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Optical Design and Testing VI
Editor(s): Yongtian Wang; Chunlei Du; José Sasián; Kimio Tatsuno
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Volume Number: 9272
Date Published: 25 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9272
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Light scattering characterization of optical components: BRDF, BTDF, and scatter losses
Author(s): Sven Schröder; Alexander Finck; Dina Katsir; Uwe Zeitner; Angela Duparré
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Extremely small red-green-blue beam combiners for compact projection-type displays
Author(s): Toshio Katsuyama; Akira Nakao; Kosuke Ogawa; Kenta Tsujino; Kohei Takahata
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UV-LED system to obtain high power density in specific working-plane
Author(s): Renyuan Li; Xiuhui Sun; Jian Gou; Wentao Cai; Chunlei Du; Shaoyun Yin
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Design of directional light source for blue phase LCD
Author(s): Che Yen Lin; King-Lien Lee; Po-Yu Tsai; Jie-Wen Chen
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Graphene composite anode for flexible polymer light emitting diode
Author(s): Wei Luo; Weimin Chen; Chongqian Leng; Deping Huang; Yongna Zhang; Jun Yang; Zhancheng Li; Haofei Shi; Chunlei Du
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Feedback modification strategy for designing a free-form optical surface with given illumination pattern
Author(s): Yuhao Chen; Zhaofeng Cen; Xiaotong Li; Yun Dong
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Three-dimensional image formation based on scanning with a floating real image
Author(s): Daisuke Miyazaki
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3D goes digital: from stereoscopy to modern 3D imaging techniques
Author(s): N. Kerwien
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Imaging microscopy by phase-contrast engine: retardation-modulated differential interference contrast microscope
Author(s): Hiroshi Ishiwata; Masahide Itoh
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Phase-contrast scanning optical microscopy for biological tissues
Author(s): Masaki Hisaka
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Integrated phase-shifting digital holography using statistical approach
Author(s): Nobukazu Yoshikawa; Kazuki Kajihara; Takaaki Shiratori
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High-precision three-dimensional coordinate measurement with subwavelength-aperture-fiber point diffraction interferometer
Author(s): Daodang Wang; Yangbo Xu; Xixi Chen; Fumin Wang; Ming Kong; Jun Zhao
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Freeform metrology based on phase retrieval and computer-generated hologram
Author(s): Fa Zeng; Qiaofeng Tan; Yi Liu; Huarong Gu; Zhehai Zhou; Guofan Jin
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Polarization aberration function for perturbed lithographic lens
Author(s): Wei Huang; Xiangru Xu; Mingfei Xu; Weicai Xu; Zhaoxin Tang
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Design, simulation and experimental analysis of an anti-stray-light illumination system of fundus camera
Author(s): Chen Ma; Dewen Cheng; Chen Xu; Yongtian Wang
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Effect of higher order aberrations on a radially polarized beam
Author(s): Md. Gaffar; B. R. Boruah
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Nanofabrication with sub-50nm features by imprinting-induced cracks
Author(s): Liangping Xia; Man Zhang; Zheng Yang; Shaoyun Yin; Chunlei Du
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A simple method generating first-order optical structure based on particle swarm algorithm (withdrawal notice)
Author(s): Xiangbo Lv; Qiang Song; Rui Wei Yue; Fang Zhang; Jing Zhu; Huijie Huang
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MTF curve integral calculation method and its application in image quality evaluation
Author(s): Ze-xin Xiao; Huang Yin; Shu-jing Ma
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The investigation of large field of view eyepiece with multilayer diffractive optical element
Author(s): Changjiang Fan
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Optical metrology techniques and apparatus for lens assembly
Author(s): Shuping Wang; Chi Zhang; Colleen Davis; Mark Alt; Zheng Ji; Yue Han; Michael Gardner
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Single camera stereo vision coordinate measurement in parts pose recognization on CMM
Author(s): Chun-mei Wang; Feng-shan Huang; Xue-sha Wang; Li Chen
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Inertially stabilized line-of-sight control system using a magnetic bearing with vernier gimbaling capacity
Author(s): Zhuchong Lin; Kun Liu
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Design and implementation of high power LED machine vision lighting system
Author(s): Hua-peng Xiao; Ming-dong Li; Xing-yu Gao; Peng-bo Chen
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CFRP variable curvature mirror being capable of generating a large variation of saggitus: prototype design and experimental demonstration
Author(s): Hui Zhao; Xuewu Fan; Zhihai Pang; Guorui Ren; Wei Wang; Yongjie Xie; Zhen Ma; Yunfei Du; Yu Su; Jingxuan Wei; Xiaopeng Xie
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Design of an ultra-thin dual band infrared system
Author(s): Ke Du; Xuemin Cheng; Qichao Lv; YiFei Hu
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Design of a dual-band MWIR/LWIR circular unobscured three-mirror optical system with Zernike polynomial surfaces
Author(s): Hao Zhu; Qingfeng Cui; Mingxu Piao; Chunzhu Zhao
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Design and optimization of optical system for a spectrometer based on VPHT grating
Author(s): Zhong Ren; Guodong Liu; Zhen Huang; Zhihua Xiong
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Optical performance study of duplex Y-branch coupler with different structures
Author(s): Kuang-Lung Huang; Te-Shu Liu; Jei Ding; Jin-Jia Chen
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Design of blue LEDs array with high optical power
Author(s): Pengzhi Lu; Hua Yang; Bin Xue; Haizhong Xie; Jing Li; Xiaoyan Yi; Junxi Wang; Guohong Wang; Jinmin Li
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Calculation of Mueller matrix for light scattering from randomly rough surface
Author(s): Keding Yan; Shouyu Wang; Shu Jiang; Liang Xue; Yuanyuan Song; Zhengang Yan; Zhenhua Li
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Design and experimental demonstration of variable curvature mirror having a large saggitus variation
Author(s): Xiaopeng Xie; Hui Zhao; Guorui Ren; Jingxuan Wei; Neimule Menke
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Freeform lens design using a complementary optimization method for uniform illumination with extended LED light sources
Author(s): Te-Yuan Wang; Jin-Jia Chen; Kuang-Lung Huang; Chuen-Ching Wang
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Design of vari-focal panoramic annular lenses based on Alvarez surfaces
Author(s): Yujie Luo; Jian Bai; Yuan Yao
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Effect of environmental temperature on diffraction efficiency for multilayer diffractive optical elements in Mid-wave infrared
Author(s): Mingxu Piao; Qingfeng Cui; Hao Zhu; Bo Zhang
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Correcting the wavefront aberration of membrane mirror based on liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Bin Yang; Yin Wei; Xinhua Chen; Minxue Tang
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Two-dimension lateral shearing interferometry for microscope objective wavefront metrology
Author(s): Zhixiang Liu; Tingwen Xing; Yadong Jiang; Baobin Lv; Fuchao Xu
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Enhancement of wireless ultraviolet communication system using FEC codes
Author(s): Xiang Zhang; Yansong Zhang; Shuo Yang; Feng Zhang; Min Zhang; Qing Li
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Distortion control for panoramic annular lens with Q-type aspheres
Author(s): Xiangdong Zhou; Jian Bai
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The experiment to detect equivalent optical path difference in independent double aperture interference light path based on step scanning method
Author(s): Chaoyan Wang; Xin-yang Chen; Lixin Zheng; Yuanyuan Ding
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Wavefront reconstruction for image restoration based on generalized ridge estimation
Author(s): Yang Yang; Bo Chen
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Aberration resilience of azimuthally polarized beam with a helical phase mask
Author(s): B. R. Boruah; Md. Gaffar
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The design of an ultra-thin and multiple channels optical receiving antenna system with freeform lenses
Author(s): Lingyun Zhang; Dewen Cheng; Yuan Hu; Weitao Song; Yongtian Wang
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Angular-momentum-dependent splitting of light through metal nanohole
Author(s): Dejiao Hu; Yu Liu; ZhiYou Zhang; Xiao Xiao; JingLei Du
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Generation of radially and azimuthally polarized beams with an inner wall waveguide fiber
Author(s): Yujing Zhao; Zhihai Liu
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Lens design based on lens form parameters using Gaussian brackets
Author(s): Xiangyu Yuan; Xuemin Cheng
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Polarization state control using metal nanograting
Author(s): Yang Yue; Dejiao Hu; Zhiyou Zhang; Jinglei Du
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A microspectrometer based on subwavelength metal nanohole array
Author(s): Jun Cui; Liangping Xia; Zheng Yang; Lu Yin; Guoxing Zheng; Shaoyun Yin; Chunlei Du
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Measurement of radius of curvature of spherical optical surfaces with small curvature and aperture by optical profiler
Author(s): Shuang Ma; Shengzhen Yi; Shenghao Chen; Zhanshan Wang
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Design of hard x-ray focusing telescope with a large field-of-view
Author(s): Shenghao Chen; Baozhong Mu; Shuang Ma; Zhanshan Wang
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Enhancement of light absorption in organic solar cells by using plasmonic gratings
Author(s): Xiao Xiao; Zhiyou Zhang; Shiwei Xie; Yu Liu; Yucui Zhai; Dejiao Hu; Jinglei Du
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Design of solar-blind UV optical system for missile approach warning
Author(s): Yu Chen; Furong Huo; Liqin Zheng
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A high efficiency LED portable desk lamp based on V-groove cells LGP
Author(s): Chi-Feng Chen; Shin-Hong Kuo
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The deflection effect of starlight transmission in hypersonic conditions
Author(s): Jing Hu; Bo Yang
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Analysis of error propagation in an improved zonal phase-gradient model
Author(s): Biswajit Pathak; Bosanta R. Boruah
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A novel solution for LED wall lamp design and simulation
Author(s): Rui Ge; Weibin Hong; Kuangqi Li; Pengxiang Liang; Fuli Zhao
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Smart structures on multiple configuration systems in image sensor
Author(s): Hua Liu; Quanxin Ding; Liwei Zhou
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Design of freeform illumination sources with arbitrary polarization for immersion lithography
Author(s): Lidong Wei; Yanqiu Li; Ke Liu
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