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Optical Metrology and Inspection for Industrial Applications III
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Volume Number: 9276
Date Published: 10 December 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9276
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Phase retrieval for optical metrology
Author(s): Giancarlo Pedrini; Ahmad Faridian; Alok Kumar Singh; Wolfgang Osten
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Single-shot three-dimensional shape measurement of specular surfaces by orthogonal color fringe pattern reflection technique
Author(s): Yuxiang Wu; Huimin Yue; Jingya Yi; Mingyang Li; Yong Liu
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Pixel correspondence calibration method of a 2CCD camera based on absolute phase calculation
Author(s): Zonghua Zhang; Guoquan Zheng; Shujun Huang
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Matching method of the vision image captured by the lunar rover exploring on lunar surface
Author(s): Lichun Li; Jianliang Zhou; Jun Sun; Desheng Shang; Yinghui Xu; Wei Zhang; Wenhui Wan
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A high-reflective surface measurement method based on conoscopic holography technology
Author(s): Xu Cheng; ZhongWei Li; YuSheng Shi; HengShuang Zhao; Guomin Zhan
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of specular reflecting technical surfaces using structured light microscopy
Author(s): Johannes Kettel; Claas Müller; Holger Reinecke
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Optimized design of a TOF laser range finder based on time-correlated single-photon counting
Author(s): Huanqin Wang; Yixin Yang; Zhe Huang; YangYang Cao; Huaqiao Gui
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Optimizing binary dithering patterns to improve phase quality
Author(s): Junfei Dai; Song Zhang
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A hand-held, high-resolution 3D shape measurement system using structured and unstructured illumination
Author(s): Kai Zhong; Zhongwei Li; Xiaohui Zhou; Yusheng Shi; Congjun Wang
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Polarization scattering methods applied in particle analyzing
Author(s): Li Da; Nan Zeng; Maomao Zeng; Hui Ma
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Compact camera for 3D position registration of cancer in radiation treatment
Author(s): Toshitaka Wakayama; Shun Hiratsuka; Yoshihisa Kamakura; Katsumasa Nakamura; Toru Yoshizawa
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Real-time scanner error correction in white light interferometry
Author(s): Dong Chen; Joanna Schmit; Matt Novak
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A robust automatic registration method for hand-held structured light 3D scanner
Author(s): Guomin Zhan; Mengqi Wu; Kai Zhong; Zhongwei Li; Yusheng Shi
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System implementation of self-mixing interferometry technique-based measurement on Young's modulus
Author(s): Ke Lin; Yanguang Yu; Zhenghao Liu; Jiangtao Xi; Huijun Li; Cuiling Liu
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Research on high-accuracy two-dimensional digital image correlation hardware measurement systems used in the engineering practice
Author(s): Guang Chen; Keqin Ding; Qibo Feng
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The art of specifying surface quality
Author(s): John C. Stover; Sen Han
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Dynamic 3D shape measurement based on grating projection and Fourier fringe analysis
Author(s): Qican Zhang; Zhiling Hou; Xioahui Wang; Xue Li
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Comparing digital-light-processing (DLP) and liquid-crystal-display(LCD) projection technologies for high-quality 3D shape measurement
Author(s): Chen Gong; Beiwen Li; Song Zhang
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Solutions on micro lens applied in multiple configuration systems
Author(s): Hua Liu; Quanxin Ding; Liwei Zhou
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The assessment of industrial CT's probing error
Author(s): Yushu Shi; Sitian Gao; Xu Song; Dongsheng Li; Wei Li; Qi Li; Shi Li; Siwen Chen
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A driving step auto-access method for single-wavelength microscopic interference
Author(s): Xin Guan; Xuanze Wang; Zhongsheng Zhai; Liangen Yang
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Long-range active retroreflector to measure the rotational orientation in conjunction with a laser tracker
Author(s): O. Hofherr; Christian Wachten; C. Müller; H. Reinecke
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Experimental study for the influence of surface characteristics on the fringe patterns
Author(s): Yifan Wei; Jiangtao Xi; Yanguang Yu; Qinghua Guo; Yongkai Yin
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New method of verificating optical flat flatness
Author(s): Hao Sun; Xueyuan Li; Sen Han; Jianrong Zhu; Zhenglai Guo; Yuegang Fu
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Mode-disturbing effect of laser speckle in optical fibers
Author(s): Weimin Sun; Yunxiang Yan; Yu Jiang; Jianchao Zheng
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The model about the package structure of LED and the light intensity distribution
Author(s): Haojie Sun; Mengyuan Li; Jie Zhuang; Dawei Zhang
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Effects of lens aberrations in phase space
Author(s): Guohai Li; Guohai Situ
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Optical fiber power measurement using different transfer standards
Author(s): Nan Xu; Haiyong Gan; Jianwei Li; Zhixin Zhang; Jian Li
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A high-accuracy subaperture stitching system for nonflatness measurement of wafer stage mirror
Author(s): Yunjun Lu; Feng Tang; Xiangzhao Wang; Yong Li; Xiulong Wan; Fudong Guo; Fengzhao Dai
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A high speed camera with auto adjustable ROI for product's outline dimension measurement
Author(s): Qian Wang; Ping Wei; Jun Ke; Jingjing Gao
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A registration method based on profile matching for vegetation canopy measurement
Author(s): Xudong Li; Yang Liu; Yunjiang Liao; Hongzhi Jiang; Huijie Zhao
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Correction of refraction index based on adjacent pulse repetition interval lengths
Author(s): Dong Wei; Masato Aketagawa
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Accurate and automatic extrinsic calibration method for blade measurement system integrated by different optical sensors
Author(s): Wantao He; Zhongwei Li; Kai Zhong; Yusheng Shi; Can Zhao; Xu Cheng
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Analysis on how spectrum affects the test of solar cell electrical property
Author(s): Dingpu Liu; Chengying Shi; Haifeng Meng; Yingwei He; Haipeng Li; Liang Xu; Fan Zhou
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A new technique of recognition for coded targets in optical 3D measurement
Author(s): Changye Guo; Xiaosheng Cheng; Haihua Cui; Ning Dai; Jinping Weng
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Binocular videogrammetric system for three-dimensional measurement in low-speed wind tunnel
Author(s): Ye Zhu; Yonggang Gu; Chao Zhai
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An improved bundle adjustment model and algorithm with novel block matrix partition method
Author(s): Zemin Xia; Zhongwei Li; Kai Zhong
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High-speed three-dimensional shape measurement using spatial frequency encoding and DLP projector
Author(s): Yanshuai Tu; Yong Li; Hongzhen Jin; Jian Wang
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Verification and analysis of stray light in high-power laser system
Author(s): PingXian Huang; Zhaofeng Cen; Xiaotong Li; Yuan Jin
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Cost-effective and full-field method for measuring vibration of loudspeaker membrane using fringe projection
Author(s): Jian Wang; Yong Li; Zhiliang Zhang; Peng Gao
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Optical image encryption in phase space
Author(s): Jun Liu; Xiaobin Xu; Guohai Situ; Quanying Wu
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Influence of both angle and position error of pentaprism on accuracy of pentaprism scanning system
Author(s): Kun Xu; Sen Han; Qiyuan Zhang; Quanying Wu
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Optimal design of optical length in low turbidity measurement system with wavelength 1310 nm and 1550 nm
Author(s): Hui-bin Cao; Jian-guo Liu; Hua-qiao Gui; Jie Wang; Huan-qin Wang
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The research of filtering on images with noises of the three-mirror aperture optical system
Author(s): Jun Wang; Quanying Wu; Junliu Fan; Youqing Wang
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Measuring the displacement of the movable guard electrode in the new vertical calculable capacitor at NIM
Author(s): Jianbo Wang; Jin Qian; Zhongyou Liu; Xiuying Liu; Zhuliang Lu; Lu Huang; Cong Yin; Tongbao Li
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Cramer-Rao analysis of three-channel phase diverse wave-front sensing for Golay3 aperture
Author(s): Junliu Fan; Quanying Wu; Jun Wang; Xunwu Li
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Dual-frequency laser displacement and angle interferometer
Author(s): Shijie Zhao; Haoyun Wei; Yan Li
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A 2-dimensionalal thickness measurement ellipsometer based on the the the liquid crystal variable retarder
Author(s): Fangfang Meng; Xuejian Wu; Yan Li
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Precision judgment criteria and supplement data processing method in high-precision ranging with dual-comb lasers
Author(s): Qian Zhou; Yang Li; Kai Ni; Mingfei Xu; Hao Dong; Guanhao Wu
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Novel high speed method using gray level vector modulation for 3D shape measurement
Author(s): Gui-Wen Lin; Dong Li; Jin-Dong Tian
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A new usage of ASIFT for the range image registration
Author(s): Chun-Yang Liu; Dong Li; Jin-Dong Tian
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A new geometrical model and mathematical method for three-dimensional surface reconstruction based on phase-shifting structured light technique
Author(s): Suzhi Xiao; Wei Tao; Hao Yan; Hui Zhao
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An optimized FBG-based fatigue monitoring strategy on deepwater risers
Author(s): Xuan Li; Peng Ren; Zhi Zhou; Jinping Ou
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Hyperspectral visible-near infrared imaging for the detection of waxed rice
Author(s): Mantong Zhao
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Soluble solids content and firmness non-destructive inspection and varieties discrimination of apples based on visible near-infrared hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Yao Zhou
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Sensing driver awareness by combining fisheye camera and Kinect
Author(s): Z. Wuhe; Z. Lei; D. Ning
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High-frequency deformation grating fabrication techniques and applications
Author(s): Xianglu Dai; Yanjie Li; Huimin Xie
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Precision issues in angle measurements by means of autocollimator
Author(s): Yuri V. Filatov; Roman A Larichev
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