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Medical Imaging 2015: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
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Volume Number: 9416
Date Published: 27 April 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9416
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Incorporating breast tomosynthesis into radiology residency: Does trainee experience in breast imaging translate into improved performance with this new modality?
Author(s): Lars J. Grimm; Jing Zhang; Karen S. Johnson; Joseph Y. Lo; Maciej A. Mazurowski
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Detection of calcification clusters in digital breast tomosynthesis slices at different dose levels utilizing a SRSAR reconstruction and JAFROC
Author(s): P. Timberg; M. Dustler; H. Petersson; A. Tingberg; S. Zackrisson
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Inter- and intra-observer variations in the delineation of lesions in mammograms
Author(s): Thomas Buelow; Harald S. Heese; Ruediger Grewer; Dominik Kutra; Rafael Wiemker
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Computational assessment of mammography accreditation phantom images and correlation with human observer analysis
Author(s): Bruno Barufaldi; Kristen C. Lau; Homero Schiabel; D. A. Maidment
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iDensity: an automatic Gabor filter-based algorithm for breast density assessment
Author(s): Ziba Gamdonkar; Kevin Tay; Will Ryder; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Assessment of mass detection performance in contrast enhanced digital mammography
Author(s): Ann-Katherine Carton; Pablo Milioni de Carvalho; Zhijin Li; Clarisse Dromain; Serge Muller
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The relationship between socio-economic status and cancer detection at screening
Author(s): Sian Taylor-Phillips; Toyin Ogboye; Tom Hamborg; Olive Kearins; Emma O'Sullivan; Aileen Clarke
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The impact of mammographic imaging systems on density measurement
Author(s): Christine N. Damases; Patrick C. Brennan; Mark F. McEntee
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A phantom-based JAFROC observer study of two CT reconstruction methods: the search for optimisation of lesion detection and effective dose
Author(s): John D. Thompson; Dev P. Chakraborty; Katy Szczepura; Ioannis Vamvakas; Andrew Tootell; David J. Manning; Peter Hogg
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A multireader diagnostic performance study of low-contrast detectability on a third-generation dual-source CT scanner: filtered back projection versus advanced modeled iterative reconstruction
Author(s): Justin Solomon; Achille Mileto; Juan Carlos Ramirez-Giraldo; Ehsan Samei
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Demonstration of multi- and single-reader sample size program for diagnostic studies software
Author(s): Stephen L. Hillis; Kevin M. Schartz
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Low contrast detectability in CT for human and model observers in multi-slice data sets
Author(s): Alexandre Ba; Damien Racine; Julien G. Ott; Francis R. Verdun; Sabine Kobbe-Schmidt; Miguel P. Eckstein; Francois O. Bochud
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Influence of the grayscale on phantom-based image quality assessment in x-ray computed tomography
Author(s): F. Noo; K. Hahn; H. C. Davidson; U. Rassner; M. E. Heilbrun
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Combination of detection and estimation tasks using channelized scanning linear observer for CT imaging systems
Author(s): Hsin-Wu Tseng; Jiahua Fan; Matthew A. Kupinski
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What observer models best reflect low-contrast detectability in CT?
Author(s): Justin Solomon; Ehsan Samei
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CT image quality evaluation for detection of signals with unknown location, size, contrast and shape using unsupervised methods
Author(s): Aria X. Pezeshk; Lucretiu Popescu; Berkman Sahiner
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Impact of number of repeated scans on model observer performance for a low-contrast detection task in CT
Author(s): Chi Ma; Lifeng Yu; Baiyu Chen; Thomas Vrieze; Christopher Favazza; Shuai Leng; Cynthia McCollough
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Using the Wiener estimator to determine optimal imaging parameters in a synthetic-collimator SPECT system used for small animal imaging
Author(s): Alexander Lin; Lindsay C. Johnson; Sepideh Shokouhi; Todd E. Peterson; Matthew A. Kupinski
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Optimization of energy window and evaluation of scatter compensation methods in MPS using the ideal observer with model mismatch
Author(s): Michael Ghaly; Jonathan M. Links; Eric Frey
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Approximate maximum likelihood estimation of scanning observer templates
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Frank W. Samuelson; Adam Wunderlich; Lucretiu M. Popescu; Miguel P. Eckstein; John M. Boone
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The effect of signal variability on the histograms of anthropomorphic channel outputs: factors resulting in non-normally distributed data
Author(s): Fatma E. A. Elshahaby; Michael Ghaly; Abhinav K. Jha; Eric C. Frey
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Prevalence learning and decision making in a visual search task: an equivalent ideal observer approach
Author(s): Xin He; Frank Samuelson; Rongping Zeng; Berkman Sahiner
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Ideal and visual-search observers: accounting for anatomical noise in search tasks with planar nuclear imaging
Author(s): Anando Sen; Howard C. Gifford
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Priming cases disturb visual search patterns in screening mammography
Author(s): Sarah J. Lewis; Warren M. Reed; Alvin N. K. Tan; Patrick C. Brennan; Warwick Lee; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Fractal analysis of radiologists' visual scanning pattern in screening mammography
Author(s): Folami T. Alamudun; Hong-Jun Yoon; Kathy Hudson; Garnetta Morin-Ducote; Georgia Tourassi
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Temporal stability of visual search-driven biometrics
Author(s): Hong-Jun Yoon; Tandy R. Carmichael; Georgia Tourassi
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Towards using eye-tracking data to develop visual-search observers for x-ray breast imaging
Author(s): Zhengqiang Jiang; Zhihua Liang; Mini Das; Howard C. Gifford
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Improving lesion detectability in PET imaging with a penalized likelihood reconstruction algorithm
Author(s): Kristen A. Wangerin; Sangtae Ahn; Steven G. Ross; Paul E. Kinahan; Ravindra M. Manjeshwar
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SVM-based visual-search model observers for PET tumor detection
Author(s): Howard C. Gifford; Anando Sen; Robert Azencott
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The use of kernel local Fisher discriminant analysis for the channelization of the Hotelling model observer
Author(s): Gezheng Wen; Mia K. Markey
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Evaluation of six channelized Hotelling observers in combination with a contrast sensitivity function to predict human observer performance
Author(s): Marco Goffi; Wouter J. H. Veldkamp; Ruben E van Engen; Ramona W. Bouwman
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On anthropomorphic decision making in a model observer
Author(s): Ali R. N. Avanaki; Kathryn S. Espig; Tom R. L. Kimpe; Andrew D. A. Maidment
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Comparison of two stand-alone CADe systems at multiple operating points
Author(s): Berkman Sahiner; Weijie Chen; Aria Pezeshk; Nicholas Petrick
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Feasibility of using a biowatch to monitor GSR as a measure of radiologists' stress and fatigue
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Lea MacKinnon; Bruce I. Reiner
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Augmenting real-time video with virtual models for enhanced visualization for simulation, teaching, training and guidance
Author(s): Michael Potter; Alexander Bensch; Alexander Dawson-Elli; Cristian A. Linte
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Objective evaluation of methods to track motion from clinical cardiac-gated tagged MRI without the use of a gold standard
Author(s): Felipe M. Parages; Thomas S. Denney Jr.; Jovan G. Brankov
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Developing a clinical utility framework to evaluate prediction models in radiogenomics
Author(s): Yirong Wu; Jie Liu; Alejandro Munoz del Rio; David C. Page; Oguzhan Alagoz; Peggy Peissig; Adedayo A. Onitilo; Elizabeth S. Burnside M.D.
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Evaluation of a simulation procedure designed to recognize shape and contour of suspicious masses in mammography
Author(s): Maria A. Z. Sousa; Paula N. Siqueira; Homero Schiabel
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Implementation and value of using a split-plot reader design in a study of digital breast tomosynthesis in a breast cancer assessment clinic
Author(s): Suneeta Mall; Patrick C. Brennan; Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Evaluating RVUs as a measure of workload for use in assessing fatigue
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Lea MacKinnon; Karl Hasselbach; Mihra Taljanovic
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Characterization of breast density in women from Lima, Peru
Author(s): Fanny L. Casado; Susan Manrique; Jorge Guerrero; Joseph Pinto; Jose Ferrer; Benjamin Castaneda
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Sparsity-driven ideal observer for computed medical imaging systems
Author(s): Kun Wang; Yang Lou; Matthew A. Kupinski; Mark A. Anastasio
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Evaluation of angiogram visualization methods for fast and reliable aneurysm diagnosis
Author(s): Žiga Lesar; Ciril Bohak; Matija Marolt
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Investigation of methods for calibration of classifier scores to probability of disease
Author(s): Weijie Chen; Berkman Sahiner; Frank Samuelson; Aria Pezeshk; Nicholas Petrick
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Image-domain sampling properties of the Hotelling Observer in CT using filtered back-projection
Author(s): Adrian A. Sanchez; Emil Y. Sidky; Xiaochuan Pan
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The role of digital tomosynthesis in reducing the number of equivocal breast reportings
Author(s): Maram Alakhras; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Mary Rickard; Roger Bourne; Patrick C. Brennan
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Investigation on viewing direction dependent detectability in a reconstructed 3D volume for a cone beam CT system
Author(s): Junhan Park; Changwoo Lee; Jongduk Baek
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The effect of NPS calculation method on power-law coefficient estimation accuracy in breast texture modeling
Author(s): Zhijin Li; Ann-Katherine Carton; Serge Muller; Răzvan Iordache; Agnès Desolneux
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Comparing prediction models for radiographic exposures
Author(s): W. Ching; J. Robinson; M. F. McEntee
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Objective evaluation of reconstruction methods for quantitative SPECT imaging in the absence of ground truth
Author(s): Abhinav K. Jha; Na Song; Brian Caffo; Eric C. Frey
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Experience in reading digital images may decrease observer accuracy in mammography
Author(s): Mohammad A. Rawashdeh; Sarah J. Lewis; Warwick Lee; Claudia Mello-Thoms; Warren M. Reed; Mark McEntee; Kriscia Tapia; Patrick C. Brennan
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