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Quantum and Nonlinear Optics III
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Volume Number: 9269
Date Published: 4 December 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9269
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measurement-based noiseless linear amplification for quantum communication
Author(s): H. M. Chrzanowski; N. Walk; J. Y. Haw; O. Thearle; S. M. Assad; J. Janousek; S. Hosseini; T. C. Ralph; T. Symul; P. K. Lam
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The classification of quantum symmetric-key encryption protocols
Author(s): Chong Xiang; Li Yang; Yong Peng; Dongqing Chen
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Current development of experimental investigation of squeezed light and its applications
Author(s): Genta Masada
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Magnetic resonance spectroscopy using a single nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
Author(s): Chathuranga Abeywardana; Viktor Stepanov; Franklin H. Cho; Susumu Takahashi
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Efficient phase-matched third harmonic generation from mid-IR to near-IR regions in a double asymmetric plasmonic slot waveguide
Author(s): Tingting Wu; Yunxu Sun; Perry Ping Shum; Xuguang Shao; Tianye Huang
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Controlled square optical bottle beam generated by symmetrical Airy beam induced by continuously regulable phase
Author(s): Denghui Li; Yixian Qian; Xueting Hong; Xiaowei Shi
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Recent progress of laser cooling for neutral mercury atom
Author(s): Kang-Kang Liu; Ru-Chen Zhao; Xiao-Hu Fu; Jin-Meng Hu; Yan Feng; Zhen Xu; Yu-Zhu Wang
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Image blurring and deblurring using two biased photorefractive crystals in the frequency domain
Author(s): Haiyong Gan; Chong Ma; Zhixu Sun; Tao Xu; Jianwei Li; Nan Xu; Jinjin Wang; Feng Song; Chuanxiang Sheng; Ming Sun; Li Li
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Interactive identification protocol based on a quantum public-key cryptosystem
Author(s): Chenmiao Wu; Li Yang
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Design an active imaging system using squeezed state light
Author(s): Xuling Lin; Siwen Bi; Song Yang; Zhiqiang Wu; Baohua Wang; Chao Wang; Ningjuan Ruan; Jian Ci
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Electromagnetically induced transparency in the four-level system driven by bichromatic microwave field
Author(s): Lijun Yang; Ke-jia Sun; Su-heng Zhang; Xiao-min Feng
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Sub-Poissonian light generation in a coupled quantum dot-photonic molecule system
Author(s): Yuanan Zhang; Zhongyuan Yu; Wen Zhang; Yumin Liu; Yongxin Yin
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Entanglement dynamics of the Tavis-Cummings model without rotating wave approximation
Author(s): Jingpei Feng; Xuezao Ren; Shu He
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Interference resonant propagation and spectral properties of double femtosecond chirped Gaussian pulses in three-level [lambda]-type atomic medium
Author(s): Zhendong Wang; Rongfang Ji; Jing Xiao; Jianling Ma; Tingting Liu
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Spatial emission characteristics from electron oscillation driven by circularly polarized laser pulses
Author(s): Youwei Tian; Gao Yu; Yuanyuan Wang; Jingxia Jiang; Qiuyuan Zhang
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Theoretical research on one-third harmonic generation process in optical microfibers
Author(s): Jianyu Zhang; Yunxu Sun
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Four-photon resonant nondegenerate eight-wave mixing in a dressed atomic system
Author(s): Jing Gao; Yu Cui; Xiaohang Li; Jiang Sun
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Supercontinuum generated in a dispersion-flattened photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Xingliang Li; Shumin Zhang; Mengmeng Han; Huaxing Zhang; Hong Yang; Ting Yuan
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The preset grating effect for mutually pumped phase conjugator
Author(s): Lin Ma; Zhihua Kang; Ninghua Zhang; Jifang Liu; Shunxiang Shi
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Theoretical research on period microstructure induced by femtosecond laser in transparent dielectric
Author(s): Shuwei Fan; Yan Zhang
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