo
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Terahertz and multispectral imaging of a Tanda painting
Author(s): J. Bianca Jackson; Marcello Melis; Gillian Walker; David Giovannacci; Matteo Miccoli; Dominique Martos-Levif; John Bowen; Vincent Detalle
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Case study of Sainte-Marie Chapel, Fontaine Chaalis (France): complementarity of different optical techniques
Author(s): D. Giovannacci; V. Detalle; D. Martos-Levif; J. Ogien; E. Bernikola; V. Tornari; K. Hatzigiannakis; K. Mouhoubi; J.-L. Bodnar; G.-C. Walker; D. Brissaud; B. Trichereau; B. Jackson; J. Bowen
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Photogrammetry in maritime and underwater archaeology: two marble wrecks from Sicily
Author(s): C. Balletti; C. Beltrame; E. Costa; F. Guerra; P. Vernier
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Spectral characterization as a tool for parchment analysis
Author(s): Michela Radis; Paola Iacomussi; Giuseppe Rossi
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Hyperspectral remote sensing techniques applied to the noninvasive investigation of mural paintings: a feasibility study carried out on a wall painting by Beato Angelico in Florence
Author(s): Costanza Cucci; Marcello Picollo; Leandro Chiarantini; Barbara Sereni
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Combination of topology and structural information for damages and deterioration analysis of artworks
Author(s): D. Buchta; N. Hein; G. Pedrini; C. Krekel; W. Osten
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Measuring environmental impact by real time laser differential displacement technique in simulated climate conditions
Author(s): Vivi Tornari; Eirini Bernikola; Nota Tsigarida; Kostas Hatzigiannakis; Michalis Andrianakis; Johanna Leissner
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Microtopographic characterization of pre-colonial Brazilian archaeological ceramics
Author(s): Manuel F. M. Costa; Wagner Magalhaes; Márcia Angelina Alves
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Thermal imaging method to visualize a hidden painting thermally excited by far infrared radiations
Author(s): T. Davin; X. Wang; A. Chabane; R. Pawelko; G. Guida; B. Serio; P. Hervé
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‘Cranach Inc.’ A case study determining the nature and extent of Lucas Cranach the Elder’s involvement in his industrious workshop using image processing
Author(s): Ruth Lubashevsky
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Quality assessment of the TLS data in conservation of monuments
Author(s): Jakub S. Markiewicz; Dorota Zawieska
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The influence of environment on corrosion of cast iron and carbon steel representing samples of outdoor metal technical heritage
Author(s): M. Strzelec; J. Marczak; W. Skrzeczanowski; A. Zatorska; A. Sarzynski; K. Czyz; D. Zasada
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Painting recognition with smartphones equipped with inertial measurement unit
Author(s): Andrea Masiero; Alberto Guarnieri; Francesco Pirotti; Antonio Vettore
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Limewashed mural paintings as seen by VIS-IR reflectography
Author(s): R. Fontana; J. Striova; M. Barucci; E. Pampaloni; M. Raffaelli; L. Pezzati; P. Mariotti
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