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Lidar Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring XIV
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Volume Number: 9262
Date Published: 8 December 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9262
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ground return signal simulation and retrieval algorithm of spaceborne integrated path DIAL for CO2 measurements
Author(s): Bing-Yi Liu; Jun-Yang Wang; Zhi-Shen Liu
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Development of Ho:YLF laser pumped by Tm:fiber laser
Author(s): Kohei Mizutani; Shoken Ishii; Toshikazu Itabe; Kazuhiro Asai; Atsushi Sato
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Diode laser based water vapor DIAL using modulated pulse technique
Author(s): Phong Le Hoai Pham; Makoto Abo
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3D flash lidar imager onboard UAV
Author(s): Guoqing Zhou; Yilong Liu; Jiazhi Yang; Rongting Zhang; Chengjie Su; Yujun Shi; Xiang Zhou
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Independent measurements of PM2.5 and PM10 in tropospheric aerosol with a multiwavelength polarization Raman lidar
Author(s): Xiaoyu Yang; Yiming Zhao; Lianghai Li; Yong Yu; Lidong Wang
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Characterization of turbulent wake of wind turbine by coherent Doppler lidar
Author(s): Songhua Wu; Jiaping Yin; Bingyi Liu; Jintao Liu; Rongzhong Li; Xitao Wang; Changzhong Feng; Quanfeng Zhuang; Kailin Zhang
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Research in depolarization of particles in Tibetan Plateau and coastal area by lidar
Author(s): Guangyao Dai; Songhua Wu; Xiaoquan Song; Shengguang Qin; Bingyi Liu; Jintao Liu; Kailin Zhang; Wei Zhang
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Seasonal variation of aerosol vertical distributions in the middle and lower troposphere in Beijing and surrounding area during haze periods based on CALIPSO observation
Author(s): Qiong Liu; Xiaojun Ma; Hongchun Jin; Yonghang Chen; Yang Yu; Hua Zhang; Changjie Cai; Yuhui Wang; Hao Li
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Characterization of aerosols in East Asia with the Asian Dust and Aerosol Lidar Observation Network (AD-Net)
Author(s): Nobuo Sugimoto; Tomoaki Nishizawa; Atsushi Shimizu; Ichiro Matsui; Yoshitaka Jin
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Use of ceilometers for aerosol profile measurements: a comment from AD-Net
Author(s): Yoshitaka Jin; Kenji Kai; Kei Kawai; Nobuo Sugimoto; Tomoaki Nishizawa; Ichiro Matsui; Atsushi Shimizu; Dashdondog Batdorj
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Visualization using 3D voxelization of full lidar waveforms
Author(s): Joong Yong Park; Vinod Ramnath; Victor Feygels
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of indoor whole elements based on mobile LiDAR point cloud data
Author(s): Yuejian Gong; Wenbo Mao; Jiantao Bi; Wei Ji; Zhanjun He
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Attempt of UAV oblique images and MLS point clouds for 4D modelling of roadside pole-like objects
Author(s): Yi Lin; Geoff West
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Mapping the spatial pattern of temperate forest above ground biomass by integrating airborne lidar with Radarsat-2 imagery via geostatistical models
Author(s): Wang Li; Zheng Niu; Shuai Gao; Cheng Wang
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Static terrestrial laser scanning of juvenile understory trees for field phenotyping
Author(s): Huanhuan Wang; Yi Lin
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Estimation of inherent optical properties from CZMIL lidar
Author(s): Minsu Kim; Viktor Feygels; Yuri Kopilevich; Joong Yong Park; Tatijana Pantovic
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Particularities of hydro lidar missions in the Asia-Pacific region
Author(s): Viktor I. Feygels; Yuri Kopilevich; Joong Yong Park; Minsu Kim; Jennifer Aitken
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Aerosols and cirrus clouds over Hanoi, Vietnam: comparison between satellite products and results derived from ground-based lidar measurements
Author(s): H. Dothe; Trung van Dinh; Hai van Bui; J. H Gruninger
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Derivation of tree stem structural parameters from static terrestrial laser scanning data
Author(s): Wei Tian; Yi Lin; Yajing Liu; Zheng Niu
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Investigation of the shielding effect of tree structures measured by MLS on UV-B transmission
Author(s): Haoran Zhou; Yi Lin; Huijing Zhao
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Airborne lidar intensity calibration and application for land use classification
Author(s): Dong Li; Cheng Wang; She-Zhou Luo; Zheng-Li Zuo
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Classification of LiDAR data based on region segmentation and decision tree
Author(s): Kai-si Liu; Yan-bing Wang; Hui-li Gong
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A design strategy for a high-energy Tm,Ho: YLF laser transmitter
Author(s): Atsushi Sato; Kazuhiro Asai; Yoshiki Miyake; Shoken Ishii; Kohei Mizutani; Satoshi Ochiai
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Development of a scanning micro-pulse lidar for aerosol and cloud detection
Author(s): Chao Chen; Zhangjun Wang; Xiangqian Meng; Junle Qu; Libin Du; Xianxin Li; Bin Lv; V. V. Kabanov
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Observations of marine aerosol by a shipborne multiwavelength lidar over the Yellow Sea of China
Author(s): Zhangjun Wang; Libin Du; Xianxin Li; Xiangqian Meng; Chao Chen; Junle Qu; Xiufen Wang; Xingtao Liu; V. V. Kabanov
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Typical geologic disaster surveying in Wenchuan 8.0 earthquake zone using high resolution ground LiDAR and UAV remote sensing
Author(s): Hongbo Jiang; Yuanyuan Su; Qisong Jiao; Jingfa Zhang; Gong Lixia; Yi Luo
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