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Optics and Photonics for Counterterrorism, Crime Fighting, and Defence X; and Optical Materials and Biomaterials in Security and Defence Systems Technology XI
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Volume Number: 9253
Date Published: 7 November 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9253
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A picosecond laser FAIMS analyzer for detecting ultralow quantities of explosives
Author(s): Alexander A. Chistyakov; Gennadii E. Kotkovskii; Alexey V. Sychev; Ivan P. Odulo; Artem S. Bogdanov; Anatoly N. Perederiy; Evgeny M. Spitsyn; Alexander V. Shestakov
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Eye-safe UV Raman spectroscopy for proximal detection of explosives and their precursors in fingerprints concentration
Author(s): S. Almaviva; F. Angelini; R. Chirico; A. Palucci; M. Nuvoli; F. Schnuerer; W. Schweikert; F. S. Romolo
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Infrared reflectance spectra: effects of particle size, provenance and preparation
Author(s): Yin-Fong Su; Tanya L. Myers; Carolyn S. Brauer; Thomas A. Blake; Brenda M. Forland; J. E. Szecsody; Timothy J. Johnson
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Real-time criteria based on spectral dynamics of medium response for the detection and identification of substance using THz signal
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova
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Handheld detector using NIR for bottled liquid explosives
Author(s): Hideo Itozaki; Hideo Sato-Akaba
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Detection of hidden objects using a real-time 3-D millimeter-wave imaging system
Author(s): Daniel Rozban; Avihai Aharon; Assaf Levanon III; Amir Abramovich III; Yitzhak Yitzhaky; N. S. Kopeika
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Possibility of the detection and identification of substance at long distance at using broad THz pulse
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova; Vladislav V. Trofimov
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Towards a "fingerprint" of paper network: separating forgeries from genuine by the properties of fibre structure
Author(s): Jouni Takalo; Jussi Timonen; Jouni Sampo; Maaria Rantala; Samuli Siltanen; Matti Lassas
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Complex of the new generation of the instrumental analytical approaches to prevent dangerous bioterrorism
Author(s): Nickolaj F. Starodub; Kateryna Shavanova; Andrii Karpiuk
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Stand-off detection and classification of CBRNe using a Lidar system based on a high power femtosecond laser
Author(s): Jun Izawa; Takeshi Yokozawa; Takao Kurata; Akihiro Yoshida; Yasushi Mastunaga; Toshihiro Somekawa; Shuzo Eto; Naohiro Manago; Hideyuki Horisawa; Shigeru Yamaguchi; Takashi Fujii; Hiroaki Kuze
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Multi-channel thermal infrared communications using engineered blackbody radiation for security applications
Author(s): F. Hu; X. Liang; S. Lucyszyn
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Track-based event recognition in a realistic crowded environment
Author(s): Jasper R. van Huis; Henri Bouma; Jan Baan; Gertjan J. Burghouts; Pieter T. Eendebak; Richard J. M. den Hollander; Judith Dijk; Jeroen H.C. van Rest
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Automatic detection of suspicious behavior of pickpockets with track-based features in a shopping mall
Author(s): Henri Bouma; Jan Baan; Gertjan J. Burghouts; Pieter T. Eendebak; Jasper R. van Huis; Judith Dijk; Jeroen H. C. van Rest
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Some observations on computer lip-reading: moving from the dream to the reality
Author(s): Helen L. Bear; Gari Owen; Richard Harvey; Barry-John Theobald
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Finding suspects in multiple cameras for improved railway protection
Author(s): Jan Willem Marck; Henri Bouma; Jan Baan; Julio de Oliveira Filho; Mark van den Brink
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A photogrammetric approach for real-time 3D localization and tracking of pedestrians in monocular infrared imagery
Author(s): Mikolaj E. Kundegorski; Toby P. Breckon
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Advantages of fused night vision in complex urban environments
Author(s): Alistair Brown
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Generalized Hough transform based time invariant action recognition with 3D pose information
Author(s): David Muench; Wolfgang Huebner; Michael Arens
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Fusion of optical flow based motion pattern analysis and silhouette classification for person tracking and detection
Author(s): Johan W. H. Tangelder; Ed Lebert; Gertjan J. Burghouts; Kasper van Zon; Marten J. den Uyl
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Distinguishing suspicious actions in long-distance surveillance
Author(s): Guy Hebe; Eli Chen; Yitzhak Yitzhaky
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Optical biosensor system for the quick and reliable detection of virus infections: VIROSENS
Author(s): Günther Proll; Anja Hartjes; Alexander Sinclair; Goran Markovic; Florian Pröll; Pranav Patel; Matthias Niedrig
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Photo-assisted chemical sensors
Author(s): Yuvaraj Sivalingam; Gabriele Magna; Roberto Paolesse; Corrado di Natale
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Rapid and label-free screening and identification of Anthrax simulants by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Author(s): Antonia Lai; Salvatore Almaviva; Valeria Spizzichino; Antonio Palucci; Lorella Addari; Domenico Luciani; Sandro Mengali; Christophe Marquette; Ophélie Berthuy; Bartlomiej Jankiewicz; Luigi Pierno
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NLO properties of formyl-methoxy derivatives of [2.2] paracyclophane containing the donor group in different positions
Author(s): Lada N. Puntus; Kyrill Yu. Suponitsky; Dmitrii Antonov; Irina S. Pekareva; Konstantin A. Lyssenko; François Kajzar
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A review of materials for spectral design coatings in signature management applications
Author(s): Kent E. Andersson; Christina Åkerlind
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Analysis of key properties for optical power limiting and the influence of nonlinear scattering
Author(s): M. Koerber; A. Azarian; B. Schwarz; B. Eberle
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Chalcogenide glass with good thermal stability for the application of molded infrared lens
Author(s): Ju Hyeon Choi; Young Jun Jang; Du Hwan Cha; Jeong-Ho Kim; Hye-Jeong Kim
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Spectroelectrochemical sensors: new polymer films for improved sensitivity
Author(s): Laura K. Morris; Carl J. Seliskar; Samuel A. Bryan; William R. Heineman
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Novel electrode systems for amperometric sensing: the case of titanium
Author(s): F. Terzi; L. Pigani; C. Zanardi; B. Zanfrognini; S. Ruggeri; G. Maccaferri; R. Seeber
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Optimisation and production of a molecular-imprinted-polymer for the electrochemical determination of triacetone triperoxide (TATP)
Author(s): S. K. Mamo; J. Gonzalez-Rodriguez
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Preparation and characterization of novel nanosized hybrid materials and their nonlinear optical properties
Author(s): Stefanie Dengler; Cordula Hege; Bernd Eberle
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Growth and study of nonlinear optical materials for frequency conversion devices with applications in defence and security
Author(s): V. Tassev; M. Snure; S. Vangala; M. Kimani; R. Peterson; P. Schunemann
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On the versatility of electronic structures in polymethine dyes
Author(s): Simon Pascal; Alexandre Haefele; Cyrille Monnereau; Azzam Charaf-Eddin; Denis Jacquemin; Boris Le Guennic; Olivier Maury; Chantal Andraud
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