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Infrared, Millimeter-Wave, and Terahertz Technologies III
Editor(s): Cunlin Zhang; Xi-Cheng Zhang; Masahiko Tani
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Volume Number: 9275
Date Published: 10 December 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9275
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Effect on influenza hemagglutinin protein binding with neutralizing antibody using terahertz spectroscopy technology
Author(s): Yiwen Sun; Junlan Zhong; Jian Zuo; Cunlin Zhang
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Terahertz isolator in metal plate waveguide
Author(s): Fei Fan; Sai Chen; Sheng-Jiang Chang
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Tailoring fabrication parameters of silver helical metamaterials for enhanced polarization properties in terahertz regime
Author(s): Shuvan Prashant Turaga; Kwan Bum Choi; Yuanjun Yan; Andrew A. Bettiol
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Conductively coupled resonator scheme for dispersive transparency in metamaterials
Author(s): Shuvan Prashant Turaga; Jianfeng Wu; Agnieszka Banas; Krzysztof Banas; Andrew A. Bettiol
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Terahertz properties of metallic checkerboard patterns and related structures
Author(s): Yoku Tanaka; Keisuke Takano; Yuichiro Okui; Abdallah Chahadih; Abbas Ghaddar; Xiang-Lei Han; François Vaurette; Tahsin Akalin; Fumiaki Miyamaru; Willie J Padilla; Masanori Hangyo
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Terahertz gas sensing based on high Q one-dimensional photonic crystal cavity
Author(s): Tao Chen; Zhanghua Han; Jianjun Liu; Zhi Hong
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Low-frequency vibration study of amino acids using terahertz spectroscopy and solid-state density functional theory
Author(s): Feng Zhang; Keisuke Tominaga; Michitoshi Hayashi; Houng-Wei Wang
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THz wave generation from micro-plasma
Author(s): F. Buccheri; X.-C. Zhang
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Processing sequence for non-destructive inspection based on 3D terahertz images
Author(s): H. Balacey; Jean-Baptiste Perraud; J. Bou Sleiman; Jean-Paul Guillet; B. Recur; P. Mounaix
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Fabrication of broadband antireflection coating at terahertz frequency using a hot emboss method
Author(s): YunZhou Li; Bin Cai; YiMing Zhu
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Terahertz polarization conversion of metallic meanderline structures on the different thickness of polymide substrates
Author(s): Chang Gu; Guozhong Zhao; Ruirui Huang; Kuan Kou
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A new architecture of high dynamic range readout circuits for IR FPA
Author(s): Dazhao Jiang; Qinghua Liang; Ruijun Ding
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A 20MHz 15µm pitch 128x128 CTIA ROIC for InGaAs focal plane array
Author(s): Zhangcheng Huang; Yu Chen; Songlei Huang; Jiaxiong Fang
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Infrared image segmentation method based on spatial coherence histogram and maximum entropy
Author(s): Songtao Liu; Tongsheng Shen; Yao Dai
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Design of the small pixel pitch ROIC
Author(s): Qinghua Liang; Dazhao Jiang; Honglei Chen; Yongcheng Zhai; Lei Gao; Ruijun Ding
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Research on the infrared image processing algorithm based on FPGA
Author(s): Li Xin
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Far-field beam-pattern of a twin-slot HEB mixer at 600GHz
Author(s): Kangmin Zhou; Yan Delorme; Roland Lefevre; Frederic Dauplay; Alexandre Feret; Thibaut Vacelet; Zheng Lou; Sheng-Cai Shi
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2D reconstruction of terahertz Gabor inline digital holography
Author(s): Yun-Da Li; Qi Li; Jia-Qi Hu; Yongpeng Zhao
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Simulated annealing method for material parameter extraction with terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
Author(s): Dongxiong Ling; Hongcheng Wang; Xiaoyuan Huang; Yonghe Guan
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A W-band subharmonic Schottky mixer for millimeter imaging
Author(s): Jie Hu; Cheng-Jiang Zhang; Qing Ding; Zheng Lou; Sheng-Cai Shi
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Frequency spectrum of a THz QCL in pulse mode measured by an FTS system
Author(s): Shao-Liang Li; Wei Miao; Zhen-Hui Lin; Qij-Jun Yao; Sheng-Cai Shi
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Personnel screening with terahertz opto-mechanical scanning imaging
Author(s): Lan-tao Guo; Xin Liu; Chao Deng; Yuan-meng Zhao; Cun-lin Zhang
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Design of a ROIC with high dynamic range for LWIR FPAs
Author(s): Yongcheng Zhai; Ruijun Ding
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High efficiency coupler for terahertz anti-resonate waveguide
Author(s): Tianji Chen; Ting He; Bo Zhang; Jingling Shen
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Identification of polypeptides by using SOM neural networks
Author(s): Jianwei Liu; Ting He; Bo Zhang; Jingling Shen
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Applications of Bruggeman effective medium theory in mixture using terahertz spectrum
Author(s): Leiwei Zhang; Jian Zuo; Cunlin Zhang
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Influence of incident wave polarization on the transmission properties of terahertz metamaterials
Author(s): Lishuang Feng; Chenlong Li; Zhen Zhou
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Multi-heterodyne molecular absorption spectrum detection of H13C14N based on dual frequency combs
Author(s): Honglei Yang; Haoyun Wei; Yan Li
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Experimental methods of indoor millimeter-wave radiometric imaging for personnel concealed contraband detection
Author(s): Taiyang Hu; Zelong Xiao; Hao Li; Rongchuan Lv; Xuan Lu
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Extracting accurate complex refractive index from solid pellets based on time-domain terahertz reflection spectroscopy
Author(s): Lin Zhang; Yu Zhang; Yingfeng He; Ping Sun; Yun Zou; Qiongzhen Jia; Qinghua Yang
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Studies on spectroscopy of glycerol in THz range using microfluidic chip-integrated micropump
Author(s): Bo Su; Xue Han; Ying Wu; Cunlin Zhang
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Target recognition in passive terahertz image of human body
Author(s): Ran Zhao; Yuan-meng Zhao; Chao Deng; Cun-lin Zhang; Yue Li
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Terahertz spectra of glycerol, water, and their mixture in a microfluidic chip
Author(s): Xue Han; Bo Su; Ying Wu; Cunlin Zhang
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A single-frame terahertz image super-resolution reconstruction method based on sparse representation theory
Author(s): Yue Li; Yuan-meng Zhao; Chao Deng; Cunlin Zhang
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A polarization-independent terahertz modulator based on metamaterials with symmetric structure
Author(s): Jingsuo He; Lei Jiao; Hailin Cui; Cunlin Zhang
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Orbit angular momentum encoding at 0.3 THz via 3D printed spiral phase plates
Author(s): Xuli Wei; Changming Liu; Zhongqi Zhang; Long Zhu; Jian Wang; Kejia Wang; Zhenggang Yang; Jinsong Liu
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Terahertz imaging system based on bessel beams via 3D printed axicons at 100GHz
Author(s): Changming Liu; Xuli Wei; Zhongqi Zhang; Kejia Wang; Zhenggang Yang; Jinsong Liu
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Understanding the high order cavity modes in parallel plate waveguide with single deep groove
Author(s): Lin Chen; Qiang Song ; Bin Cai; Yiming Zhu
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