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Medical Imaging 2015: Digital Pathology
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Volume Number: 9420
Date Published: 27 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9420
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Segmentation of digitized histological sections for vasculature quantification in the mouse hind limb
Author(s): Yiwen Xu; J. Geoffrey Pickering; Zengxuan Nong; Aaron D. Ward
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Structure preserving color deconvolution for immunohistochemistry images
Author(s): Ting Chen; Chukka Srinivas
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Anisotropic tubular filtering for automatic detection of acid-fast bacilli in Ziehl-Neelsen stained sputum smear samples
Author(s): Shan-e-Ahmed Raza; M. Qaisar Marjan; Muhammad Arif; Farhana Butt; Faisal Sultan; Nasir M. Rajpoot
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Aging display's effect on interpretation of digital pathology slide
Author(s): Ali R. N. Avanaki; Kathryn S. Espig; Sameer Sawhney; Liron Pantanowitzc; Anil V. Parwani; Albert Xthona; Tom R. L. Kimpe
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An adaptive algorithm for detection of multiple-type, positively stained nuclei in IHC images with minimal prior information: application to OLIG2 staining gliomas
Author(s): Hatice Cinar Akakin; Hamza Gokozan M.D.; Jose Otero M.D.; Metin N. Gurcan
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Characterizing primary refractory neuroblastoma: prediction of outcome by microscopic image analysis
Author(s): M. Khalid Khan Niazi; Daniel A. Weiser M.D.; Bruce R. Pawel M.D.; Metin N. Gurcan
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Confocal fluorescence microscopy for detection of cervical preneoplastic lesions
Author(s): Fahime Sheikhzadeh; Rabab K. Ward; Anita Carraro; Zhaoyang Chen; Dirk van Niekerk; Calum MacAulay; Michele Follen; Pierre Lane; Martial Guillaud
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Computer assisted detection and analysis of tall cell variant papillary thyroid carcinoma in histological images
Author(s): Edward Kim; Zubair Baloch; Caroline Kim
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Automated detection of prostate cancer in digitized whole-slide images of H and E-stained biopsy specimens
Author(s): G. Litjens; B. Ehteshami Bejnordi; N. Timofeeva; G. Swadi; I. Kovacs; C. Hulsbergen-van de Kaa; J. van der Laak
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Inter-observer variability in the classification of ovarian cancer cell type using microscopy: a pilot study
Author(s): Marios A. Gavrielides; Brigitte M. Ronnett; Russell Vang; Jeffrey D. Seidman
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Integration of co-localized glandular morphometry and protein biomarker expression in immunofluorescent images for prostate cancer prognosis
Author(s): Richard Scott; Faisal M. Khan; Jack Zeineh; Michael Donovan; Gerardo Fernandez
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Toward automatic segmentation and quantification of tumor and stroma in whole-slide images of H and E stained rectal carcinomas
Author(s): Oscar G. F. Geessink; Alexi Baidoshvili; Gerard Freling; Joost M. Klaase; Cornelis H. Slump; Ferdinand van der Heijden
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Automatic glandular and tubule region segmentation in histological grading of breast cancer
Author(s): Kien Nguyen; Michael Barnes; Chukka Srinivas; Christophe Chefd'hotel
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A multi-scale superpixel classification approach to the detection of regions of interest in whole slide histopathology images
Author(s): Babak Ehteshami Bejnordi; Geert Litjens; Meyke Hermsen; Nico Karssemeijer; Jeroen A. W. M. van der Laak
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High-definition Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging of breast tissue
Author(s): L. Suzanne Leslie; Andre Kadjacsy-Balla; Rohit Bhargava
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Multi-class stain separation using independent component analysis
Author(s): Nicholas Trahearn; David Snead; Ian Cree; Nasir Rajpoot
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Minimum slice spacing required to reconstruct 3D shape for serial sections of breast tissue for comparison with medical imaging
Author(s): Sara Reis; Bjoern Eiben; Thomy Mertzanidou; John Hipwell; Meyke Hermsen; Jeroen van der Laak; Sarah Pinder; Peter Bult; David Hawkes
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Color model comparative analysis for breast cancer diagnosis using H and E stained images
Author(s): Xingyu Li; Konstantinos N. Plataniotis
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Performance assessment of automated tissue characterization for prostate H and E stained histopathology
Author(s): Matthew D. DiFranco; Hayley M. Reynolds; Catherine Mitchell; Scott Williams; Prue Allan; Annette Haworth
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Nucleus detection using gradient orientation information and linear least squares regression
Author(s): Jin Tae Kwak; Stephen M. Hewitt; Sheng Xu; Peter A. Pinto M.D.; Bradford J. Wood
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Toward consistent cell segmentation: quality assessment of cell segments via appearance and geometry features
Author(s): Andrew Brinker; Annika Fredrikson; Xiaofan Zhang; Richard Sourvenir; Shaoting Zhang
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Adaptive whole slide tissue segmentation to handle inter-slide tissue variability
Author(s): Kien Nguyen; Ting Chen; Joerg Bredno; Chukka Srinivas; Christophe Chefd'hotel; Solange Romagnoli; Astrid Heller; Oliver Grimm; Fabien Gaire
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A novel spectral imaging system for use during pancreatic cancer surgery
Author(s): Joseph Peller; A. E. Shipley; Susan R. Trammell; Mehrdad Abolbashari; Faramarz Farahi
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Detection of high-grade atypia nuclei in breast cancer imaging
Author(s): Henri Noël; Ludovic Roux; Shijian Lu; Thomas Boudier
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A novel texture descriptor for detection of glandular structures in colon histology images
Author(s): Korsuk Sirinukunwattana; David R.J. Snead; Nasir M. Rajpoot
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A circumscribing active contour model for delineation of nuclei and membranes of megakaryocytes in bone marrow trephine biopsy images
Author(s): Tzu-Hsi Song; Victor Sanchez; Hesham EIDaly; Nasir M. Rajpoot
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Success of digitizing the dept. of pathology: is it just to change the technical platform and go with the slide scanners or do we need a paradigm when it comes to informatics and workflow?
Author(s): M. Wintell; E. Wehlander; B. Samulesson; L. Lindsköld
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Uncertainty in the assessment of immunohistochemical staining with optical and digital microscopy: lessons from a reader study
Author(s): Marios A. Gavrielides; Brandon D. Gallas; Stephen M. Hewitt
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Improved segmentation of abnormal cervical nuclei using a graph-search based approach
Author(s): Ling Zhang; Shaoxiong Liu; Tianfu Wang; Siping Chen; Milan Sonka
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An automated approach to improve efficacy in detecting residual malignant cancer cell for facilitating prognostic assessment of leukemia: an initial study
Author(s): Yuchen Qiu; Xianglan Lu; Maxine Tan; Shibo Li; Hong Liu; Bin Zheng
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An accurate method of extracting fat droplets in liver images for quantitative evaluation
Author(s): Masahiro Ishikawa; Naoki Kobayashi; Hideki Komagata; Kazuma Shinoda; Masahiro Yamaguchi; Tokiya Abe; Akinori Hashiguchi; Michiie Sakamoto
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Multi-stained whole slide image alignment in digital pathology
Author(s): Oscar Déniz; David Toomey; Catherine Conway; Gloria Bueno
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Automatic choroid cells segmentation and counting based on approximate convexity and concavity of chain code in fluorescence microscopic image
Author(s): Weihua Lu; Xinjian Chen; Weifang Zhu; Lei Yang; Zhaoyuan Cao; Haoyu Chen
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Detecting cells in time varying intensity images in confocal microscopy for gene expression studies in living cells
Author(s): Debasis Mitra; Rostyslav Boutchko; Judhajeet Ray; Marit Nilsen-Hamilton
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