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Video Surveillance and Transportation Imaging Applications 2015
Editor(s): Robert P. Loce; Eli Saber
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Volume Number: 9407
Date Published: 12 March 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9407
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Road user tracker based on robust regression with GNC and preconditioning
Author(s): Andreas Leich; Marek Junghans; Karsten Kozempel; Hagen Saul
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Vehicle speed estimation using a monocular camera
Author(s): Wencheng Wu; Vladimir Kozitsky; Martin E. Hoover; Robert Loce; D. M. Todd Jackson
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Detecting and extracting identifiable information from vehicles in videos
Author(s): Siddharth Roheda; Hari Kalva; Mehul Naik
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Efficient integration of spectral features for vehicle tracking utilizing an adaptive sensor
Author(s): Burak Uzkent; Matthew J. Hoffman; Anthony Vodacek
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Detection and recognition of road markings in panoramic images
Author(s): Cheng Li; Ivo M. Creusen; Lykele Hazelhoff; Peter H. N. de With
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Topview stereo: combining vehicle-mounted wide-angle cameras to a distance sensor array
Author(s): Sebastian Houben
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A machine learning approach for detecting cell phone usage
Author(s): Beilei Xu; Robert P. Loce
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Driver alertness detection using Google Glasses
Author(s): Kuang-Yu Liu; Chung-Lin Huang
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Close to real-time robust pedestrian detection and tracking
Author(s): Y. Lipetski; G. Loibner; O. Sidla
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Development of a portable bicycle/pedestrian monitoring system for safety enhancement
Author(s): Colin Usher; W. D. R. Daley
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Active gated imaging for automotive safety applications
Author(s): Yoav Grauer; Ezri Sonn
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Arbitrary object localization and tracking via multiple-camera surveillance system embedded in a parking garage
Author(s): André Ibisch; Sebastian Houben; Matthias Michael; Robert Kesten; Florian Schuller
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Unsupervised classification and visual representation of situations in surveillance videos using slow feature analysis for situation retrieval applications
Author(s): Frank Pagel
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An intelligent crowdsourcing system for forensic analysis of surveillance video
Author(s): Khalid Tahboub; Neeraj Gadgil; Javier Ribera; Blanca Delgado; Edward J. Delp III
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Hierarchical video surveillance architecture: a chassis for video big data analytics and exploration
Author(s): Sola O. Ajiboye; Philip Birch; Christopher Chatwin; Rupert Young
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Gender classification in low-resolution surveillance video: in-depth comparison of random forests and SVMs
Author(s): Christopher D. Geelen; Rob G. J. Wijnhoven; Gijs Dubbelman; Peter H. N. de With
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Detection and handling of occlusion in an object detection system
Author(s): Ron M. G. op het Veld; R. G. J. Wijnhoven; Y. Bondarev; Peter H. N. de With
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Spatio-temporal action localization for human action recognition in large dataset
Author(s): Sameh Megrhi; Marwa Jmal; Azeddine Beghdadi; Wided Mseddi
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Person identification from streaming surveillance video using mid-level features from joint action-pose distribution
Author(s): Binu M. Nair; Vijayan K. Asari
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Scene projection by non-linear transforms to a geo-referenced map for situational awareness
Author(s): Kevin C. Krucki; Vijay K. Asari
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A vision-based approach for tramway rail extraction
Author(s): Matthijs H. Zwemer; Dennis W. J. M. van de Wouw; Egbert G. T. Jaspers; Sveta Zinger; Peter H. N. de With
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Exploration towards the modeling of gable-roofed buildings using a combination of aerial and street-level imagery
Author(s): Ivo Creusen; Lykele Hazelhoff; Peter H. N. de With
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On improving IED object detection by exploiting scene geometry using stereo processing
Author(s): Dennis W. J. M. van de Wouw; Gijs Dubbelman; Peter H. N. de With
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Visual analysis of trash bin processing on garbage trucks in low resolution video
Author(s): Oliver Sidla; Gernot Loibner
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Toward creation of interaction models: simple objects-interaction approach
Author(s): Teresa Hernández-Díaz; Juan Manuel García-Huerta; Alberto Vazquez-Cervantes; Hugo Jiménez-Hernández; Ana-M. Herrera-Navarro
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Compressive sensing based video object compression schemes for surveillance systems
Author(s): Sathiya Narayanan; Anamitra Makur
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Improved colorization for night vision system based on image splitting
Author(s): E. Ali; S. P. Kozaitis
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Evaluation of maritime object detection methods for full motion video applications using the PASCAL VOC Challenge framework
Author(s): Martin Jaszewski; Shibin Parameswaran; Eric Hallenborg; Bryan Bagnall
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Person re-identification in UAV videos using relevance feedback
Author(s): Arne Schumann; Tobias Schuchert
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Aerial surveillance based on hierarchical object classification for ground target detection
Author(s): Alberto Vázquez-Cervantes; Juan-Manuel García-Huerta; Teresa Hernández-Díaz; J. A. Soto-Cajiga; Hugo Jiménez-Hernández
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A novel synchronous multi-intensity IR illuminator hardware implementation for nighttime surveillance
Author(s): Wen Chih Teng; Jen-Hui Chuang
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