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Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere, Clouds, and Precipitation V
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Volume Number: 9259
Date Published: 1 December 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9259
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
JAXA's activities for environmental health monitoring
Author(s): Hiroshi Murakami
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Summer daytime precipitation in ice, mixed, and water phase as viewed by PR and VIRS in tropics and subtropics
Author(s): Yun-Fei Fu; Fang Qin
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Towards the comparison of satellite- and ground-based cloud amount over China
Author(s): Yawen Zhang; Hui Lu; Jun Cai
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Comparison of global precipitation climatology products derived from ground- and satellite-based measurements
Author(s): Zhong Liu
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Systematical evaluation of VPR- identification and enhancement (VPR-IE) approach for different precipitation types
Author(s): Yixin Wen; Yang Hong; Pierre Kirstetter; Qing Cao; J. J. Gourley; Jian Zhang; Xianwu Xue
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MTSAT-1R satellite-based overshooting top detection and relationship to precipitation intensity
Author(s): Fu-ning Li; Fan Yu
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Downburst prediction applications of meteorological geostationary satellites
Author(s): Kenneth L. Pryor
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Retrieval of atmospheric and surface parameters from VASS/FY-3C data under non-precipitation condition
Author(s): Chunqiang Wu; Gang Ma; Chengli Qi; Yang Guo; Ran You
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A review of the super-thin clouds detection algorithm
Author(s): Wenbo Sun; Rosemary R. Baize; Gorden Videen
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Estimation of cloud height using ground-based stereophotography: methods, error analysis, and validation
Author(s): Maksim S. Andreev; Alexey I. Chulichkov; Aleksander S. Emilenko; Andrey P. Medvedev; Oleg V. Postylyakov
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Cloud detection in Landsat imagery for Antarctic region using multispectral thresholds
Author(s): Zhenfeng Shao; Jihu Hou; Manman Jiang; Xiran Zhou
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Terrestrial aerosol retrieval from PARASOL multi-angle measurements
Author(s): Zhongting Wang; Qing Li; Hui Chen
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Feasibility study of water vapor and temperature retrieval using a combined vibrational rotational Raman and Mie scattering multi-wavelength lidar
Author(s): Min Lv; Chuanfeng Zhao; Qianqian Wang; Zhanqing Li
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Analysis of satellite-based aerosol optical thickness over China in 2013
Author(s): F. Meng; C. Y. Cao; X. Shao
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Investigation of aerosol optical properties for remote sensing through DRAGON (distributed regional aerosol gridded observation networks) campaign in Korea
Author(s): Jae-Hyun Lim; Joon Young Ahn; Jin-Soo Park; You-Deok Hong; Jin-Seok Han; Jhoon Kim; Sang-Woo Kim
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Development of an ion mobility spectrometer with UV ionization source to detect ketones and BTX
Author(s): Kai Ni; Jingran Guo; Guangli Ou; Yu Lei; Xiaohao Wang
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Properties and potential radiative impacts of Antarctic blowing snow
Author(s): Yuekui Yang; Stephen P. Palm; Alexander Marshak
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Comparison of cloud type and frequency over China from surface, FY-2E, and CloudSat observations
Author(s): Minyan Wang; Junxia Gu; Runzhi Yang; Le Zeng; Shengjie Wang
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Investigation and validation of a dust data fusion method based on monitoring data from geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites
Author(s): GuangZhen Cao; Peng Zhang; Peng Hou; Xiuqing Hu; Lin Chen
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Impacts of aerosol and albedo on TanSat CO2 retrieval using the near infrared CO2 bands
Author(s): Yanmeng Bi; Zhongdong Yang; Songyan Gu; Qian Wang; Ling Gao; Jie Chen
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Estimating ground-level PM2.5 concentration using Landsat 8 in Chengdu, China
Author(s): Yunping Chen; Weihong Han; Shuzhong Chen; Ling Tong
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Measurements of formaldehyde total content using DOAS technique: a new retrieval method for overcast
Author(s): Oleg Postylyakov; Alexander Borovski
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Optical properties of ice clouds: new modeling capabilities and relevant applications
Author(s): Lei Bi; Ping Yang; Chao Liu; Bingqi Yi; Souichiro Hioki
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Assessment and validation of the community radiative transfer model for ice cloud conditions
Author(s): Bingqi Yi; Ping Yang; Fuzhong Weng; Quanhua Liu
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The importance of accurate atmospheric modeling
Author(s): Dylan Payne; John Schroeder; Pang Liang
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ATOVS microwave sounding observation cycling assimilation on a tropical cyclone case in 2012
Author(s): Shuang Xi; Peng-ming Dong; Peng Zhang; Gang Ma; Dan-yu Qin
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Retrieving cloud base heights via the combination of CloudSat and MODIS observations
Author(s): Hao-ran Li; Xue-jin Sun
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Inter-comparison of various approaches of ground-based active remote sensing of cloud water content
Author(s): Qianqian Wang; Chuanfeng Zhao; Min Lv; Zhanqing Li
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Remote sensing of clouds and evaluation with a 220GHz radar
Author(s): Dawei An; Jian Shang; Qiong Wu; Feng Lu; Peng Zhang; Weidong Hu; Shitao Wang; Mingming Bian
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Cloud vertical structures detected by lidar and its statistical results at HeRO site in Hefei, China
Author(s): Lu Sun; Dong Liu; Zhien Wang; Zhenzhu Wang; Decheng Wu; Guangyu Bo; Yingjian Wang
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Spectral characteristics of precipitating clouds during the Meiyu over the Yangtze-Huaihe River Valley from merged TRMM precipitation radar and visible/infrared scanner data
Author(s): Yuan-Jian Yang; Yun-Fei Fu; Feng-Jiao Chen; Xiao-Yi Zheng; Yi-Lun Chen
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A novel method for remote sensing image cloud detection
Author(s): Zhongwei Wang; Xingfa Gu; Xi Wei
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Arctic ozone and circulation changes during boreal spring
Author(s): Yan Zhang; Weihe Wang
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Analysis of relations between aerosol optical depth and cloud parameters over land and offshore area of Eastern China and America
Author(s): Yi-Lun Chen; Yun-Fei Fu; Yuan-Jian Yang; Ao-Qi Zhang
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Estimation of PM10 concentration using satellite data in Ulaanbaatar City
Author(s): M. Bilguunmaa; J. Batbayar; S. Tuya
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An extended lookup table of cloud detection for MTSAT-1R
Author(s): Wuhan Chen; Bo Zhong; Weisheng Li; Shanlong Wu; Shanshan Yu
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Retrieval of aerosol optical depth over bare soil surfaces using time series of MODIS imagery
Author(s): Zhengwu Yuan; Ranyin Yuan; Bo Zhong
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Surface shape estimation of textureless area using shape from shading for Landsat imagery
Author(s): Yi Zhang; Jianwei Peng
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Spectral parameters and signal-to-noise ratio requirement for TANSAT hyper spectral remote sensor of atmospheric CO2
Author(s): Qian Wang; Zhong-Dong Yang; Yan-Meng Bi
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Possibility of relationship between the yellow sand and the foot-and-mouth disease in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan in March 2010 by using MODIS images
Author(s): Yoshinobu Kato
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Temperature effects on the retrieval of SO2 from ultraviolet satellite observations
Author(s): Huanhuan Yan; Weihe Wang; Liangfu Chen
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Comparison between COSMIC radio occultation and radionsonde soundings in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Author(s): Jun Liu; Yan Liu
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The sensitivity analysis in the nitrogen dioxide retrieval from space borne measurement
Author(s): Ying Zhang; Fu L. Chen; Dong Han; Chao Yu; Hua J. Tao; Lin Su
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Spatial heterogeneity study of vegetation coverage at Heihe River Basin
Author(s): Lijuan Wu; Bo Zhong; Liyu Guo; Xiangwei Zhao
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Radio occultation based on BeiDou satellite navigation
Author(s): Hu Jiang; Haiying Hu; Xue-min Shen; Wenbin Gong; Yonghe Zhang
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